39 – The Legend of Sun Knight - Volume 1 - Chapter 4.2

Chapter 4.2

39—Legend of Sun Knight Volume 1

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 4 Teacher’s… Part 2: Student—translated by lucathia (proofread by Arcedemius & Lala Su)

The following days each felt like a year to Elaro . Every morning, the first thing he did was ask Ed if Vice-Captain Adair had returned yet .

The answer was always negative .

When the third day arrived and he received the same answer, Elaro was already mentally prepared . However, when Ludia appeared before him with a message from the Pope, his mood still plummeted to rock bottom, even though he had already prepared himself .

“Big Brother, His Holiness the Pope wishes to see you immediately . ”

Elaro took in a deep breath and said, “I understand . I’ll head over right away . ”

Ludia reached out a hand to touch his face, her heart hurting for him . She comforted him, “Brother, don’t worry too much . In just a few days, you look like you’ve aged a lot . ”

When he heard this, Elaro forced on a smile, not wanting to worry his sister . “I’ve always looked old . ”

Ludia didn’t think so at all . “Nonsense! Big Brother, you’re mature, not old . ”

Elaro merely smiled . Even though he knew that his sister was trying to make him laugh to ease his worry, he really didn’t have the strength to laugh .

When she saw this, Ludia stopped trying . She asked softly, “Are the Twelve Holy Knight-Captains okay?”

Elaro shook his head . “I don’t know the situation . ”

Ludia didn’t ask any further questions . She actually didn’t know what the Twelve Holy Knights did on their missions every half a year, but she was certain that Elaro must be in the know . However, since she had asked once and received no answer, Ludia did not ask again .

If it were something that he could tell her, Elaro definitely wouldn’t keep it from her . Ludia trusted her brother that way .

“I should go see His Holiness the Pope now . ” After Elaro finished greeting her, he prepared to leave . He didn’t think that his sister would follow him . He turned his head to look curiously at her .

Ludia simply hurried her steps to catch up with her brother . She lowered her head and smiled as she said, “His Holiness the Pope wishes for me to follow you over . He says that I should start learning how to manage a few matters . ”

“Congratulations . ” After he spoke, Elaro then grew worried and asked in a quiet voice, “Is the Pope not going to consider the Bishop of Radiance and the Bishop of Brilliance? They are much more experienced . ”

“Big Brother, you worry over too many things . ” Ludia blinked and said, “The Bishop of Radiance and the Bishop of Brilliance look much older than His Holiness the Pope! How would they succeed him?”

Elaro wasn’t convinced . According to his teacher, when “Teacher’s teacher” had just been selected to be the Sun Knight, the Pope had already had his current appearance . Even now that Teacher was about to leave office, the Pope still looked the same . Even if they calculated based on the youngest age possible, the Pope should be at least seventy something years old already .

However, it was true that the Bishop of Radiance and the Bishop of Brilliance were no longer young . Passing the position to them was indeed not very practical, but Ludia was still too young . The burden of the entire Sanctuary of Light was really too much…

“Big Brother . ” Ludia said, helpless about him, “It’s impossible that I would succeed the position right away . You should stop piling up your worries so much beforehand!”

Elaro smiled embarrassedly and stopped thinking about that problem . The two of them reached the Pope’s doors . The holy knights guarding the door had them enter immediately . There was no need to announce their arrival .

When they walked in, the Pope was sitting behind his desk . His entire body was enveloped in gauze . Only a general outline of his features could be seen .

Both Elaro and Ludia knew that underneath the gauze was a fifteen year old boy—at least, that was what his appearance suggested .

“I believe that you know what I’m about to say, Elaro . ” The Pope’s tone was calm as he said, “The Sun Knight Vice-Captain Adair has gone to investigate the situation . It is now the third day, but he has yet to return . ”

When he heard this, Elaro’s heart plummeted to rock bottom . If he could choose, he didn’t want to hear what was going to be said next .

