A Lovely Girl Turning into a Rat - Chapter 24

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'Can a woman love two or even three men at the same time? Yes, she can . But the premise is that she must keep it a secret forever,' Dong Ci thought .

She became a two-timer and flirted with two men without being found out . She felt guilty at cuckolding Luo Nan, so she became more considerate to him .

"You're well-behaved recently," said Luo Nan .

"I'm always an obedient girlfriend . " Dong Ci sat wrapped in a quilt and looked at him . For her, Luo Nan was more like a family member than a lover .

After sex, Chen Qi said to Dong Ci, "Can you stay tonight? I want you to sleep beside me . "

Dong Ci said, "This is the last time . "

"You'll get married soon, right?" Chen Qi held her hand and asked, "You like him very much, don't you?"

"Yes, I do . So, our relationship is coming to an end . "

It was already autumn . National Day was drawing near and the wedding was also going to take place . At the thought of that, Dong Ci felt troubled and distressed . Why couldn't a woman marry two men at the same time?

Last week, she went to see Mr . Wang, the most famous fortune teller in the city . He was a blind man but good at fortune-telling . Mr . Wang told her that her eight characters didn't match Luo Nan's . Dong Ci asked why and Mr . Wang explained that there would be a powerful force to prevent her from being with Luo Nan .

T/N note:

Eight Characters: in four pairs, including the year, month, day and hour of a person's birth, each pair consisting of one Heavenly Stem and one Earthly Branch, formerly used in fortune-telling .

Dong Ci asked, "Who are they?"

"In the previous life, their fate intertwined with yours . " Mr . Wang sighed and continued, "You should really look out for yourself . "

Dong Ci handed some cash to Mr . Wang and said, "Please help me . "

Mr . Wang refused to take the money . "I'm afraid I can't help you . It's God's will . "

These days the female ghosts appeared much more frequently in front of Dong Ci . For her, it was just a matter of getting used to them . Gradually, she could remain placid in the face of their sudden appearance . They were very quiet . The only trouble was that the house would grow chilly when they came . But it was no big deal because she could put on more clothes to keep warm .

Chai Wenxiu was busy, although she didn't know what she was busy with . Many people in this city were busy, but they didn't know what they were busy with . They were always on the run but achieved nothing .

Hai Ming was also busy because he intended to study for a second doctoral degree . Chai Wenxiu was going crazy . She had got into the habit of buying lotteries . Gambling and drugs were highly addictive but hard to quit, so was love-making .

Chai Wenxiu phoned Dong Ci and wanted to borrow money from her . Dong Ci refused Chai Wenxiu . "I'm not married to Luo Nan yet . I don't have that much money now . "

Chai Wenxiu felt disappointed and thought, 'This is the so-called 'friend' . Now I see her in her true colors . '

The usurious loan was not open to everyone, and not everyone could afford to pay back the loan .

Before Chai Wenxiu would be taken to the basement, she said, "I have an idea! Please let me make a call . My best friend will help me pay back the money . "

The man in black nodded with a cold expression and handed her a cell phone .

"Dong Ci, please help me! Borrow some money from Luo Nan for me first, I will pay him back as soon as possible . Please! If you don't help me, I will be killed by the usurer," Chai Wenxiu said in a trembling voice .

"Okay . I'll go to his company and ask him for help . " Dong Ci hung up the phone impatiently . 'Some money? Humph! It's three hundred thousand! Luo Nan is not a billionaire . Alas!' she thought .

Dong Ci took a taxi to Luo Nan's company and asked him for a check . Luo Nan readily gave her without asking why .

"Hey, where are you? I got the money," she asked on the phone .

The man in black took the phone from Chai Wenxiu and answered, "We are in the Windflower Manor . "

'The Windflower Manor? That's Chen Qi house . Why did Wenxiu go there?' Dong Ci thought to herself .

When Dong Ci reached the Windflower Manor, she took out the key of Chen Qi's villa and opened the door . She intended to drink some water before looking for Chai Wenxiu .

The sound of her footsteps woke Chen Qi out from his afternoon sleep . He held her close to him and said, "You're here at last . I miss you very much!"

"Are there some usurers living in this manor?" Dong Ci kissed him on the cheek and continued, "Chai Wenxiu borrowed the money from them but can't afford to pay it back . I'm here to pay ransom for her release . "

" Oh gosh!" Chen Qi made a phone call to the leader of the men in black and ordered, "Bring that woman to me . "

Chai Wenxiu was saved from death . She didn't have to pay back the money . Furthermore, she was invited to have dinner with Chen Qi and Dong Ci .

"I will come to see you tomorrow . " Dong Ci reluctantly pulled herself out of his arms .

On the way back, Chai Xiuwen sitting in the back seat of the taxi held Dong Ci and said, "You are really my best friend . "

In the eyes of Chai Wenxiu, the so-called "best friend" was just a tool to pay off her debt .

A leaf fell from the tree .

Life is so fragile and the Grim Reaper will take your life at any time . Death always comes to you suddenly without warning .

Chai Wenxiu died in the taxi . The taxi collided head-on with a van . The taxi driver had just returned from his colleague's wedding banquet and drunk driving robbed him of his life .

Dong Ci didn't wear the seat belt . She fell forward across the front seat and her head hit the windshield . Her skull was fractured in the crash . Now she lay in a hospital bed, nearly dead .

Luo Nan was crying sadly at her bedside . "I love you . Even if you become a vegetable, I will marry you . Dong Ci, you must survive . "

Hai Ming had no chance to wait for his girlfriend to wake up because Chai Wenxiu was dead . Her mutilated body was sent to the mortuary, waiting for cremation .

Dong Ci's parents didn't know that she was lying between life and death because no one dared to tell them .

Chen Qi knew nothing of her condition too . He was eating human meat at home . In front of him was a man who had been tied to a wooden stick and been put over a fire . Chen Qi turned the wooden stick from time to time . This method of roasting permitted heat to penetrate evenly from both sides . Gradually, the man’s whole body was well-cooked, oil oozing from his pores and dripping down . The fire was burning cheerfully and the air was full of the aroma of human meat . Chen Qi was in a good mood . He called Dong Ci and wanted to invite her to his rose garden, but he failed to get through . 'Is she having sex with her future husband?' At the thought of that, Chen Qi was overcome by a surge of jealousy . He cut a piece of meat from the man's arm and chewed it . This time he was choking on the meat . He started coughing violently, as tears welled up in his eyes and streamed down his cheeks .

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