A Deer's Journey - Chapter 46

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Sijm found herself waiting in a strange room . People that looked like Goosemon entered one by one . Finding herself face to face with the person who had been addressing the crowd earlier, the Chieftain Dwade, Sijm found herself become nervous and uncertain .
Secretly she wished Deer was here, at least he knew what to say in the right moments .
Whats your name? The booming voice seemed to echo in the small room .
Trying to diffuse the hostile atmosphere, Sijm made a small bow before showing that she couldnt talk .
A small laughter could be heard in the air as Dwade seemed to find the situation funny . I didnt think he would be so capable to catch a person from the Black Soul Camp, a mute none the less . The name was unfamiliar to Sijm but it seemed she looked like those people from that group, but there was no other way now but to go along with the charade .
It was easier to keep some secrets close to the heart, there was no need to let Dwade know that she was not from here . Pointing to her small injury that she had somehow received from being captured, Sijm mimed being injured during the process of being capture, and shook her head from side to side to show she had memory loss . Though whether she got her point across she didnt know . She could only make the best of the situation by placing two lies together . Even a false truth could pass on as the real thing if someone believed in it . The only problem was whether he could understand what she said .
Enough, youre fortunate that we are going through a difficult time right now, count yourself lucky, for now you consider yourself a guest here, you can rest easy knowing no one will make any trouble for you .
Sijm kept silent . It looked like Dwade wanted to use her as a hostage or attempt to pry more information from under the pretence of accommodating her as guest . However this situation was still better than before and she didnt have much choice to decline .
Leaving the room followed by his confidants, Sijm was soon left by herself again as she pondered what to do next . Try as she might, her ability didnt seem to work and she couldnt contact Deer . Looking at status, she carefully made note of the current situation as well as the changes that had appeared since the First World .
<<Sijmentje>> Queen Bee of the Zilver Bee Party
Lvl 2
Race: Human
Stamina 4
Strength 3
Agility 4
Wisdom 8
Intelligence 6
Charm 5
Create a Channel to a recipient, both parties must agree for this skill to be activated .
There was some things that she hadnt told Deer, her apprenticeship with Arnya for one, she wasnt sure how to tell him in any case . When he was sleeping in the other room, her master, Arnya had opened a door into a new world for her . Witchcraft . It was a talent that focused on being one with nature and was more better described as communion with nature rather than Witchcraft . From what Arnya had told her Witchcraft was actually an offshoot created from herbalism and focused on utilising the ingredients in nature .
The most important thing that Sijm had received from the First World was the direct knowledge that Arnya had channelled into her mind, at the cost of her masters life force, she could also see that some of her attributes had directly increased . Despite her low level which was only two compared to that of Deers, she was already happy with the changes that she had benefited from . Though she didnt gain any new abilities, Sijm had a more profound understanding of plants and nature itself .
In fact when she had been in contact with the Chieftain Dwade, she could tell that he had been poisoned, her was suffering a malignant curse that was affecting his body . Despite how he had acted, Sijm could see this as clear as day . She also knew this was her opportunity, if she wanted to escape from her and regain control of her own life, the first thing she had to do was to establish some authority .
Being in charge did not always have to mean that you were powerful or strong, it was knowing how to use people and being able to influence others . She had learned this from her parents, her mom was the prime example, despite being the one who was at home and managing the family, her dad always made sure to listen to her, it was not wrong to say that her dad was a successful business man, but behind every successful man there would be an even more successful woman .
The only thing that was different was how you defined success . Being able to allow their husband who took over a struggling business and consolidated it to the present day company with three branch offices in three separate cities, come home and rest with a peace of mind was in of itself an achievement . That was not to include the various events Sijms mom had held for charities in the name of the company to raise their companys profile or the behind the scene monthly team gathering events to draw the employees together as well as sort out those who were undervalued or those who were above their positions just from casual conversations .
Calmly breathing out, Sijm couldnt help but wish she was back at home . Her mom would have known what to do . Stopping the tears welling at the side of her eyes, she simply waited, as she knew her time would arrive .

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