A Goblin's Evolution - Chapter 72

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Min arrived back at the Moonshone Garden, after what had felt like a really long day. Most of the prostitutes were in the bar area, and as soon as Kemah and Min arrived, they looked at them. Only a few of them were busy hanging out with customers, and even fewer were serving clients upstairs.
Min walked to the middle of the room, and took a deep breath. She wasnt looking forwards to giving the bad news to the girls. Hearing that one of their own had been murdered would be bad for morale.
Customers, we have a bit of an emergency on hand. If you would kindly leave, you can get three free tokens to use later tonight, or whenever you please, Min said. Tokens were what the customers would give the girls to have sex with them. Hearing this offer, the few men present gladly left, after claiming their tokens by the desk.
Girls, someone go up and bring the others. Tell the clients there that they can get four tokens, three as an apology for chasing them out, and one to make up for the one they wasted, Min said.
Ill go, Miyumi said. She quickly made her upstairs. A few minutes later, two men and three whores, including Miyumi, came back down. These two men were also very pleased. They got to fuck four girls for the price of one. The others had received the better deal though, since theyd get three visits with prostitutes for free.
Did you get news about Rilaka? Melinda the High Elf, asked. Min took another deep breath, steeling herself for the announcement.
Rilaka died. Ill make sure all her money goes to her family. But dont worry, Kemah and I personally made sure that the perpetrators suffered. In the future, I dont think anyone will have the courage to move in on use like that. There are some good news, too. The ones who took Rilaka were the owners of that brothel near here. With them dead, we claimed it. We will renovate the place over the next few weeks, and when its done, we will reopen the brothel as the Starlit Garden. All the profits will go back to us, so we dont have to worry anymore. Melinda, youre going to be in charge over there. Will the renovations are in progress, the girls from that brothel will rotate to fill in the spots left vacant by you and Rilaka. After that, well find someone to fill those positions more permanently, Min explained.
Hearing the news, a few girls shed tears, but there was a light in the fact that the Starlit Garden would be their sister brothel, and that it would be closed for a few weeks. That way, the Moonshine Garden would be the only brothel in the area, allowing it to recover.
At least we wont lose our jobs now, Rae said. Of the nine remaining girls that now worked at the Moonshine Garden, Rae was the worst off. She was a human, and humans didnt have much status in Rymalona, a city of the Elven Kind.
Things will be better now. Melinda, lets go pay a visit to the future Starlit Garden. You can choose two girls for me to bring back here for today, Kemah said. Kemah and Melinda left, leaving Min behind with her eight prostitutes.

