A Cheeky Kendo God - Chapter 35

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Chapter 35 Identity Exposure (Part II)

Liu Yu has also been photographed and sent to us at such a time of speaking .

After glancing at Liu Yu, the young man was not worried, but he opened his mouth lightly and asked, “Actually, don’t you think there are fewer people at this auction?”

With such an opening, Wu Chi suddenly responded that after selling Liu Yu, the woman with the blue mask on the exhibition stand did not continue to auctioneer, but let people prepare to auction the final finals .

You know, there were five of them .

The pupils shrank slightly, but still remain silent on the surface . Wu Chi responded lazily, “There are fewer people, but what does it have to do with me?”

“Two others, one died of torture and the other was treated as having nothing to sell . They had no auction value at all and were dealt with directly . ” The young man still looked into Wuchi’s eyes and said leisurely .

There was an uncontrolled gush of killers in my heart, and my fingers failed to control my strength . The chair on my hand was crushed by Wu Chi at the corner of the armrest .

“This chair is not strong enough . ” Throwing away the sawdust from the handrail, Wu Chi casually said, “Get out of here . I’m still waiting to buy the last axle-pressing item . ”

No matter how angry he was, Wu Chi had to force himself to calm down . He had successfully bought back his elder brother and two elder sisters . Now, once exposed, he was not only dangerous, but also involved them .

Wuchi! Do you want to continue to install it?” The young man crossed his hands and bent over, asking word by word .

“What’s in a mess, my name is Luan Mingzhan, you remember clearly for me . ” Turning his eyes, Wu Chi grunted in disgust, and opened his mouth in disgust as if he were driving flies .

“…” Originally still enthusiastic to see the lively Luanzhan heard Wu Chi’s words, almost no blood spit out, but the Lord is sitting here, ah, this goods can be more shameless?

“Do you dare to impersonate the name of the devil cave monster? You don’t think you’re dying fast enough? Hearing the name Luanzhan, the young people laughed at it, and did not know where the boy had heard it, so they dared to use it indiscriminately .


The face of Luan Battle was really black this time . If it hadn’t been forbidden at the dark auction, he would have jumped out and killed the goods .

The devil? Your sister, the devil!

In my heart, Wu Chi was originally a messenger, but I didn’t expect Luan Zhan to be so famous . He was born in the Devil Cave and was a devil’s heresy of the Eight Confucian Classics . However, this is clearly not the time to care about Luan’s identity .

“Wuchi, you can’t run away . ” Ignoring Wuchi’s nonsense, the young man whispered, “Enjoy the last time of your life . ”

Although Wu Chi did not admit it, the youth still recognized Wu Chi’s identity, and even turned around and left without waiting for Wu Chi’s answer .

During the whole process, Luo Kun followed, but never said a word . His identity was not suitable for the dark auction . Although Wu Chi was dead in his eyes, he still refused to let people know that he had been to the dark auction .

“Are you really sure that person is Wuchi?” Luo Kun is still a little unsure . One is that Wu Chi did not admit it and broke the name of Luan Zhan . Most importantly, he does not believe that Wu Chi can get so much money in a short time, and he dares to take advantage of his sister and teacher in his own face .

“Do you need to be sure?” There was a trace of disdain in the young people’s eyes, and there was no meaning to explain it to Luo Kun at all . Although he temporarily chose to walk with Luo Kun for the sake of Shenjian Chengyin, in fact, how can the people in the dark auction house really look at the disciples in Tianshan Mountain?

“Are you sure you will stay with him?” Luo Kun thought for a moment, but he did not continue to tangle with this problem . In this case, he would rather kill the wrong than let go .

On the contrary, he heard that at the end of the auction, the Taoists would create a short period of absolute darkness to ensure the buyer’s safety .

“Rest assured, I have left a mark on all three of them . Unless he is willing to abandon these brothers and sisters and run away alone, he will never run away . ” The young man confidently said that he was a dark auctioneer himself, and naturally knew what to do to catch up with people most effectively .

“Are you really a young teacher?” Struggling out of Wuchi’s arms and sitting carefully on one side of the chair, the three sisters stared at Wuchi and asked .

“Sorry, Sister Sanshi! The other party may be Luo Kun . I dare not reveal my identity . With a bitter laugh, Wu Chi did not control his voice this time, restored his original voice, and explained in a low voice and apologized .

“Xiaoshi Di!”

In an instant, the sisters of the three divisions choked, suffered so much torture that they were almost desperate, but were saved when they were about to be sold . This feeling of escaping from death made her cry . As for just Wu Chi, in order to hide her identity, the unreasonable thing to her is nothing at all .

