A Hand-Woven Universe

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Fantasy

Chapters: 348

Last update: 24 days ago

3.35 /5

What happens to a world of Magic and Dragons when a cultivator bursts into their universe? What about when a cultivator is raised right under their noses?How do Wizards and High Elves, Dungeons and Dwarves, fare against an unknowing cultivator and the Laws of the Universe?Epochs ago an Immortal left his inheritance behind on a dying plane of existence.Now, at the edge of what was once desolate world, the immortals inheritance is about to make himself known. And his name is Noone.An original cultivator of his world, unguided, and unrestrained.Noone is the powerless child of a civilazation locked away at the edge of the world. When tragedy occurs, and his world is turned around, he inherits the Will of The Ancestor. An ancient legendary being who protected the conclave of Tapestry, until the desolate world above would become re-inhabitable.---------------

A Hand-Woven Universe