“Elaro, you have to be ready . If three more days pass without any news, you and the other holy knights-in-training will take over the positions of the Twelve Holy Knights and be prepared for battle . ”

Take over the position of the Sun Knight! Be prepared for battle! Each order greatly shook Elaro to the core . Although he had known the process that would follow if something were to occur, hearing that they would have to start doing so still made him unwilling to proceed .

If he proceeded with the orders, it would mean—that Teacher would no longer be able to return .

Ludia’s eyes widened . However, she had received orders from the Pope to quietly finish listening no matter what was revealed, so even though she had heard such a grave matter, she didn’t ask a single question .

The Pope folded his hands on top of the desk and calmly asked, “Holy Knight Elaro, you haven’t forgotten the Sun Knight’s teachings, have you?”

Elaro immediately replied, “This student would never dare to forget!”

“Very good . ” The Pope serenely said, “Then go . Tell everything to every one of them . Let them prepare themselves . Let them be ready to succeed the Twelve Holy Knights . Let them be prepared to take on ‘everything . ’”

Elaro could only nod and accept the command . “Understood . ”

“Ludia, stay . I have things to tell you . ”

“Yes, Your Holiness . ”

Ludia looked worriedly toward her brother, who saluted and turned to leave . His figure seen from behind looked like he was in such… pain .



In the past few days, major criminals from local churches were being transferred over to the Church of the God of Light one after another . Hungri was so busy with the transfers, verifying the criminals’ situations, and looking over the results of the local churches’ initial interrogations, that he barely had time to breathe .

Don’t tell me that the teachers picked such a time to leave to test our abilities to take care of everything? Hungri had such a conjecture . However, even if that were the truth, he would only feel happy . It would mean that the time to succeed them was growing nearer and nearer . It would be great if succession could happen within the year .

However, such an event should be impossible . Succeeding the Twelve Holy Knights was a large matter . It would probably take several months’ worth of effort just for them to finish completely transferring over all the duties .

Aim for next year! Hungri looked over the statements the local churches had given him even more seriously . He had to handle things to the point that his teacher could find nothing to fault him for .

But Teacher has really been gone for a long time this time… Hungri grew doubtful .

Regarding this matter, Elaro’s reaction was so strong that it was strange . As the formidable next Sun Knight, he should have a smile on . Normally, he really liked to smile a lot, but lately, his furrowed brows were even more creased than the Judgment Knight’s .

That guy is always hiding a bunch of stuff! However, Elaro had already promised him earlier . One day, he would tell everyone—

The door to the Judge’s Complex was pushed open . Hungri raised his head . At first, he thought it would be new bunch of criminals . He didn’t think he would see Elaro walk inside .  You think of him, and he’s here .

Something seems off about him… Hungri furrowed his brows and put down the documents he held . He walked down from the judgment platform and asked doubtfully, “Elaro, has something happened?”

Glancing at the symbol of the God of Light above the judgment platform, Elaro took a deep breath and said, “I have to leave for a bit . Please take care of the entire Holy Temple in these next few days . ”

After he finished speaking, he hesitated for a moment, but in the end, he still did not tell Hungri the “worst case scenario” that Adair had mentioned . Faced with the young face before him, he really couldn’t say something like, “Please be prepared for the fact that we could all die in battle, and you will have to lead the Holy Temple . ”

Hungri froze . At first, he had been walking over calmly and slowly, but now he immediately rushed in front of Elaro . “Where are you going?”

Before Elaro could think of an excuse, Hungri immediately asked another question . “The teachers aren’t around because of their mission . Vidar and Adair also left two days ago . Now, even you are leaving? Just where are all of you going?”

When he heard this, Elaro recalled that the Pope wanted him to tell all of them about everything . However, once the words were spoken, his teacher might never be able to return… He clenched his mouth closed .

Seeing that Elaro was unwilling to say anything, Hungri bellowed, “You’re always so mysterious . You can’t say this . You can’t say that . The teachers only ever tell you anything . Are we really so untrustworthy?”

