A Different World Romance That Begins With a Reincarnation! ~The Excluded Summoned Wanders the World in Search of Their Reincarnated Childhood Friend~ - Chapter 5

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Chapter title: Is the Princess a Witch?
Translator: TheDoru
Proofreader: EvilMayDie64

That night.

Ryou was standing alone in the training area, as usual, trying to confirm the feeling that came to him during the daytime training.

The standing trees used for sword training were lined up at equal intervals, each about five meters apart. The distance between each tree was about five meters, apparently to prevent swords from colliding with each other when practicing side by side.

There were six of them, and the total distance was 25 meters.

Ryou drew a line with his toe about 10 meters further from the standing tree on the far right.

「That’s about it….」 (Ryou)

He pulled out his drawn sword and held it in his other hand.

He still only had a vague image in my head.

「……I’m going to try it anyway.」 (Ryou)

He turned his back to the tree and jumped a couple of times on the spot.

And then…….

He turned to the arrow yard and started running towards the tree.

He dodged the first one to the right and cut back.

He took the second run to the left to keep his speed up. His body flows lightly.

「Ku.」 (Ryou)

The third one to the right.

Fourth one on the left. Big bulge.

He forced himself to regain his stance for the fifth run. His speed slows down.

On the sixth swing, he swung his sword through the air.

「Ouch」 (Ryou)

The timing was not right, and an unexpected shock hit his right hand, causing him to drop his sword.

「……Well, it’s not so bad at first……」(Ryou)

He picked up the sword and put it in the scabbard.

He looked at the position where he had lowered his sword and thought for a while.

It’s more distracting than I thought it would be…….

The sword is sheathed in a thick belt, so it doesn’t shake that much. I should use my left hand to hold it down when running. When I actually ran as hard as I could, the sheath hit my heel several times.

And that’s not all. The shoes he wore were knight’s boots, which made running difficult.

「I can’t just leave a sheath out there…….」(Ryou)

The words of a famous swordsman came to his mind.

「……Well, I’ll think of something later.」 (Ryou)

He drew his sword again and ran lightly in the opposite direction.

As he tried to count my steps, he realized something important.

「It’s not a hurdle, so there’s no point in counting steps here.」 (Ryou)

In a real fight, the distance between enemies and obstacles would always be different. The only thing he practices here is to turnaround.

「One more time!」

He turned around and gradually increased his speed.

Then he repeated the zigzagging motion through the trees.

But something didn’t feel right.

That’s when he jumped to the left with all the strength he could muster in his foot.


As soon as he landed, his left foot slipped and he fell down with a loud thud.


I thought I was on the receiving end, but I must have fallen a couple of times. I think I hit my shoulder back on the ground.

Ryou tried to slowly get up, but his left ankle hurt so badly that he couldn’t support himself and fell down.


A moan escaped his lips.

The pain is quite unpleasant. Moreover, there is a slippery feeling in my boot.

If it’s bleeding, it’s most likely a release fracture.

I don’t want to look, but I can’t stop myself from checking, so I put my hand on the boot.

The slightest movement sent intense pain through my body, and each time I winced and held my breath to endure it.

「Are you okay?」 (Patille)

Suddenly, he heard a voice behind him.

Ryou turned around and saw Patille running towards him, out of breath and looking panicked.

「Eh?」 (Ryou)

Ryou was so surprised and confused by the unexpected appearance of the person that he couldn’t find even find his words.

「Don’t move, I’ll heal you right now.」 (Patille)

Patiyu crouched down right beside him and nodded with narrowed eyes.

「Don’t worry, I’m a healer.」 (Patille)

「Ah, yes…」 (Ryou)

「Radiance of life, heal his wounds…. Heal」 (Patille)

As Patiyu recited the incantation in a whispered voice, a soft light emerged from her hands and enveloped the Ryou’s entire body.

The pain disappeared.

「Healing magic……」 (Ryou)

I had received some information about healing magic, but this was the first time I had actually seen it, not to mention experienced it myself.

「Can you stand up?」 (Patille)

Patiyu gently put her hand on his back and gently supported him.

「Thank you, I’m fine now.」 (Ryou)

He felt a little embarrassed and tried to pull away, but Patille grabbed his left arm and smiled.

「Let’s take a rest on that bench for a while, okay?」 (Patille)

She pulled her body in close and looked up at him.

A soft and fluffy sensation in Ryou’s left arm.

「U, um….」 (Ryou)

「Yes?」 (Patille)

「No, I’m sorry.」 (Ryou)

Patiyu didn’t notice.

Ryou couldn’t tell her the truth as she was staring at him without any doubt.

I could see that my face was on fire, it was probably bright red, but fortunately, in the moonlight, Patille didn’t notice. (Ryou)

The two of them walked close together to a bench at the end of the training area.

