A NEET’s Guide to the Parallel World: Healer the Strongest Cheat? - Chapter 46

Chapter 46

In the plains that extended out from the capital the countries limited amount of knights and the ash squad had already gathered .

“Michelle don’t charge in from the front, circle around back!”

Rolen, captain of the ash squad and wearing a black leather coat directed another member that wore the same clothing .

“Got it! ”

Michelle lit a fire in her palm and fell back next to Rolen, around them the other knights had already engaged in combat . But not the ash squad, a small elite group of expert fire mages .

Compared to a year ago when Oliver Joe was part of the squad they had grown in power tremendously and were second only to the white knights .

A grizzly charged in, it’s speed not matching the size of its large body as its claws Gouged the earth beneath it .

“《Fire Sword》”

Michelle set fire to her sword as the grizzly closed in . In the next moment it was upon her and Michelle shifted out of the way dodging its claws and circling around behind it, then with her sword she aimed a cut at its back legs .


Hearing her name she stopped her swing and immediately retreated to where Rolen stood . The instant she moved a pair of sharp claws passed through the spot she’d just been standing .

“Sorry I failed to pay attention to what was behind me . ”

Beside her Rolen spoke .

“It’s not necessary to kill them, our job is to buy time for the White Knights to get here . ”

“But . . ”

“Dont give me that look, nothings going to change because of one grizzly . Once the White knights get here we will retreat . ”

Michelle’s expression appeared clouded .

“The Grizzlies that don’t normally operate together have formed a hoard, and when you attacked one, another moved in as if to protect it . When it’s something like this, it’s not our problem anymore . ”

Even as they spoke the fighting continued, Grizzlies that should have been weakening from there injuries continued fighting as though nothing was wrong . One such cutting a man clean in half .

“Tom! Behind you!”

“Huh?… . ”

The delayed reaction caused Tom’s head to be sent flying . While Grizzlies aren’t usually considered skilled adversaries many of the people fighting were not use to dealing with multiple adversaries at once .

“Michelle, high powered fire . ”

“On it!”

Michelle turns in response to Rolen’s warning .

“《Spiral flames》”

A magic circle appeared at the grizzly’s feet following as it moved .


“On it!”

Fire sprung up from the ground, enveloping the grizzly and hiding it from view .

“Captain! Nootkeranes are coming!”

One of the unit called out .


Rolen turned to look in the direction the man indicated and saw 6 monsters charging towards them .

“What the…”

Rolen was at a loss for words as even the grizzly of to the side that should have been burned to death, continued moving .

“Not even a single one has been defeated, I can’t face the white knights like this . ”

She looked around noticing how the Grizzlies seemed to ignore injuries, putting weight on limbs that shouldn’t be able to support them . She realized they wouldn’t last long now and began moving away from the incoming nootkeranes .

“Michelle, sound the retreat . ”

“Captain… . ”

“I’ll hold them off . ”

“Thats unreasonable! We should wait for the white knights! ”

“Thats the plan, but if we continue like this we will die, retreat inside the wall . ”

Michelle bit her lip, if everyone retreats Rolen will die .

“Please, don’t die captian . ”

“I won’t die, I’ll live on in you . ”

Rolen smiled .

“Retreat! Stop fighting, retreat now! Disengage!”

The members fighting doubted their own ears when they heard this . However when they looked they saw the deputy commander Michelle issuing the orders . Immediately they began to fall back and retreat from the Grizzlies . But as they did a mob of adventurers came rushing past them .

“This . . ”

Michelle was speechless .

“Michelle, continue the retreat, leave the rest to them . ”

Rolen sheathed her sword .

“B-but . . ”

“We’ve lost two out of our original seven already, we’ve done enough for now . Collect their bodies and retreat . ”

“Understood . ”

Michelle relayed the orders to the rest of the unit .

“Oi Yogi! It really is a grizzly hoard!”

One of the adventurers looked excited .

“Dont let your guard down, look!”

Feeling uncomfortable at Yogi’s words the adventurers turned to look at the hill .

“A nootkerane hoard! We can’t handle that and fight the Grizzlies at the same time, we need to hurry and kill these things!”

The group of adventurers that appeared to overflow from the main gate, all headed to the battlefield with their swords, axes and spears, chanting “Gold, gold, gold . ” Yogi also heads out .