About an hour later, they reopened the brothel. Kemah brought two pretty girls back, too. Those two were slaves. The girls who had worked for Jackals brothel had been a mix of slaves and free whores. Luckily for Min and Kemah, the cleaners had found a bunch of deeds in the warehouse, which gave Min and Kemah legal ownership over the brothel and the slave whores. There were also some deeds to other buildings that they had yet to investigate, as well as the warehouse they had killed Jackal inside.
When the Moonshine Garden reopened that day, it saw the highest influx of people it had seen in a while. Since the other brothel was closed, everyone was directed to go to the Moonshine Garden, instead. Min served several clients that day, one of whom had received free tokens earlier. It was good thing, since that meant Min had one less girl to pay out of pocket.
The next day, Altraz arrived at the Moonshine Garden. A teenager human girl followed him, clearly confused by their destination. Upstairs, the two of them ended up seated with Min and Kemah.
I heard about your little adventure yesterday. I think the two of your are ready to start working normally again. Today, I have brought your new team member. Her name is Anna, Altraz said. Min and Kemah looked at the human girl, Anna.
Im looking forward to working with you, Min said, smiling charmingly at her.
Me too, Anna replied, giving a meek smile of her own.
Since there is a vacancy in the brothel, Anna will take that position as her cover, and so that she can stay here. You can consider her sex work as rent, Altraz said, not caring in the slightest.
Oh, splendid! Min said happily, her fingers interlocked in front of her chest. Min was incredibly happy about this! Anna was a very cute young woman.
Wait, what? Anna said, a full three seconds after Min spoke.
I said youre going to be a prostitute here. Sex is a very valuable weapon to a female assassin, so it would be good for you to spend some time in Min and Kemahs employ. And you two, Anna is more inexperienced than you, so itll be up to you teach her. Min, youre very skilled in using sex to kill, so give her some pointers, Altraz said.
Sure thing, boss! Min replied smilingly. Anna looked between Min and Altraz, glanced at Kemah once, her eyes wide. But she swallowed her pride, quite visibly, and spoke,
Ill do my best, Master Altraz.
Dont worry Anna, Ill teach you well. Its nothing to be shameful of. Sex is very fun and nice, Min spoke, as she put her hands consolingly on Annas shoulders. Anna nodded. Anna had been raised to be obedient. Like most assassins of the organization, Anna was either an orphan, or someone whod been taken away from their family at a young age, due some talent or other. Even if she wasnt obedient, the contract shed signed forced her to obey all orders of the organization.
Teach her the ropes of what goes on around her. Im leaving, Altraz said, cold as he always was in front of others. Only with Min, would he occasionally be slightly warmer.
Right, first things first. Are you a virgin Anna? If you are, we can have Dralu break you in. Hes my hubby. Well not really, we arent married, but he is the father of my children, Min said.
No, Im not a virgin, Anna said. Her shoulders and legs were a bit tight, showing her discomfort in the situation.
Good, good. How about anal? How you done it? Min continued her interrogation.
No, Anna replied simply.
Alright. Before you start selling yourself, you should take a few days or weeks to prepare your ass. For my style of sexual assassination, a loose butt it good to have, too. You should start light, maybe just a finger. If you have decent pain tolerance, you could try several fingers. Or maybe even a carrot. Your end goal will be a whole cucumber. You can do this on your own, but I expect you to put real effort into it, Min said.
Ill do my best, I promise, Anna said. When it came to the organization, shed do anything, even if it meant throwing all her inhibitions away.
That is good. When I go on a mission where the goal is to kill the target during sex, I always carry a stiletto knife in my butt hole. When your ass can stretch comfortably, Ill teach you how to easily take it out. I can also show you now, real quick, Min said. Before Anna could reply, Min hurried away to grab her pointy dagger.
This is the one I use. This little ball prevents it from stabbing my insides. I dont use it anymore, though, since any stab wounds will heal right away, anyway. Even if its inside me. But you should definitely keep it on. Now look.
Min pushed the stiletto dagger straight into her anus, pointy end first. It easily slid deep inside her.
Ive gotten pretty good at this. I didnt cut myself, Min said. Then, the dagger came sliding back out of her. As soon as the hilt was out, Min grabbed it and pulled it all the way.
Easy. Takes a bit of practice, though. But you need to push it deep, in case the target wants to fuck you in the ass, Min explained.
I see, Anna replied, not sure what else to say.
I had to learn to do this too. Dont worry, youll quickly grow used to living sluttier. Before I met Min, I was a virgin. Now, Im a prostitute by choice, and a mother, Kemah spoke.
Yeah, youll love it very soon! You get to have sex every day here. Several times, even, Min said, excitement in her eyes.
I do enjoy sex, but this is a bit different. But Ill get used to it, Im sure. It makes sense. My body isnt my own, after all. I should obviously be ready to use my body in whatever way is required of me, even if that means being a whore, Anna said.
Thats the spirit, even if it is a bit dark, Min chuckled. The three, Min, Anna, and Kemah, continued speaking. Min and Kemah gave Anna plenty of advice on being a prostitute. When evening arrived, they showed Anna to her new room. Anna took an early rest, while Min and Kemah went to work in the brothel.

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