A Hunter in Naruto World - Chapter 4

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Aries just burried his parents and gave them decent funeral for a week . And after the funeral, he decided to live in the forest where he trained and continue his Nen training .
Kakashi just observe from the woods but he never would have thought that Aries already knows where he is using his En that covers 100 meters already .
Aries thought What was this ninja doing there? Is he from that Hidden Sand Village? then he shouted You in the woods, come out!
Kakashi was startled and just stand still behind the woods . He thought Is this kid really a 4 years old? How did he know that Im here? Maybe hes just bluf-- . . . but he was again startled when he heard a whistling sound and something hits the tree so he dodged by ducking and the shouted Kid, stop . He-hey! I said st-stop!
He dodge the flying stones using Kawarimi no Jutsu and thought This kid is really interesting . To throw those stone precisely . It almost hit me .
Aries said Who are you? Why are you hiding behind that tree? Are you from the Hidden Sand Village?
Kakashi decided to face him and he suddenly appeared 10 meters in front of Aries . Aries was surprised and thought This is Narutos sensei, Hatake Kakashi . But why was he hiding? Is he brought here by the orders of the Third Hokage?
Hey kid . Calm down . I just saw you and was interested on what was a 4 year old kid doing in here . Tell me, how did you manage to find my location? -Kakashi .
Hey old dog . Observe your surrounding . Every tree here is moving in harmony while the one you were hiding with was constantly moving . Plus you didnt even consider the birds which was flying away from you . Now answer my question, who are you? -Aries .
Kakashi was again amazed with the observation ability of the kid . He said You dont need to know who I am . Kaminari Aries, 4 years old, the only son of the murdered couple a week ago namely Kaminari Yasashi and Kaze Ari Eru . then the next question surprised Aries Would you like to become a ninja?
Ninja? Like you? Naaah, forget it . You cannot even observe your surrounding and was caught by a kid hiding behind a tree . Aries said while mocking Kakashi and sit on a meditative position .
Kakashi almost hit the kid saying t himself If youre not a kid, youll be lying on the ground . but he was surprised when he hear Aries say Let me stay here for 2 weeks then come back . I will come with you .
What come with me? I was just asking you if you want to be a ninja and will be providing you information on how to . I wont adopt a cocky brat like you . -Kakashi .
Its still the same . How will I become a Ninja if Im dead for not having proper shelter and food . Better bring a 4 years old kid to your home than providing that information . -Aries .
Kakashi almost lost his cool but decided to agree . They decided to meet after half a month because Aries wants to focus training his hatsu via water divination . **********************************************
After 17 days, Kakashi comes back to the forest and surprised when he saw Aries do push-ups with a large boulder the size of an adult on his back . This kid really has the potential . Kakashi thought .
Old man, will you stop staring at me . You creepy old dog . Aries welcomed Kakashi .
Kid, just call me Sensei . And not old dog . I will be bringing you to my house for the time being . There I will train you on how to be a ninja . -Kakashi .
Sloppy old dog . Lets go then . I am waiting for 2 days andd have done 2973 push ups already . -Aries .
. . .
They started to go to Kakashis house and arrived at dawn .
For now rest and tomorrow we will start training . Kakashi told Aries after he managed his own room . Kakashi told him to not find him tonight .
Lets sleep for now I didnt have any sleep for the whole 17 days . And so Aries sleeps .
He didnt know that the mark in his chest started to fade and reappeared on the left side of his forehead . It then shone a purple light then again faded but did not reappear .

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