Elaro couldn’t help wanting to explain on the teachers’ behalf . “It’s because you’re all still too young . I’m already over twenty—”

“But you’ve known it for a long time already, right?” Hungri didn’t accept it at all and continued to interrogate him, “At what age did you learn of the reason why the teachers go on a mission every half a year?”

Age eight .  Elaro was completely afraid to answer . He dodged the question . “I discovered it by accident . Teacher didn’t tell me anything . ”

Having received no answer, and seeing Elaro hemming and hawing, yet still not revealing anything, Hungri was so angry, his face grew red . He growled, “Elaro, just at what age do you plan on succeeding the position of the Sun Knight? I’m already seventeen, yet none of you are willing to tell me anything . Some of the others aren’t even sixteen yet . Just how long do you plan on waiting before succeeding?”

Elaro froze, but he was rather calm about this matter . “I am the only one whose age is too different . It’s a given that I should wait . ”

When he heard this, Hungri was so angry that he no longer cared about their age difference, about how Elaro was the leader of the Holy Temple, or even about how Elaro was much taller than him . He grabbed Elaro’s collar and coldly ground out, “The others and I are all doing our utmost trying to catch up with you, yet you and the teachers are always blocking us outside the door! In the future, are we actually going to become the Twelve Holy Knights together, or is it that you’re fine with succeeding by yourself?”

Having Hungri’s tone turn so frigid alarmed Elaro more than facing his angry shouts . It meant that Hungri had truly grown furious . He hurriedly explained, “I only felt that all of you are still young . You are all close in age except for me, so of course I should be the one to wait . ”

The moment he finished speaking, Hungri’s expression turned even more malevolent, yet Elaro didn’t at all understand what he had said wrong .

Hungri bit out, “Do you think you are the only one who knows the meaning of sacrifice?

“Don’t give me that nonsense about how you’re the only one who is different… We are all the Twelve Holy Knights! No one is different! Since you have slowed down your strides to wait for us, we would obviously hurry our steps to catch up with you . Only when we walk together are we the Twelve Holy Knights and can be considered true companions . Aren’t I right?”

True companions .  Elaro lowered his head to look at Hungri .  I see . So that’s why he absolutely can’t be replaced…

Hungri resentfully said, “Elaro, say something! What are you staring off into space for? That’s your only flaw, always blanking out from time to time… No, wait! The fact that you’re hiding so much is bad too . ”

Elaro returned to his senses . He said ruefully, “I have this feeling that my younger brother has grown up . ”

Hungri growled, “Younger brother, my ass! We’re companions!”

“Yes, yes, yes, we’re companions . Don’t swear . ” Elaro smiled widely, yet he extended his hand to rub Hungri’s head .

“Don’t you dare rub my head! You’re still treating me like a kid—”

Elaro smiled as he said, “Let’s go find the rest of our ‘companions’ right now and tell them everything . ”

“Of course, you have to tell them…” Halfway through his casual response, Hungri abruptly realized what Elaro meant . He froze and asked in disbelief, “You’re willing to explain now?”

Elaro nodded cautiously and said, “Actually, I should ask for Teacher’s approval first, but the current situation is unusual . His Holiness the Pope has already given me an ultimatum . If the teachers do not return within three days, we are to succeed the Twelve Holy Knights and be prepared for battle . ”

“Succession in three days?” Hungri’s eyes widened . Immediately afterward, he heard something even more shocking . “Be prepared for battle? What battle?”

“Come . Let’s gather all of our companions first . ” Elaro calmly said, “I’ll tell you guys everything . ”



In the conference room, Elaro and Hungri both sat at the head position of the long table . This was the first time they were seated this way . Since they weren’t the Twelve Holy Knights yet, the teachers would only have them come over when they wanted them to observe something . During those times, the teachers would be sitting in their spots, and they would be sitting or standing behind the teachers, observing the teachers’ every action .

It was the first time Elaro was sitting in the Sun Knight’s actual spot, but he didn’t feel the least bit happy . He only felt very worried . He didn’t at all want to sit in his teacher’s spot under such circumstances .

