A Hero Erratic - Chapter 3

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See the Campus Queen Again

Finals, are synonymous with fear and uneasiness . The same is true of the hell, doomsday, high blood pressure, heart disease, the favorite day of the teachers (especially when the test papers are issued) .

Daming faces the first Senior 1 finals in his life . If he fails the final exam, he may have to try it again next year .

That is to say, he has to repeat senior 1 .

God! Repeating! Daming is a bag of nerves on thinking of this .

The finals are only a week away . In addition to a regular two hours' meditation every day, Daming doesn't even sleep, absorbed in cramming during this time .

"Kick" books, yeah, that's what Daming wanna do . Disgusting English! Annoying math! Hateful basic electricity! Fucking hell, electronics!

Cramming makes Daming a little nervous now, which is similar to mother-to-be who always spins her wheels when suffering antenatal depression . "Ah! I've gotten carried away . "

But until Daming gets the math paper, he finds that,

He cannot understand it (Duh! How can math recitation be useful?) . How to solve the mathematical problems?

Shijian doesn't understand what's wrong with him these days, and why he is worried about a paper . Is it that serious?

Shijian ignores dull Daming, writing the answers on the paper with a pencil .

Looking at the appearing rows of calculations, Daming cries in the heart,

"Shijian, you are really an angel . "

In the following exams, Daming asks Shijian to solve the problems he can't work out . Not sure if it's correct, anyway, her solution for circuit analysis looks quite rational .

When the last exam is over, Daming spreads himself out behind the desk . His classmates are cheerfully discussing where to go in afternoon, which seems very common among students after big exam .

"Fortunately, Shijian helps me this time . I need to study hard in the future," Daming thinks secretly to himself .

Walking out of school, Daming sees a crowd of lookers-on . But he is never a curious person, nor wanna to join in .

When he is about to leave, a group of men in black clothes, black pants, black shoes, black ties and black sunglasses, like MIB, surrounds him .

"Are you Mr . Daming Wang?" a man with tan asks politely .

"It's me," Daming hesitates but then thinks to himself, "When did I have history with a guy like him?"

"My lady wants you to come over . "

"Your lady, do I know her?" From the spectacle, the lady is not an ordinary person . Daming never knows people like this .

"Just come with us, sir . "

"Wow, he is talking to me with honorifics . " Daming is trying to refuse, but black men have held him completely, hoisting him to his feet .

"It seems I have to go," Daming laughs bitterly .

Now Daming knows what the students are seeing: Limousine, which is only seen in the movie . How can it not be discussed?

What's worse, he is lifted to the car . Now Daming is famous all over the school .

Daming sits alone in the spacious limousine; the men in black, divided into two groups, sitting in the luxury cars, follow him in tandem .

This adventure may only happen once in his whole life . Daming looks around the interior decoration, he doesn't know what to say other than luxury .

Daming sits quietly, talking with Shijian vaguely . He dares not to touch anything in the car, because selling himself is even not enough to pay for the broken stuff .

"Shijian, I've been meaning to ask you a question . "

"What question?"

"In the legends, dragon is huge and can fly up high to the sky, summon wind and rain, isn't it?"

"Yeah, that's right . "

"So, what's wrong with Jue? It's neither a snake nor a dragon, nor can it fly, only crawls on the ground, and the size is not huge . "

"Jue had the same dragon features as you described, even more powerful . Its long body stretched ten thousand miles . As to your saying that it's neither a snake nor a dragon, that's the result of being sealed . The magic seal on the fairy land suppressed Jue's power to zero, and shrank and changed its appearance at the same time . "

"Why was Jue sealed?"

"Jue is too strong to under anyone's control, but does what it loves . As a result, it caused a lot of disasters . In order to seal it, a lot of people died . "

"Why not just kill it?"

"Jue is a creature of freedom and has no evil heart . Furthermore, it's the leader of celestial beasts; its death brought immediately great disorder . I just didn't expect that Jue would die by your hand . Well, c'est la vie!"

"Celestial beast, what's that? Now that it's dead, will the world be in a tumult again?"

"Celestial beasts are the powerful and mythical creatures existed in our period, and takes orders from Jue . Because of Jue's existence, the beasts had been peaceful . "

"Now that Jue is dead, will the beasts rise in revolt?"

"I'm not sure . It has been too long, so I wonder whether there is remaining beast in the world . "

There is a sudden silence between them, and the car stops at that time .

"Here we are . "

As the car door is pulled open, the first thing they see is the spacious patio .

"This way please . "

Daming is invited to get in a four-wheeler, which is very common on the golf course .

The cart heads toward a big house . You can't say it's too big, actually, it's a castle .

Though the speed is not fast, it also takes five minutes to get there . So you can imagine how big the yard is .

Next to the house are a few detached buildings, very classic .

Beautiful maids are lined up, greeting at the door, just like in the palace .

Daming is brought to the living room; The maids offer him refreshments, saying softly,

"Please wait a moment, our lady will be back soon . "

Then they go out, leaving Daming alone .

Five minutes have passed… .

Then ten minutes… .

Half an hour… .

One hour… .


At the beginning, Daming looks around the furnishings in the room to kill the time, but as time passes, he is bored .

Daming leafs through the Tian Di Scriptures he carried with him . He has practiced and studied it hard recently, keeping the method working twenty hours a day . Daming is improving so quickly that he has reached the fourth-level of the method .

