Her Mysterious Husband

Authors : Jiang Liu

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Modern Life , Romance

Chapters: 1360

Last update: 3 months ago


*After three years of marriage, she finally succeeded in getting pregnant, yet she had never expected to see her own husband with another woman in the obstetrical department, not to mention that the woman was actually her half sister! Scolded by her mother-in-law and ridiculed by her sister, she had to endure the pain all by herself. What really broke her heart was that her husband, the one and only man she had ever loved, had already prepared the divorce agreement and asked her to leave without taking anything from him. Her marriage turned out to be merely a joke in other people's eyes. In the past, she had chosen to swallow her pride and anger for the sake of her beloved husband and family, but, now that her happy marriage was nothing but a lie, she was determined to take revenge.

Her Mysterious Husband