He raised his head . The holy knights sitting on his side were Shuis, Valica, Judge, Youg, and Snow . On Hungri’s side were Valkyrs, Absenplum, Luke, Leo, and Fey .

“You really are all grown up . ”

After his lamenting, several people immediately rolled their eyes at him . Shuis and Valica were probably the only ones courteous enough not to roll their eyes at him .

Hungri glared at the person next to him and said resentfully, “Didn’t you say you would no longer treat us like younger brothers?”

“Yes, yes…”

“Sigh!” Fey sighed and pushed up the monocle on his left eye . He said, “It’s not that I want to say this, but Elaro and Hungri, the two of you really aren’t suited for sitting next to each other . ”

“What in the world do you mean?” Hungri’s reaction was so strong that he jumped up . “Are you saying that I’m not qualified to be the Judgment Knight?”

For a long time, everyone had already accepted Elaro as the most suitable successor of the Sun Knight, so Fey’s words could only be directed at him . And the number one thing that Hungri hated was most definitely having people think he wasn’t qualified enough to be the Judgment Knight .

“You misunderstand . This has nothing to do with being the Sun Knight or the Judgment Knight . It’s just that… Sigh!” He pushed his monocle up and said while sighing, “Sitting side by side like this, you really look like a married couple . ”


Elaro hugged the person next to him without letting go . At this time, he was incomparably glad that he was much taller than Hungri . If not, he wouldn’t have been able to stop Hungri from hacking a companion to death during their very first official gathering .

Fey placed one hand on his chin and said, “Oh my, good thing my position is the farthest from you… Ah!”

The hilt of Hungri’s sword that he held hit Fey’s head spot on .

“Let go of me!” Hungri growled . “I’ve wanted to kill that guy for a long time already!”

“Hungri!” Seeing that the next thing Hungri would throw would be his sword, Elaro hurriedly said, “Do you want to kill Fey right now, or do you want to hear me tell you about what’s going on with the teachers?”

Hungri froze, glared darkly at Fey, and then finally turned and sat down .

“Say it already!”

Everyone looked toward Elaro expectantly . He took a deep breath and finally opened his mouth to explain .

“In the past, because the dark element grew too saturated, it led to the birth of the Demon King…”

Just as he began to narrate, the others rolled their eyes at him again . Protests even sounded . “This is too far in the past! Why not start speaking about the first generation of the Twelve Holy Knights?”

Hungri glared at everyone and bellowed, “Shut up, all of you! Just sit there and listen!”

It’s unexpected that Hungri doesn’t think that this story is too unrelated . He’s even speaking up for me .  Elaro looked toward Hungri in surprise, while Hungri merely calmly said, “Continue . If anyone on my side dares to interrupt you, I’ll sew his lips shut!”

I wonder how Hungri controls the other five? Elaro was a little curious . It was true that Hungri wasn’t weak, but under the situation where each and every one of the current generation of Twelve Holy Knights was rather strong, he definitely couldn’t be considered one of the strongest… But now isn’t the time to think about things like that!

Once again, Elaro began talking about what had happened in the past . Shortly after he began, everyone sat upright and still . The more they heard, the larger their eyes grew . He worried whether telling them these matters was too much of a shock, and they wouldn’t be able to accept it .

In the end, after he finished explaining, there was absolute silence in the room . Everyone stared at Elaro blankly .

“This is the truth of the matter . Now, every half a year, they must go to the wilderness where no one lives and allow the ‘Demon King’ to release as much of the dark element as he can . This is the reason why our teachers must go on a mission every half a year . ”

There were still some things that Elaro had not revealed . He glanced at Luke, wondering how much he knew about Knight-Captain Hell’s secrets . He didn’t know either how much of the truth Knight-Captain Hell would be willing to let his student know, so Elaro chose to completely skip over that portion without mentioning it .