Daming browses through the martial arts in the first half and asks Shijian .

"Shijian, when can I start to learn Kungfu?"

"Are you sure? It seems that guns and cannons are common in modern society, and Kungfu does not seem to be of much use . "

"I'm so bored! Free lunch, why not?"

"Well, let's start with the simplest Po Quan . "


"Po Quan (Exploding Boxing) is one of the boxing recorded in the scriptures . Concentrate your internal genuine Qi on fist, then hit the target, the Qi will explode . The principle is simple, but the power will grow with the Qi . When your cultivation reaches a certain level, the destruction of your power is enough to split gold and stone . "

Daming notices that there aren't moves for the Kung Fu, only operation methods . He turns to Shijian, and Shijian gives him the answer,

"The Tian Di Scriptures are limitless like the heaven and earth just because there is no move . So how to use it is up to you, and which level you can reach depends on how you understand it . "

Daming practices for a while, further realizing the method of operating power . Unconsciously, the sun gradually falls to the west .

The hall door is open .

"You are so cheerful to show a monkey show here," there comes a soft voice of a girl .

"I'm wondering who it is . It's you, campus queen!" Daming says shyly .

"I told you not to call me campus queen . If you want, call me Shihan," Shihan Lin is angry .

He doesn't know whether it's an illusion . In the setting sun, her hair emits a faint blue light, and her eyes and lips also light blue, leaving a very seductive feeling .

"Ah! Sorry, I've been used to it . Campus…Shihan, where am I?"

"At my home . "

"Gosh! She is a fabulously rich lady . Why does she invite me here?" Daming wonders .

"Why do you ask a crowd to kidnap me here? What's the big deal?"

"Look," Shihan Lin comes to Daming and points at her eyes and lips .

It's not illusion . Her eyes and lips have indeed turned light blue, as has her hair .

"Eh? Your hairs are colored . " Hearing Daming's answer, she is on the brink of getting mad .

"I'm just joking! You remember we eating a dragon, right? Do you think there isn't any side effect after eating it?" Daming is serious .

"Why are you safe?" Shihan Lin asks .

"Who said? I grew scales and claws before . How can you say I'm okay? Basically, I'm a monster . "

Hearing Daming's words, Shihan Lin is scared to back up a few steps immediately .

Without caring about her, Daming sits down, taking a cup of tea .

Shihan Lin recovers after a while, points at Daming,

"Nonsense! You are fine now . Besides, why do you put a doll on your head?"

"Shijian, she can see you . "

"Probably because Jue's flesh!"

"The doll is speaking!" Shihan Lin is surprised .

"Let me introduce you . This is Miss Shihan Lin, this is Shijian, the elf in the sword I have pulled out . "

"Nice to see you," Shijian greets politely . Shihan Lin is a little confused, but she also returns a salute .

"Good! Now we know each other . It's too late . I'm going home, or my mom will be worried . Bye-bye . "

Hearing this, Shihan Lin quickly stops him .

"Hey, you wait . "

Her voice is so loud that all servants and bodyguards rush in, surround them and ask .

"Lady, are you ok?"

Someone points at Daming, yelling,

"Fatty, what have you done to my lady?"

Some people are simply reaching for their guns .

Daming sees tens of beautiful ladies dressed in maid suits lifting up their skirts, even the underwear can be seen, but the stuff they take out are never good, more than a dozen tommy-guns, and the muzzles pointed at him .

Daming stares awestruck at them .

Shihan Lin suddenly realizes she is inappropriate, and quickly explains,

"That's ok," but it's so noisy that no one can hear her .

"I say I'm all right . All of you, get out of here!" Shihan Lin shrieks .

The maids and bodyguards hurry out, one and all .

"Excuse me, can I know what happened?" Daming asks foolishly .

"No big deal . It's just that since I was kidnapped last time, these people are fully alert . With the slightest noise they will be nervous . "

"I see . " It's the happiness and sadness of rich family .

"Do you have anything else?"

"What shall I do with this?" Shihan Lin points to her hair .

"Shijian, what do you think?"

"Jue's flesh is the essence of heaven and earth . Although it can't help people achieve immortality, but it grants they a longer, healthier life and immunity to diseases . It also can maintain girls' eternal beauty and youth . "

"Really?" there is sparkle in her eyes . Girls love these things very much .

"Why can't the color fade?" she asks .

"That's because you can't absorb most of the essence, which results in Qi leak . Never mind, as long as you excise more, absorb completely the essence, your hair color will fade . "

"How long?"

"Seen from your current status, fifty years maybe . "

Shihan Lin is freaking out .

"Isn't there any way to speed up? People talk behind my back when I go out . It really hurts . " Shihan Lin pulls a long face .

Shijian muses .

"Why does it not happen on him?" Shihan Lin points at Daming .

"He has been exercising Kung Fu to absorb essence . "

"What Kung Fu, I wanna in," she bothers Shijian like a little girl .

"You can't learn Tian Di Scriptures . How about… . "

"How about what?"

"I teach you a cultivation method for girl . "

"Yeah!" Shihan Lin is excited .

Seeing she is so delightful, Daming turns to Shijian,

"You know so much!"

"This is the advantage of living long, well–informed . "

"Speaking of that, Shijian, how old are you?"

Shijian just kicks Daming hard on his head .

"Ouch… . "

"It's rude to ask a woman her age . "

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