At the same time, Liu Yu and Sishijie finally identified Wu Chi and wanted to get up excitedly, thinking of today’s situation and endured it forcefully .

“Sorry, it’s my fault!” Wu Chi apologized again .

“What about Master?” Ignoring the others, Liu Yu immediately asked with concern .

“…” Wen Yan, Wu Chi was silent for a moment, and finally he whispered, “Master has died with a sacrificial sword . ”

At the same time, they lost their voice and burst into tears .

“Okay, time is running out, hurry up, put on the clothes mask!” Looking at the trend of emotional runaway in several people, Luan Zhan interrupted immediately .

Several people have come to their senses, and now they are only temporarily safe . Only when they really escape from the dark auction can they really be safe, not when they are in a mood .

By the way, correct you a little . The person who just spoke should not be Luo Kun . Glancing at Wuchi, Luan Zhan continued .

“Well?” Wu Chi is somewhat surprised . People here have basically changed their voices . It is impossible to judge their identity from their voices . Besides Luo Kun, who has reason to pay so much attention to themselves?

“That’s supposed to be a dark auctioneer! The disciples of Tianshan will not know my name . ” Feeling Wu Chi’s doubts, Luan Zhan explained that he had no good temper .

He was born in the Devil’s Cave quite well, but after all, he was a younger generation, and his reputation did not reach the ears of disciples of Tianshan Mountain . Only those who were equally evil could have heard his name .

Wu Chi was also smart, and immediately understood Luan Zhan’s meaning, “So you are really a devil’s cave man?”

“What? Afraid? ” Tilt a glance at Wuchi, Luan Zhan proudly asked .

Anyway, thank you just now! I don’t care what kind of evil and honest way, Master only taught me how to repay my gratitude . ” Shaking his head, Wu Chi answered naturally .

Tiejianmen himself is a tri-genre school, and he himself has been acting as a minor figure . All the disputes between right and evil are too far away from him, and he is not too prejudiced against evil ways at all .

On the contrary, it’s because of Luo Kun’s affair, and he has a deep aversion to Tianshan Mountain .

Hearing Wu Chi’s remark, Luan Zhan was so happy that he couldn’t help laughing . “Interesting, today it seems that it’s not in vain . ”

Thank you very much . Today’s grace, if you don’t die, you’ll get something in the future! ” With a slight embrace of his fist, Wu Chi opens his mouth earnestly .

“Why do you want to chase me away?” There is no good breath hum, Luan Zhan Yin and Yang weird asked .

After a short pause, Wu Chi grinned bitterly and said, “Whoever he is, now he doubts my identity . I’m afraid it won’t be so easy to let go!” Brother Luan has nothing to do with this . Why take a white risk?

Wu Chi did not deny that his mind was broken, so he made it clear directly .

“Rest assured! As long as you don’t break the rules of the auction, the Taoist won’t do it . Even if he is a dark auctioneer, he can only play a little trick! I may not have insured you, but self-protection is no problem . ” Luan Zhanman does not care about the explanation .

After a pause, Luan Zhan said with a black face, “What’s more, the thing you threatened me just now is not so simple . You wait, I always have a chance to make you look good . ”

Just thinking of being attacked by Wuchi and being held back by a sword to borrow money from Luan Zhan, I was angry that I had not lost such an adult for so many years . It itches the root of your teeth .

“Haha, I’ll wait . ” Wu Chi did not care about laughing, now that the enemy has turned into friends, the previous thing, of course, is just like a joke .

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is the last auction item and the final treasure of this auction! Before the auction, let me also tell you that such things do not receive gold . ” At the same time, the woman with the blue mask was finally ready for the final auction .

“No gold?” Wu Chi had some accidents, muttered curiously .

“Yes, many friends should have guessed! The value of this treasure is no longer measurable in gold and silver . If you want to bid, you have to use the spiritual crystal! __________

It seems to guess that Wu Chi is not clear about these things, Luan Zhan casually explained: “Gold and silver are precious in the eyes of ordinary people, but in the eyes of real practitioners, they are common things, which have no meaning at all . In fact, once you step into solidity, few people care about gold and silver .

“What is Lingjing?”

“Lingjing is actually a kind of ore, which contains the spirit of heaven and earth . After stepping into solidification, Lingjing can be directly used to practice . ” Luan Battle continued to explain: “Of course, after stepping into Ningzhen, Lingjing is essentially a necessity for cultivation . If there is no Lingjing, you will never really want to improve your strength . ”

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