“Move, move, move! Clear the way, I’ll finish this in one attack! ”

Yogi caught up in the heat of the battle raised his right fist high .

“Everyone move out of the way, Yogi is going to do something! ”

Yogi making a spectacle cause the whole thing to feel like a festival as all the adventurers began shooting “Go, go, go!”

“Leave it to me! 《Strong attack》”
[T/N: don’t look at me, I didn’t name it… . ]

Yogi unleashed his attack into the flank of the grizzly causing it to lose balance and rolls .

“As expected of Yogi!”

Around yogi were adventurers of lower rank, who in general pander to those of higher rank than them .

“Hah, hah, hah, it’s been a while since I’ve done that but as I thought, I don’t have the stamina to keep doing it . I should refrain from using skills for now . ”

“Yogi! The nootkeranes are already here!”

“Nootkerane!? And I’ve just used my skill on this but it’s getting up? ”

The grizzly that yogi knocked down stood back up as the nootkeranes spread out evenly amongst the battle sending adventurers flying . However Yogi was out of breath and not able to participate .

“Wh- . . y,… I…ca . . n’t… . mo…ve . ”

Along with Yogi, there were a number of adventurers that were caught in the nootkerane’s roar causing Paralysis . At that moment . Knight in a black coat was pierced from behind, blood spurting from the wound .


“Captain Rolen!”

It seemed that while collecting the body of a fallen comrade she was attacked from behind . Yogi’s expression changed to one of despair .

“Are they from the ash squad?”

“It looks like that was their Captain . ”

“The captain…… . even the captain of the ash squad was killed!? It’s no good! We can’t win, run away!”

“Wha- run away?!”

The adventurers around him were confused .

“Oh, are you giving up Yogi?”

Someone called out from behind him .

“Cedric . ”

“Yogi, drink this . It will help with the Paralysis effect . ”

“I’m not going to pay you back for this . ”

“I didn’t say you had too . ”

Cedric is known as the highest level adventurer at the guild but his prestige has taken quite a hit in recent days since his crushing defeat at the hands of Toa .

“Cedric, are you going to stay?”

Yogi sticks his tongue in his cheek as he starts to regain feeling .

“Stop, these aren’t opponents we can defeat . I don’t know about you but I have a strict policy against committing suicide . You should leave as well . ”

“Yogi, you know you have a bad reputation these days? Something about a healer . ”

“That was you too wasn’t it!? I saw you get smacked down by that brat . ”

“That wasn’t him! It was those girls next to him!”

“I’m the same then, I haven’t even punched that guy yet . ”

“The second time was that little girl . ”

“She wasn’t just a little girl! She was a beast person! Even children are physically superior to humans!”

“You really think so?”

“What!? I’m not just making up excuses here! ”

“”The people around us aren’t going to listen to excuses after all, they’ll talk about us over their drinks . ”

“Then I’ll just drink it all away! I don’t want to see your face . ”

“Yogi, are you really not going to earn any of it back?”

“What? The beer money?”

“Our reputation, when we met we were chasing the same dream of becoming adventurers but now we look more like bandits . Isnt it embarrassing? ”

“Thats just you, do something about that appearance . ”

Yogi turned his back on him attempting to leave .


“Theres nothing here to get back . The only thing you’ll find is a grave . ”

“… . . Jerk . ” Cedric muttered at Yogis back .

“Lets do this you guys! Lets show them what adventurers are made of . ”

“Cedric, how do we fight them?”

“Everyone drink this, nootkeranes are immune to magic so gather around your heavy melee hitters and support them . ”

Cedric handed over a bulging cloth bag .

“Thank you . ”

The adventurers distributed the potions around, they seemed released to finally have a plan .

To the side Michelle held the hand of the dying Rolan .

“Dad . ”

“R- . . un . ”

The adventurers gathered attempting to attack the nootkeranes with swords and spears but their tough skin turned every blade that came into contact with them .

They managed to down one but there were still a large amount of Grizzlies on top of the nootkeranes . Slowly the adventurers expressions turned to despair and the began to rout .

“Take the enemy from the back! Focus on the Grizzlies first!”

“Cedric, we need to run! We can’t win this!”

“Are you going to abandon the royal capital?! This is our home!”

“Our lives are more important! ”

The adventurers fighting spirit had long since died .

“You guys can relax now! I the great Raid, shall slay those beasts for you! ”

The white knights had arrived .