A Lovely Girl Turning into a Rat - Chapter 23

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"Happy birthday, my sweetheart," said Luo Nan, with a big bunch of lilies in his hands .

Dong Ci gave him a smile, although her favorite flower was not the lily .

Her birthday party was held in the Ocean View Hotel . Many people came to the party and most of them were Luo Nan's business cronies . Chai Wenxiu was not here yet . Before going out, she said to Hai Ming, "Today is Dong Ci's birthday . Your examination is coming . You'd better stay at home and revise for it . I know you don't like to attend a party . " Hai Ming smiled at her with gratitude and said, "You know me very well . "

In the car Chen Qi said to Chai Wenxiu, "Dong Ci is lucky enough to have a friend like you . Otherwise, I wouldn't have known her birthday one month in advance . "

Chai Wenxiu said, "This is the last time I will help you . "

When Luo Nan saw Chen Qi, he felt a chill creep over him .

When Chen Qi saw Luo Nan, he felt that this man was like him .

Dong's heart nearly stopped beating at the sight of Chen Qi . "Hello . . . "

"Well, your friends are here . Now I'm going to entertain my friends . " Luo Nan kissed Dong Ci on the cheek . We can open presents together after we get home tonight . "

He cast a look at Chen Qi and said, "You must be Hai Ming . Chai Wenxiu really has a good taste in men . "

Dong Ci gave Luo Nan a slight push and said, "Go and chat with your friends . I want to talk with my friends alone . " Luo Nan obediently went away .

Chai Wenxiu stuck out her tongue at Dong Ci and said, "I'm afraid I have to answer a call of nature . "

"I told you not to contact me anymore . " Dong Ci looked at Chen Qi in consternation, but soon delight overwhelmed the panic .

"You can't stop me from loving you," said Chen Qi .

"You've seen my future husband . I have a deep affection for him . So, it's impossible for us to be together . " Dong Ci looked around on alert like a Navy Seal .

Luo Nan came over and took Dong Ci's hand . "Come with me . The party is about to start . "

The party started with a dramatic display of fireworks . The dazzling fireworks exploded in the sky with vivacious colours, one after another, illuminating Dong Ci's beautiful face . A happy smile played on her lips .

Chen Qi quietly slipped away . He didn't like fireworks because they were short-lived . After a brief, splendid fireworks, there was nothing left in the night sky .

Dong Ci wore a smile and pretended to be happy . She was a good actress and all people were cheated on by her . When Chen Qi approached the door, he glanced back and met Dong Ci's eyes . Even if they remembered what had happened in the distant past, they couldn't be together because Luo Nan was like a gap existing between them .

"Why is she still alive?" Nidazu asked Ji Jing, who was standing in the corner .

"How should I know?" Ji jing looked at people laughing and playing games with cold eyes, "Do you really think she lives a happy life?"

The reason Luo Nan liked Dong Ci was that he was accustomed to being with her . They were very familiar with each other, so there was no need for him to rack his brains to please her .

The reason Dong Ci liked Luo Nan was that she was accustomed to being with him . He was so kind to her that she had no reason to break up with him .

Dong Ci's phone rang . The caller was waiting for her downstairs . Luo Nan had left for work fifteen minutes ago . Chen Qi said, "I will give you five minutes . If you don't go downstairs five minutes later, I will go upstairs to see you . "

'Five minutes? How can I dress myself up in such a short time?" Dong Ci hurriedly changed her clothes and then combed her hair . Now she realized that it was a bad habit to have a lie-in .

She ran downstairs and saw Chen Qi sitting in the car .

"You forgot to wash your face," said Chen Qi .

"Please let me go and stop pestering me . . . " pleaded Dong Ci . Some bubbles formed when she had brushed her teeth with toothpaste remained on her lips .

"Don't worry . I have a birthday present for you . "

Two hours later, the car pulled out of the city proper and came to the suburbs, but they still didn't reach their destination . Dong Ci frowned and asked, "Are you going to rape me or murder me?"

On hearing this, Chen Qi burst into laughter, "Haha . "

"You once said you were a psycho killer . " Dong Ci cast a glance at Chen Qi's mouth .

"You are not the kind of person who owes me money but can't pay back . I won't kill you," he said .

"What if I borrow money from you and fail to pay back?" asked Dong Ci .

"Silly girl, then you can give yourself to me . " Chen Qi kissed Dong Ci on her nose quickly . "Do you know why I like you?"

"I don't know . "

"You may not believe my words, but I want to tell you that I had dreamed about you before I first met you . And in my dream, you wore ancient costume . " Chen Qi turned round a bend . "We're reaching the destination . "

Dong Ci curled her upper lip in a show of disdain and said, "It’s really a tacky explanation . Are you a writer? Otherwise, how could you cook up such a theatrical reason? You might as well have said that I look like your first girlfriend . "

The sun was high in the sky . They walked in a green bamboo grove and felt refreshed .

"It's a beautiful place . " Dong Ci breathed deeply, drawing in the fresh air .

"Your birthday present is just ahead," said Chen Qi .

Dong Ci walked quickly out of the bamboo grove, and then pushed open the garden gate .

The garden was full of roses and their slender branches flickered in the wind . The air was full of the fragrance of roses . The green leaves glistened with dewdrops . As the afternoon drew on, silvery dewdrops on the petals were gradually evaporated by the sun . The path among the roses was scattered with fallen petals .

Dong Ci did not reject such a beautiful birthday present . She even allowed Chen Qi to kiss and caress her . In the rose garden, the roses drew nutrients from corpses buried underground . That was why they were much more beautiful than roses anywhere else .

The pity was that it was in the daytime . If Dong Ci came to the rose garden at night, she would see some naked men and women lying lifelessly among the roses with their bellies cut open . They died with everlasting regret .

The rose garden belonged to Chen Qi, a real psycho killer .

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