48 Hours a Day - Chapter 1113

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Chapter 1113: The Boss and the Worker

The old man was excited by the magnificent scene that was about to unfold.

On the other side, the life and death of the black python were no longer important to him. Now, Zhang Heng, who was riding on the back of the snake, had become a dead man in the old man’s eyes. He firmly believed that as long as the figure under the Forbidden City could wake up, any enemy could only tremble under its terrifying might.

At that time, even the Asgardian gods would welcome their final dusk, what more, a regular mortal being.

And as the bearer of that great existence, he would also have the honor of witnessing the arrival of the end of the world with his own eyes as a mortal. It was the final battle that no words could describe.

The old man sobbed in excitement as he bent down and kissed the ground beneath him. However, a lazy voice came from in front of him.

“What’s wrong? Did your boss call you again?”

The old man froze and moved his lips away from the red soil. He looked up and saw the uninvited guest in front of him.

It was a woman in a t-shirt and jeans who looked a little cold. She was holding a Boston Scheck pot in her hand and she appeared to be busy adjusting some drinks not long ago, but she received an urgent message. Having no time to put down the work in her hands before she ran out in a hurry.

The old man was surprised to find that he didn’t know when she had sneakily arrived on the island. Moreover, there was clearly no means of transportation around, which made the old man feel like he had hit a ghost. Could this woman in front of him have descended from the sky?

As if she could see through his thoughts, the woman of unknown origin said, “Don’t guess blindly. I swam up on my own. Fortunately, I caught up.”

“Caught up to what?” The old man asked subconsciously.

“Caught up to this party,” the woman from an unknown background sung.

However, the old man found it difficult to believe her words because the woman in front of him was neatly dressed. She did not look like she was soaked. Unless she had taken off her clothes and swam over with both hands raised, it was still difficult to explain her current state. She looked like she had taken a taxi directly after work.

“Who are you?” The old man asked cautiously.

“As you can see, I’m just a bartender. My name is not important.”The woman of unknown origin shook the Boston Scheck pot in her hand. “What’s important is that I’m just like you. I’m just a worker who works for the boss.”

“You’re too modest. I can see that you’re much better than me,” the old man said sincerely. Although he could not see through the woman’s true strength, he could still sense that she was no ordinary person. The woman just stood there casually, but the pressure she was exerting on him was on par with the figure under the Forbidden City. This was the most unbelievable thing in the old man’s eyes.

“You guys have been isolated in this place for too long. You don’t even know what you’re capable of. It’s the end of the world. Even if your boss wakes up from the Forbidden City, he’ll be beaten up once he goes out.” The unknown woman shook her head. “Many stronger beings are out there. You don’t even know that you’re being used as a hired gun.”

The old man didn’t say anything, but the expression on his face clearly showed that he didn’t believe the other party’s words.

However, considering the other party’s strength, he still tried his best to probe using a polite tone. “It looks like… you’re not its enemy. Since that’s the case, why don’t you stand aside and quietly wait for his lordship? When that time comes, even if there are any powerful enemies, his lordship can help you test their strength.”

“No.”The woman decisively refused without thinking.

“Why?” The old man found it hard to understand. Then, he seemed to have thought of something, and his expression changed. There was a hint of hostility in his eyes as he sized her up. In a deep voice, he said, “Could it be that you are a certain lord of Asgard?”

The people of Asgard and Jemengard were mortal enemies. If it were not for the existence of those gods, Jemengard would not have needed to place the island where it hatched its servants and received its believers in such a remote place. Could the Asgardians have also sensed something and sent people to stop Jemengard from waking up to delay the arrival of the twilight of the gods?

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This seemed to be the most likely explanation.

However, the woman of unknown origin shook her head when she heard this. “I have nothing to do with those Asgardians. No, strictly speaking, I have some grudges with the enemies of your boss, but I don’t really care about it.” She paused and continued, “I told you before. I’m here because of my boss, right?”

“You have a boss?”The old man was stunned. He didn’t know who was qualified to be the boss of this woman before him.

“Of course, and you’ve already met him.”The woman of unknown origin sighed. “He killed your boss’s next batch of servant candidates who were still in training. In addition, it looks like he’s going to kill this batch of servants soon. So if your boss wakes up, there will definitely be a battle between him and my boss given his temper. This is also what those arranged this would like to see.”

“Now, that…” the old man was speechless. He looked at Zhang Heng, who was grappling with the black python in the distant ocean. He could not believe that the creature in front of him was also a mythical creature. Her boss was actually a mortal.

Even though this mortal’s strength had exceeded the old man’s understanding entirely, it still did not seem to reach the level of this woman before him.

“I can’t reveal the specific reason to you. I can only say that the current him is far from showing his true strength. Believe me, you definitely wouldn’t want that to happen either,” said the woman. “Thus, I came to the island in order to give you a peaceful option before the situation turns out to be out of control.”

“You think too highly of me. I’m just a welcoming party that can’t even be considered as a believer,” the old man said. “I can’t control its decision. I can only accept its orders and complete them unconditionally.”

“You’re too modest. In my opinion, your position is much more important than those believers. There was a small garden in the center of the maze, but the python didn’t know how to appreciate flowers. So, it was obvious who the garden belonged to. Although the so-called servant’s strength had been improved, his body had become bigger, and he had learned how to spit poisonous fog. Due to the body structure of the snake, it was difficult for its intelligence to be raised to a satisfactory level. Therefore, the stupid snake on the island is, at best, a tool or a weapon. You are the real brain of Jemengard in the outside world. Only you can communicate with him and convey his orders. You are very important to him.”

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