A Fight for Love - Volume 1 - Chapter 35

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After freezing in place for a little while, Lin Ziqi stepped over there as well . He found anxiety, anger, and panic on the face of this cheeky teacher . At this moment, he made sure that Teng Yue possessed a higher position than Qian Lin in Shao Xun's heart .

"Damn it! Why did Xiaoyue tumble down the stairs? How can I avoid worrying about her since she was so careless?"

Hearing Shao Xun's emotional words, Qian Lin widened her eyes .

"If it wasn't for worrying about you, why would Xiaoyue tumble down? How can you so shamelessly like speak like this? After Xiaoyue wakes up, I will definitely deal with you . "

Nevertheless, Qian Lin felt sore internally as she saw Shao Xun anxiously pick up Teng Yue, who seemed to be in a coma, and run towards the parking lot . She thought if she were the one who fainted here now, would Lin Zi do the same thing as Shao Xun? With this thought in mind, she looked at Lin Ziqi, however, his stubborn expression made Qian Lin very unhappy .

"Lin Ziqi, go home, and I will settle it with you . "

After staring at Lin Ziqi, Qian Lin ran in the direction of Shao Xun . Although she could be assured, since Shao Xun is by Teng Yue's side, the posture she had while tumbling down must have seriously injured her . She had to see Teng Yue wake up with her own eyes and hear the doctor say that she was fine before she could rest assured .

Outside the hospital emergency room, Qian Lin was sitting on a bench with her insides turning as Shao Xun paced back and forth . She opened her mouth several times, but ended up not saying a word . At present, Teng Yue's situation was unknown, and by looking at Shao Xun, it seemed that even if she did not speak anything, he had already blamed himself hundreds of times in the depth of his heart . Qian Lin curved her lips in a scarcely noticeable smile, sincerely happy that her friend had met her Mr . Right .

"Who is the patient's dependent?"

The emergency room door opened as a nurse came out and these words made both Qian Lin and Shao Xun's hearts rise in their throats .

"Me!" the two replied at exactly the same moment, making the nurse confused .

Then she said something that made them so grateful . "She woke up, but she still needs to be hospitalized . You . . . "

Qian Lin couldn't hear any more; she only heard the first sentence, that Xiaoyue had woke up . Xiaoyue woke up!

But bearing this, Shao Xun suddenly sat down on the floor with a big noise .

Seeing that Shao Xun sigh with relief, Qian Lin stood up and patted him on the shoulder, and said, "You go accompany her first, and I will go to check in for her .

It was already night by the time Qian Lin had settled down . She dragged her exhausted body to go out . Since Shao Xun was by Xiaoyue's side and she still had classes tomorrow, she had to take off then . Alas, seeing Shao Xun so nervous and careful, it seemed that he wished she had left earlier . Thinking of it, Qian Lin could not restrain herself from smiling . Xiaoyue was fine with her slight injuries, and Shao Xun's performance made her satisfied . Nevertheless, after Xiaoyue was discharged from the hospital, she would still find time to get even with him anyway . Shao Xun had badly beaten Lin Ziqi, whom she could not bear to hit . Little Whistle, if I do not settle it with you, you will even dare beat Teng Yue someday in the future .

Xiaoqi! Thinking of it, Qian Lin's breath was taken away . She had paid all her attention to Teng Yue when she fell unconscious, ignoring Lin Ziqi completely . He also had a bruise on his face from when he was kicked down by Shao Xun . She didn't know if he went to the infirmary to disinfect and apply medicine or not . Thinking about it, Qian Lin could not help speeding up her pace . He is never free from worry! He can even hurt himself in such a short time .

"Qian . . . Lin . . . "

Stepping out of the hospital's door, a trilling call rang in Qian Lin's ear . Hearing the familiar but strange sound, she turned her head with a blank stare .

Seeing Lin Ziqi, Qian Lin covered her mouth to stop herself from screaming . He was tumbling in the shadows standing beside her . During March, there was a large temperature difference between day and night, however, Lin Ziqi was still in his thin clothes at noon, so she hurriedly ran towards him .

"What is wrong with you? It's so cold outside, why did not you go in and wait inside?"

She quickly stretched out her hand and held his hand and walked out . It would be so bad if he caught a cold .

Lin Ziqi did not resist and just let Qian Lin pull him out by holding his hands . After taking two steps, he asked if Teng Yue was okay . Qian Lin briefly replied that she was just had some minor flesh injuries, which were not serious, and she continued to move forward . Suddenly, she seemed to remember something that she stopped . She looked at Lin Ziqi by the hospital streetlight, seeing the dried bloodstains on the abrasions on his face . She frowned and then pulled him back to the hospital without saying a word .

Seeing Qian Lin suddenly pull him back, Lin Ziqi was in shock . Although he had some assumptions in his heart, he eventually disregarded them . When the blood fell from his face, she could ignore him and decisively left . How could she now remember the abrasion on his face? But he still hoped that Qian Lin came back for the bruise on his face, because he had seen a hint of distress in Qian Lin's eyes just now .

Along the way, Qian Lin took him straight to the emergency room, let him sit on a bench outside, and went into the emergency room alone .

Seeing Qian Lin, who had left the vicinity if the emergency room, Lin Ziqi smiled with bitterness . The reason why she came back must be related to something about Teng Yue . It was so woefully wishful thinking! Lin Ziqi internally despised himself . The cold chill hidden deep in his heart came out at this moment .

All of the men on the land under heaven were inconstant in love, while all the women were ruthless! Always disagreeing with his mother's words, now he assumed that he was supposed to tensely think through it .

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