But Luke’s expression isn’t strange… Actually, he should say, it wasn’t stranger than anyone else’s . Other than the same stupefied look as everyone else’s, there was only a little bit of confusion over why Elaro was staring so fixedly at him .

Elaro moved his gaze away and looked at everyone . His expression was extremely solemn . “What I explained to you all just now cannot be divulged to outsiders, not even a single word! Or else, it will be regarded as a betrayal of the Church of the God of Light!”

When they heard this, Shuis and Valica were the first to say, “I swear to the God of Light, nothing I heard today will ever escape from my lips!”

“This I swear to the God of Light…”

“Under the God of Light’s watch…”

One after another, they swore the gravest vow with solemn expressions . Although none of them vowed that they would get struck by lightning or the like if they broke their vow, to those who had accepted the Twelve Holy Knights’ teachings since young, an oath sworn to the God of Light was an oath that could never be defied .

“Actually, even if we said anything, no one would believe us, sigh!” Even though he said this, Fey had sworn an oath without any hesitation .

Hungri pondered, “So, the current situation is that the Sun Knight has lost control—”

“The one who lost control is the ‘Demon King . ’” Elaro immediately cut in and snapped, “Under no circumstances can you mix that up!”

Hungri froze and lowered his head to apologize . “Sorry, I spoke wrongly . ”

Their surprise as they looked at Hungri, who had just frankly admitted his mistake, was akin to hearing that the Sun Knight was the Demon King . They began to doubt just what kind of day it was for them to first learn of the Sun Knight’s secret, and then see Hungri admit his mistake so frankly .

“What kind of expressions are those?” Hungri was bewildered . “This rule is very logical . After all, the walls have ears . We don’t know when someone might overhear our words, so the safest method is saying nothing from the start! You hear me?”

“Understood!” Five people answered in different ways one after another, yet all were solemn .

Hungri nodded in great satisfaction . As for the other five people, they weren’t under his direct command, so they weren’t any of his business .

However, Elaro didn’t go out of his way to repeat his orders to the five in his faction . He knew very clearly that they didn’t need any reminders .

Once more, Elaro looked around at everyone . He suddenly felt a lot more at ease . Without his knowing, they had all grown to the point that they could accept the truth . He had really worried too much . He should finish explaining things, and then he could even leave to do what he must without worrying anymore .

Elaro turned his head to look at the person beside him . He instructed, “I want to go and check out the situation with the Twelve Holy Knight-Captains . So, Hungri, take my place—”

“Like hell I’ll take your place!” Hungri growled furiously, “Are you joking? Even Adair has gotten trapped there . What can you do even if you head over? We have already lost a Sun Knight . We can’t lose a second one—”

“We haven’t lost any Sun Knights yet!” Elaro interrupted Hungri extremely angrily .

Seeing that Elaro was actually showing such an enraged expression, Hungri grew panicked . However, he clenched his teeth and said, “Elaro, you have to admit that the situation is really dire!”

Elaro shook his head . “No matter how dire the situation is, it wouldn’t be worse than that year . Even then, we had not lost the Sun Knight, not to mention now!”

“It was extraordinary lucky that they succeeded then! We can’t fall into the trap of thinking that luck will always be on our side!”

Hungri said agitatedly, “Failing just once is enough to destroy everything . If it weren’t because someone like you, who never lies, was the one who said it, I really wouldn’t be able to believe that my teacher would take that kind of risk—”

Elaro could not help asking, “Hungri, if I were the Demon King, would you give up on me just because it’s risky?”

Hungri froze . He had never considered this question…

“No matter what, I have to go over and take a look . ”

Elaro took a deep breath . It was impossible for him not to do anything for his teacher . He had personally witnessed the “Demon King” before . It was too sorrowful like that . He was incapable of not doing anything and watching his teacher become that kind of sorrowful presence again right before his eyes . Now more than ever, he also had Auntie Charlotte and Charsia .  What about them?