「Do you feel any pain?」 (Patiyu)

「No……」 (Ryou)

「Would you like me to walk a little slower?」 (Patiyu)

「No……」 (Ryou)

During the not-so-long walk to the bench, Patille would often offer words of concern, but each time he would reply with a curt, “No,” or “Yes”

「……Excuse me」 (Ryou)

I felt sorry for not being able to say something a little more clever, and that’s what I ended up saying.

The two of them sat down on the bench side by side.

「Don’t be in such a hurry……」 (Patille)

Patiyu put her right hand over her mouth and giggled.

「Yes, indeed……」 (Ryou)

Ryou laughed along with me. Even though he hadn’t had a chance to interact with a girl, he was so flustered that it was funny to think back on it.

「……But what’s the princess doing here?」 (Ryou)

It was just a question that came to his mind, and he had no bad intentions at all, but this time, Patille panicked at his words.

「Ah, eh? It’s just…. just by chance?」 (Patille)

It was a question.

Patiyu tilted her head with a drawn-out smile.

「……Maybe, just maybe……」 (Ryou)

「I was taking a walk to enjoy the evening breeze, when I saw Aomi-sama fall. So I ran over to you, thinking that this was a big problem.」 (Patille)

For some reason, she was in a great hurry.

「Did you happen…」 (Ryou)

「It’s just a coincidence」 (Patille)

Patiyu nodded her head repeatedly.

I don’t know, but I don’t think I should pursue this any further, Ryou thought.

「……」 (Ryou)

「……」 (Patiyu)

They tried to talk, but neither Ryou nor Patille could come up with a topic, so an awkward silence ensued.

「……Does it still hurt?」

It was Patiyu who opened her mouth first.

「……No, I’m fine now. Thank you for the help.」

The pain had completely subsided, and there was nothing unusual about the way it felt to the touch.

If this had been my former world, I would have had surgery followed by months of treatment and rehabilitation.

Well, I guess this means I can resume practice right away…

「No, you shouldn’t push yourself any further today.」 (Patille) 1

Patiyu held up her index finger and stared at him with an admonishing tone.

The look on her face showed that she could see right through Ryou’s thoughts.

「H, how did you know?」 (Ryou)

「I somehow knew, because I’ve been watching you.」 (Patille) 2

Patille smiled cheerfully.

「……All the way?」 (Ryou)

「……Yes all the…way..」 (Patiyu)

Patille covered her mouth with her hands. But now it’s too late.

「Since when?」 (Ryou)

「……Maybe, from the first day……」 (Patiyu)

That night, Patille was completely taken in by the sight of Ryou running. 3

The next day, he came at the same time and started training.

And the next day, and the next day.

Even though the content of the training was different, Ryou’s dedication blew through Patille’s mind like a wind across a meadow and shook her strongly.

The nightly commute to the training ground became an irreplaceable routine for Patille.

「I’m sorry it looked like I was spying on you…」 (Patiyu)

「You should have called out to me.」 (Ryou)

As if to interrupt Patiyu’s words, his voice covered her own.

「Eh?」 (Patiyu)

「Oh, um, I was wondering if you wanted to talk with me……」 (Ryou)

There were many times when she wanted to call out to her, but each time she stopped herself.

Patiyu’s concern for Ryou, not wanting to disturb him, and Patiyu’s own desire not to ruin this time.

What if he says I’m bothering him?

Because of these fears, in the end, Patiyu couldn’t find the courage to speak to him until tonight.

「It’s no fun, is it? Even if you watch me practice.」 (Ryou)

Not to blame her, Ryou curiously asked.

「No, not at all. It was very…… interesting……. But did it bother you?」 (Patiyu)

It’s not like it bothered him, he didn’t even notice that Patille was there.

And it’s not a bad thing to be seen. I haven’t told anyone that I’m training here at night, but I don’t particularly want to keep it a secret. (italics)

「No, it doesn’t bother me.」 (Ryou)

「Really?」 (Patille)

Patille raised her eyebrows and puts her hand over her mouth.

The eyes that stared upward at Ryou had a mixture of expectation and anxiety.

「It’s true. But I don’t know if it’s fun to watch, but next time, please say something to me.」 (Ryou)

It was just a casual remark, but Patille reacted to it with a burst of joy and a smile.

「Are you sure you don’t mind if I come back to take another look?」 (Patille)

Ryou narrowed his eyes and coolly smiled.

「And if you get injured like today, it would be great if you could treat me.」 (Ryou)

It was a little, or rather, a lot, to ask of a princess, but I had a feeling Patille would be more than willing to oblige.

「Of course, I’ll take care of it!」 (Patille)

Patiyu straightened her back and placed her right hand on her chest.

「I’m looking forward to it.」 (Patille)

Muttering softly and letting out a smile, Patille brushed his hair with her right hand and stopped to cover his ears with it.

Ryou’s eyes widened at Patille’s gesture.

「Um, that’s……」 (Ryou)

「It’s just…. a habit.」 (Patille)

Patille, for some reason, turned her face away in embarrassment.


The same habit as Mia.

But hey it’s not that uncommon of a habit, right?

Ryou muttered that in his mind.

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