A God's Apocalyptic Entertainment - Chapter 196

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(Rose PoV)
Who the fuck are you guys?
Liams voice was cold; after the day wed been through I didnt want to deal with anymore shit either . My eyes stayed peeled onto the leaders before me, more so, on the fat piece of shit to the left . I had seen eyes like that all my life; I hated them to the bone .
I could just feel Liams cooling thoughts; he wanted me to stay calm for the moment . For now I conceded to his opinion . But that didnt stop me from leveling my frostiest gaze in his direction . Unlike the other leaders before us, who actually had a back bone, the fat bastard flinched at my leaking killing intent .
I dont know what inspired the loyalty from his followers, but they looked ready to stop me if I tried to kill him right here and now, well they could try anyways . They werent a match for us .
Liams words seemed to cause a small ripple of discontent in those gathered before us, all of them frowning at his words . We didnt care . The large man in the middle seemed to be the speaker as he moved ahead, but only slightly . Out of everyone here, he was the most dangerous .
I am Marde, leader of Darlt, one of the three towns surrounding this dungeon . This is Jaye, leader of Praf . . . My eyes darted to the cold woman for a second . . . . and Harn, leader of Jeralt . Before resting on the fat piece of shit again .
I just caught his eyes roaming my body once again as I turned back to him . My anger spiked once more and this time Liam wasnt trying to calm me down . I could easily tell that they noticed my anger . Both leaders of Darlt and Praf sent annoyed looks at the fat pig before continuing the conversation .
They are not truly united . Liams calculating voice came over our link and Ella and I both nodded at his words . It was obvious from how they held themselves, and their positioning . They had all brought the same number of units forwards, 29 soldiers, so that none would have the advantage . Though they were close, the division was clear to see and they didnt mingle their forces .
We have recently created this expedition force to destroy this dungeon and the monsters that have been taking our citizens . Liam gave a small nod, after seeing the sacrifice in the boss room, it was clear that many had died . I still wished I could have helped them; they did not deserve to be used like that .
Did you destroy the dungeon and cause the volcanoes eruption? After saying his piece it looked like Marde was waiting for confirmation from Liam . He could see the destruction caused by us clearing the dungeon; it shouldnt be hard to figure out . But he wanted us to tell him, he radiated a sense of superiority that pissed me off . Liam was quiet for a few seconds but I could feel his thoughts move .
They were churning with ideas, plans and other notions that filtered so fast I didnt catch some . But I did catch that he thought about me . I dont know what he thought about, but it had something to do concerning me .

After being connected so long you gain a small intuition on these things . Whenever he thought about me, I would somehow know, it made communication faster between us . Finally he spoke to them, still in a chilling voice, our weapons at the ready .
Yes we destroyed the dungeon, because of that it did erupt . It was a Rock Titan dungeon . A new frown appeared on him as the words Rock Titan sunk in . His eyes as they appraised us changed slightly, losing the hard edge, becoming more cautions, even skeptical .
Hunter took this time to chime in from the side; he could understand the underlining message . As a traveling merchant I can vouch for them . I even have some of the drops that I would be happy to sell in your towns at a later date .
Mardes eyes turned to Hunter as he inspected if his words were true . Once again he used Analyse, something that caused even Hunter to frown, but he said nothing . Confirming that he was indeed a Merchant his eyes changed as he looked at us, a slight tint of recognition in his eyes .
The same change happened with Jaye, her eyes hardened as she looked at us . But unlike them Harn didnt seem to bare much weight to the words . Maybe he had never heard of Rock Titans . Liam I think also noticed this . His mind focused on him for a second before turning back to Marde .
Finally after what felt like minutes but was only just under 1, he replied a small accommodating smile coming to his lips . He wanted to play nice now, he recognized our strength . Then I must thank you for your service . You have saved my Town immeasurable trouble and pain . Im sure a reward is in line with such actions .
I narrowed my eyes at his peace offering; my eyes still captured Harns face as the words came out . He shot Marde a shocked look at the words and he didnt look happy at the decision . Before Marde could continue though, Jaye spoke from the side, her voice still cold but lighter in tone . One second Marde, I would like to inquire about out missing citizens, we found one of their dead bodies outside the dungeon . Were there more inside?
We had nothing to hide and Liam knew that . We also found said body . Inside they were being sacrificed to whatever those rock monster worshiped . . . Liam though about me for a second as his voice turned a bit sadder . We werent able to save them . They all died .
Did you even try?! You let our people die, because they were useless! You dont deserve a reward, you are lucky we dont lock you up and strip you of your equipment! Then turn you into slaves for such actions! My head instantly snapped to Harn as he put in his words . A small twinkle of mischief and greed had entered his eyes when he said the words . When he looked at me and Ella and said the word Salve I felt my rage peek .
Marde and Jaye were not pleased with his words, which was evident . Rose, do whatever you like . I smiled viciously as I stared at the fat shit, my killing intent flaring . Before any of them could react I had already struck . *Bang* I snapped my wrist down and slapped the earth with my whip; I had to aim this just right .
*Pak* Arghhhhh!!!! I was right on target as the earth spike came from the ground and skewered the disgusting thing between his legs . The force sent him flying from his horse, but didnt skewer his whole body, I wanted him to suffer .
