A Frozen Orchid

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Romance

Chapters: 28

Last update: 24 days ago

2.4 /5

"Hey, hey, Wu Lan, Wu Lan,""What, Ling Zheng?""Want to go out for dinner tonight?""....are you stupid?""No, why?""...you realize we're surrounded by 90 armed mercenaries?""Yeah, so what? We can make it out in time for at least a drink."".... okay, let's go to the Autumn Dragon when we're done here then. Let's defeat them in 3...2...1!"90 unconscious mercenaries later"Wu Lan, let me treat you, that was awesome!""Fine, but we have work tomorrow, so let's go home early today.""I just want to spend time with Wu Laaaaaan.""You already sound drunk." -_-A story of two equals, this is set in modern times. Both the MC and ML are the CEO's of their own respective companies, and even though both have had tough lives before meeting each other, they maintained at least their own brands of humor. This story will have a lot of comedy, action, romance, and friendship. Our main characters' story begins when they decide to have their companies do a collaboration.Note: This is set in an alternate version of Earth, with very few similarities. While the book is categorized as a romance, it is a mix of romance, comedy, magical realism, and military action. The only thing realistic about this story would be that all of the characters have more than one side to them.I welcome and encourage criticism, if I have any plot holes or grammar errors, please don't hesitate to correct me. My release schedule might be a bit hectic, but I can promise at least 5 chapters a week, usually more.

A Frozen Orchid