“Anyone on the Demon King’s mind will have their life endangered . If nothing is done about it, everyone will perish together . ”

Elaro could only exaggerate the matter a bit . This was the limit of his “lying . ” In actuality, his teacher had mentioned that the Demon King’s power had substantially weakened by now . If the “Death Monarch” was willing to do his all to use the dark element to battle against him, then within this generation, they might be able to put an end to both the problem of the excess dark element and the Demon King… Luckily, the “Death Monarch” personally overruled the suggestion .

Elaro turned to leave . He wasn’t worried that Hungri would not let him . Even if Hungri was unwilling, what could he do to stop him?

“Elaro, you can go, but take me with you . ”

Elaro froze in his tracks . He turned around, wondering if he had heard wrong . “What did you just say?”

“I’m giving you two choices . First choice . Don’t go . Second choice . You go, and I go too . ”

“W-What would you accomplish going there?”

Hungri thought it over and added, “There’s also a third choice—let me go!”

Elaro finally couldn’t stop himself from shouting, “Are you crazy? What are you going there for?”

“I’m crazy? You’re the one who has gone crazy!” After Hungri yelled at him, he turned and asked everyone, “Tell me, is the Sun Knight more important, or the Judgment Knight?”

Everyone’s gaze was on Elaro . Their answer was easy to see .

Hungri glared at Elaro and said, “From the very beginning, my teacher has always told me, ‘you cannot lose the Sun Knight,’ so no matter what you say, no matter how reasonable your justifications are, I won’t let you go head to head with the Demon King by yourself! But it’s true we can’t give up on the teachers just like this, so let me go!”

How can I let that happen?! Elaro hurriedly explained, “I won’t go head to head with the Demon King . I’m only going over to take a look at the situation . Haven’t you said that we ‘cannot lose the Sun Knight’? That’s why we definitely can’t give up on Knight-Captain Sun—”

“I definitely won’t give up on the Sun Knight!”

Hungri bit out, “That’s why, I will use my life to prevent you from leaving . Because to us, you are our Sun Knight!

“Valkyrs and Luke, block the door… Valica and Shuis, block the window!” After Hungri gave a string of commands, he added on, “We have to do our utmost to prevent our Sun Knight from leaving!”

Everyone froze, but Valkyrs stood up indifferently . After he walked to the door and took his position, everyone else started taking action, too . They took position according to Hungri’s orders and got into battle-ready stances, so as to prevent Elaro from catching them off guard .

However… telling Valica and Shuis to stop Elaro should be completely useless? They all looked at the two people who were the most unlikely to follow Hungri’s orders of stopping Elaro .

Valica clenched his teeth, took out his bow, and nocked an arrow . Then, he jumped in front of the window to guard it, surprising everyone so much that their eyes were nearly going to fall out .

Then, they all looked toward Shuis . His loyalty toward Elaro was practically even greater than his loyalty to the God of Light .  He definitely wouldn’t be able to stop Elaro… right?

But with Valica changing sides as an antecedent, it was inevitable that they would begin to doubt .

With everyone’s attention on him, Shuis calmly said, “Big Bro Elaro, if you’re going, you have to take me with you . That’s because I am the most qualified person to go . ”

Before Elaro even said anything, Hungri burst out shouting, “What in the world do you mean—”

“Then, I’m going too!” Valica immediately yelled in a hurried manner, “Shuis, you promised me that you’ll let me go with you!”

Hungri was practically about to spit blood . “Really, what in the world are you lot going on about?”

Shuis very straightforwardly used the truth to shut Hungri up . “My father is the Silent Eagle, the Demon King’s number one subordinate . He is the true leader of the Demon King’s Castle . ”


Today is even more astonishing than the past ten years combined! Judge lamented .

Hungri clenched his teeth and said, “You guys actually kept so many secrets… What else? You might as well say that our God of Light is twin brothers with the Shadow God! After all, a bunch of people from the Church of the God of Light are relatives with people from the Demon King’s Castle!”