I could see the small smirks of happiness from some of the woman that were in the area . Yes, he was a piece of shit, garbage that should be disintegrated . Though now the atmosphere was tense . Everyone drew their weapons as they stared at me . I hadnt moved from my position but they all keep their bodies ready to move .
I may have just been through a fight with a boss monster but we could take these people . I looked into the eyes of the soldiers as they raised their weapons . I dared them to attack! Some flinched away in apprehension, some fear . Only Marde and Jaye could keep their cool, but I could feel the rhythm of their hearts pick up .
It was a stale mate as we all stood waiting for a battle to break out . The only sound was the screaming on Harn on the ground . A small puddle of blood was already flowing on the ground he rolled over . His hands couldnt stop the bleeding . That thing was gone, forever .
I think he finally realized this fact after a while as he stopped rolling . He was hysterical and had a blank look as he starred at the blood on his hands . He matched eyes with me from the ground, a delicious hatred appeared in his eyes that made me like my lips subconsciously . This was the look I wanted from scum like him .
The look when they realize I have complexly ruined their life, their future .
Kill that BItCh!!! Kill HER NOW! I want her HEAD ON A PLATTER RIGHT NOW!!!! Though they looked reluctant his soldiers followed his orders . Why would they run to certain death? I didnt care enough in the end to think hard about the question .
The rest of his force were too far away to help him so only the 29 he brought with him rushed forwards . Harn and Jaye held back their groups and watched with interest . They wanted to know our full strength, it was time to show them their place .
The battle was short and sharp . I could have taken the group out myself, with Ella and Liam it was overkill . They didnt even last 30 seconds, a second for each of them . They dropped like flies as arrows obliterated their heads, earth spikes skewered them like meat or they got chopped in half by Liams halberd .
When we were finished Marde and Jayes groups had both backed off . They were wary of us now, their reinforcements had moved closer to face us, but we had no worries . Hunter and the kids had moved back to a safer distance . It looks like negotiations had failed .
We didnt kill Harn though . He was still unable to stand and had blood all over him . His ugly expression made my smile even brighter . His eyes were blood shot as he looked at me . I looked at Liam and caught the smile that was on his face .
It was that of a predator, someone who had his prey right where they wanted them . Had he seen this coming? He took as step forwards as his aura pressed outwards, putting everyone else on edge . Stalking up to Harn he picked him up slowly, grabbing him by the neck .
Harns reinforcements, Marde and Jaye didnt move to help him . Ella and me both moved behind Liam as he stalked towards the other leaders . Trash! As we stood a few meters away from them Liam threw Harn to the ground .
Marde moved his horse forwards at this point, weapon drawn, face grim, but determined . What is the meaning of this? Liams smile got even wider as he spread his hands in a shrugging gesture . I think your earlier words were right . I think we deserve a reward for destroying this dungeon for you .
Mardes face turned even grimmer . What do you want? He didnt mince his words, I liked him . You three control your towns; you control the trade and protection of your citizens . . . He stopped for a second as his thoughts turned to me one more, why?
I want you to gather every slave in your towns and give them to me . I was truly shocked at that second, as his words reverberated around the field . Was he asking this for me? He knew how much I wanted to save those slaves . To give them better lives, like I had . But he stopped me when we were in town .
He said he would figure something out later, but I didnt think . . . So many emotions came and went as I looked at his back . He didnt turn to give me a smile, but I could feel him smiling on the inside as I looked on . A new feeling, a feeling I hadnt felt in a long time welled up as I looked at him .
It was a small spark inside me, but I hadnt felt this warmth in a long time, not even after he saved me . There was doubt beforehand but now . . . We cant do that! Do you know the revenue and impact this will have on the towns finances! We dont even own the slaves! We would have to buy them from the salve market! We would lose too much EP! It is not worth you clearing the dungeon .
Marde was not happy, his commanding voice had turned cold as he looked at us, his aura getting even stronger . Jaye also starred at us coldly . Harn kept quiet but he was the same, no he was worse . Liam took a step forwards again .
I dont think you understand . If you dont agree you wont be going back to your towns . *Clench* Marde tightened his grip on his weapon as he locked eyes with Liam . You may be strong but we can wear you out, kill you .
Liam shook his head as he sent me a small message . Rose . . . I understood what he wanted in seconds, it was still a bit hard but not impossible . You really think so? I gathered my energy and let it spread through the earth, quickly wrapping around the felled bodies of Harns men .
*Crack* I snapped my whip on the ground for emphasis as I activated Demonic kiss on their bodies . It was a bit hard at a distance but I was absorbing their energy at a relatively fast pace . I didnt even have to look behind me to know that their bodies were being mummified and turned to husks and their energy replenished us .
The eyes that had been trained on Liam and our group instantly shifted as they looked behind us . Most faces paled in seconds at the display as we kept looking at them . Ella showed a bloodthirsty smile as she looked on . Though many could not tell we regained some energy, Marde and Jaye got the message .
It looked like Marde and Jaye weighed their options as they looked at the scene . There was a bit of fight still in their eyes but as they looked back at their soldiers, you could visible see the shoulders slump slightly . Harn was forgotten by them as they made their own decisions .
Death or Acceptance .
Finally After a small talk between both they turned back to us . Marde gritted his teeth and Jaye looked like she could kill someone . We accept your request . I laughed on the inside as the talks continued .
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