A Hunter in Naruto World - Chapter 5

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When he wokes up before sunrise, Aries didnt notice the changes in his birth mark . He adjusted his mind for intense training and do some work-outs which is suited in his Nen training . Kakashi left earlier again and just leave some scrolls which Aries didnt bother to look for the whole morning .
When hes done with his Nen Training, which focused on advance applications of Nen such us Gyo, En, Shu, Ko, In, Ken and Ryu, he again adjusted his mindset and start reading what is in the first scroll . It consists of basic chakra training, and whats dos and dontsregarding chakra training .
Aries also finds out that chakra and nen are almost similar . And so he trained for 2 hours then started reading the other 3 scrolls which consists of Shadow Clone Technique, Act of Tree Climbing and Act of Water Surface Walking . Aries was delighted when he read the first jutsu that he will learn . Shadow Clone Technique is a B-Rank Jutsu with many uses . He remember when Naruto trained Rasengan which adds his Chakra Nature to form Rasen-Shuriken . He uses his clones to master it .
I should practice this Jutsu to make my mastery in Nen faster . Aries thought then read the scroll .
A week later . Late afternoon . Kakashi is in the Hokages Office to report on his mission and was about to go home .
Kakashi, I have observe someone is in your house . Who is it? said by an old man which is the Third Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen .
Lord Hokage, he is someone worth of my attention for now . Hes got great senses and intelligence . He also has a strong will and physical strength . Before I leave for the mission, I left 4 scrolls for him to train on . Maybe hes got the glimpse of how to circulate his chakra . Kakashi said and put a document on the table .
Oh, so hes the son of the murdered couple almost a month now . Hmmmm . You may leave now . then Kakashi vanishes in the office . While Hiruzen thought The genius copy ninja brought another genius in his house . Hmmmm . I will look up to this matter .
Kakashi was about to enter his house when suddenly Old man, you didnt even left some foods here . A week of water, do you think Im a tree? Aries shouted from inside his house .
Hehe . Sorry, I didnt mean to . So hows your tr--- . . . Kakashi was already walking inside his house while answering Aries when he was surprised of what he saw .
1, 2, . . . 7, . . . 12! Crap Kakashi was amazed to see 12 Aries inside his house . One was running upside down a tree, another was doing push-ups in top of the water surface, every Aries was doing different task or training .
Hey, Aries, how many clones is your limit?
The last time was yesterday at 20 .
I said TWENTY!
Kakashi suddenly has a thought that this kid really is the real thing . He grabs something in his pocket and said Aries come here . Oh, and can you release all your clone 1st? Then adjust yoursel--- . . . again, he was cut off by a puff because all 12 Aries suddenly became smoke .
Okay so what is it old man? Aries was sitting in the shadow of a boulder in front of Kakashi . Kakashi almost used his left eye (Sharingan) because he cannot feel the kids presence at all . He suddenly say Lets check is your chakra affinity . You already know what it is, right?
Fire, water, earth, wind, lightning .
Right . So this is an induction paper . Apply your chakra on it .
Aries followed and put his Chakra . The chakra Induction Paper was wrinkled then was split in two . Kakashi almost yelled out . Lightning and Wind, really . Later, I will provide him few jutsu for wind and I will train him in lightning . Kakashi thought then said Lightning and Wind Affinity . So later on I will teach you a lightning technique . For the wind, well try it later .
Aries agreed then called Kakashi Sensei .
Kakashi felt goosebumps when he heard it and say Yes?
Do you have another paper of that kind? Can I ask for another one? Aries said sweetly while thinking What will happen if I insert my Nen on it?
Yes . Here, have it . Kakashi answered and think This kid really is cautious, even about his affinity .
Then Aries inserted his Nen on it which surprised him because the paper wrinkled then became pitch black . Kakashi witnessed this and thought Thats weird . But nevermind . Since he still got his Lightning Affinity, its alright .

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