Elaro looked at his surroundings . Each and every exit of the conference room was thoroughly blocked . Even though he had the strength to destroy the wall and create an exit, he didn’t have the means to stop them from following after him . Shuis, Valica, and Valkyrs were faster than him, and Valkyrs was even the successor of the Metal Knight who specialized in pursuit and concealment . He didn’t at all believe that he had the ability to break away from him .

After determining that he wouldn’t be able to force his way out, Elaro could only sigh and say, “Hungri, I really can’t just leave my teacher be . ”

“We also can’t just let you go like this!” Hungri growled, “Have you ever thought about what we should do if you also couldn’t return?”

“Don’t they have you?” Elaro actually smiled . “I only just discovered today that you are already more than qualified to be the Judgment Knight . It would be no problem even if you took over right now . ”

“… So you’re saying that I wasn’t qualified before today?”

“Ah! That’s not what I mean…”

“In any case, I won’t let you go! You better give up on that notion! Even Shuis is lending a hand to obstruct you, so you shouldn’t go at all!”

Shuis immediately protested, “I’m not obstructing Big Bro Elaro!”

Hungri showed an odd smile and said, “You’re already obstructing him . There’s no way Elaro would take you to confront the Demon King . You better watch him closely . Otherwise, he would definitely leave you behind and go meet the Demon King by himself . ”

Shuis froze . He hesitated for a moment, feeling that it was true that Elaro would do so . He went to stand beside Valica . He knew very well that if the two of them worked together, even Elaro would not be able to pass them—unless it was a battle to the death .

Elaro surveyed his surroundings again . Even though he had purposely been chatting with Hungri, no one had any intention of lowering their guard…

“Let’s just leave it at this for today . It’s already late . Let’s continue the discussion tomorrow . ”

When he heard this, Hungri said calmly, “Sure . Let’s go . We’ll all go and sleep on the floor of Elaro’s room . ”


Hungri snorted coldly . “Even if the criminals I’ve imprisoned don’t number a thousand, it’s at least a few hundred already . Do you think I’d give you a chance to escape?”

Elaro had indeed planned on it, so he couldn’t say anything to deny it . He could only smile wryly and say, “Hungri, there’s no way my room can fit twelve people . ”

Hungri didn’t care much at all . “It is a bit small . We’ll just have to pile on top of each other . ”

Everyone rolled their eyes at Hungri exaggeratedly . The faces of the taller ones among them had nearly drained of all color . It went without saying that if they had to pile on top of each other, they would definitely be the carpet!

Seeing that Hungri was allowing no room for discussion, even if their faces had paled, they didn’t complain . They really were planning to go to his room to “pile on top of each other . ” Elaro could only sigh and say, “Then, let Shuis come and guard me . ”

Hungri immediately shot that down . “No, Shuis wouldn’t be able to win against you by himself!”

Shuis glanced at Hungri . He hadn’t thought that Hungri would believe that he wouldn’t release Elaro . Rather, he was impartial and determined that he could not win against him in a fight .

Elaro clenched his teeth . “Then, let Valica come over too . ”

Hungri thought it over and said, “At least, Luke and Valkyrs need to be there too . ”

“That won’t do!” Elaro blurted .

Hungri narrowed his eyes suspiciously . “Other than wanting to escape, what other reason can you have for not wanting them to sleep on the floor of your room?”

The reason is that my facial mask ingredients are all on my desk, and I haven’t cleaned it up…

Elaro took a deep breath . “Shuis, Valica, and Valkyrs then . No one else!”

Hungri silently thought it over . These three were all very strong, and they were particularly alert and fast . Even if they really couldn’t stop Elaro, they would definitely be able to prevent Elaro from leaving during the time period when the others hear of the commotion and rush over .


That night, Elaro tried his hardest to come up with a reason . “Because I’ve been feeling too stressed lately, I decided to adopt a hobby to deal with the stress, so I planned on making floral scented bread,” and then he tried his hardest to ignore the suspicious gazes that the two of them were trying their best to contain—the moment Valkyrs had entered the room, he had made his bed on the floor, lain down, and immediately fallen asleep, not at all concerned about what was on the table .