A Hunter in Naruto World - Chapter 3

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Within his 4 years in this world, he manage to know where he is which quite suprised him .
He is reincarnated in Naruto World . He lives in Konoha village . The Ninja World War III was already concluded . And Naruto was already borned . He also learned that his family, Kaminari Yasashi and Kaze Ari Eru, was both orphans . They manage quite a living in Konoha . They were both normal villagers . He was quite disappointed to know that they werent ninjas .
Aries has started his intense body training when he was 2 . His parents thought he was just playing randomly in their backyard so they just let him be . But when he was three, they were surprised to hear him ask for books and training material, which caused them to be happy and supported their only son .
This day, Aries decided to open his aura nodes to start cultivating his Nen, which is considered as lifesource of human being .
Its noon . They should thing that I am playing outside . I should find a place in the forest to open my nodes . I cannot be careless . so he go to the forest and find a secluded place for the process .
It went smooth and he successfully opened his aura nodes . As he observed his Nen, he noticed it is too dense .
Looks like my Aura is better than my past life . But I should stop it from leaking away now or else I will get too tired . TEN! and his aura starts to wrap around his body .
I remember that voice said that I will be an enhancer in this life . Well, theres nothing to lose even if I test it . and so he decided to undergo water divination .
While he was opening his aura nodes, something is happening in the Kaminari Household .
A man in black fitted clothing with a mask said Hehe . This household is kind of decent . Yet that couple doesnt have any worthy information regarding this village . Better dispose any evidence .
Damn, its true that the water volume increases . But why is it some dirt appear here? And base to the scent, this water should taste like mint? And why is that the leaf started to crumble then split apart? Aries tries to analyze the situation when he felt something was wrong .
Jeez . Why do I feel bad? Maybe I was too excited . Lets meditate first to calm my mind . he sighed a deep breath then sit cross legged and closed his eyes .
After an hour, he tried using water divination again, but with the same result . If its like this, so be it . Ill train for a month in controlling my aura until these results in divination will get better . As of now, I should go home and my moms gonna scold me again . and he ran out to the forest .
After an hour, he got home and was surprised . Aries, your parents was murdered earlier . The police department caught the criminal who was from the Hidden Sand Village . The police concluded that he was a spy and was about to catch him but, what a loyal being, it commited suicide . Kid, con- . . . an old man told him what happened was about to console him but when he look at the eyes of the kid, the old man swallowed his words and was terrified .
Aries was enraged, his emerald eyes were glinting black and gold with some purple flickering around his body . But he manage to calm himself down . But that glimpse of his killing intent almost suffocate the old man beside him . Aries thought Its sad, but with strength, only I can prevent this incidents . Grudges will only make my path troublesome . I will have my revenge but for now, its too early for that for me to bother . and he said to the old man Thank you for informing me uncle .
Oh, youre welcome . the old man said and thought Peew . This kid, its good to be mature but what with those feeling earlier? Ahhh . Hes just a kid .
But in a corner, a ninja saw it all and thought This kid is too cold . Those eyes earlier, is it a bloodline? This ninja has grey hair, an eyepatch on his left eye and his mouth was covered . If Aries saw who he was, he will be surprised to see Hatake kakashi .
Since this kid is interesting, lets just observe him for a while . Kakashi said to himself .

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