A NEET’s Guide to the Parallel World: Healer the Strongest Cheat? - Chapter 47

Chapter 47

Concerned by the noise Cedric glanced back and knew immediately .

“Seven knights… . Theres no mistaking them, it’s the White knights!”

A look of relief floated up onto Cedric’s face .

“Emily, Edward, Sierra, I’ll leave the Grizzlies to you three, once you’re finished come here . ”

Having already drunk a potion, Sierra was the only one of the white knights who’s expression wasn’t distorted .

“Although by the time you finish over there I’ll be done here . Hey Sierra these don’t look as week as the ones you fought . ”

“Raid, if you keep poking at Sierra I’ll kill you before those monsters get the chance . ”

“I was just telling her not to hold me back, do what you want . ”

Raid smiled fearlessly as he walked away from Hilda .

” Daniel, Hilda, Raid, we’ll take care of the nootkeranes”

“I’ll take back what the brat stole from me here . ”

“Raid, don’t play around take this seriously . ”

Reinhardt glared at Raid .

“You two play nice on the battlefield . ”

Daniel look stunned but Raid rushed forward .

“The first one is mine!”


Raid laughed loudly in the face of Reinhardt’s anger and disappeared into the front line .



“……support him . ”

“So now I’m a babysitter?”

“I’ll leave it to you . ”

Daniel sighed and chased after Reinhardt .

“Hilda, assist the rear guard, you’re a bad match with the nootkerane . ”

“I’ll take care of it . ”

After that Reinhardt drew his sword and ran forward .


“《Ice blade》”

With her rapier coated in ice Sierra cut the grizzly in two, after the slash the sound of ice crackling came from the wound .

“Amazing Sierra! Is that a new Rapier?”

Emily was more interested in the rapier than in Sierra’s magic .

“T-this is the ice crystal rapier… it was a gift from a friend . ”

“… . . a boy . ”

“N-no! That’s not the case!”

“Well regardless, is that rapier a national treasure class item?”

“Yes, it is . ” Sierra replied .

“Huh, someone just gave you that!?”

Sierra smiles as Emily mutters to herself . “Such an expensive item……”

“You… . Did you sell your body for it? ”

“Don’t say such horrible things! A friend gave this to me . ”

“Haaaaa, well if that’s what you say it is, that’s what it is I guess . ”

“More importantly, take care of that . ”

“On it!”

Two grizzlies were headed in their direction .


Emily held out a mace and began chanting, a white magic circle appearing around her feet .


The mace glowed with light and Emily swung it towards the two Grizzlies .

“《Crushing blow》!”

The sound of an explosion echoed out from the mace as chunks of meat were sent flying as a large dust cloud rose into the air .

Once the dust settled two dead mangled grizzlies lay on the ground . A cheer rose up around them as the light of hope returned to the adventurers eyes .

“As expected . ”

Sierra sent Emily a few words of praise .

“So as a reward for my splendid actions~ will you give me the rapier?”

“No!” Sierra hugged the sword to herself as if protecting it .

“It was just a joke . ” Emily smiled mischievously .

Emily seems like quiet but behind her back people call her ‘Crazy lady’, because on the battlefield she’s been known to turn enemies in to mince meat all willy-nilly .

“I’ll take care of the last one . ”

In front of Edward a grizzly was smacking adventurers around and sending them flying .

“Everyone, please move away from it! 《Paint》!”

A pale blue light coated the tomahawk in Edwarda’s fist and in a two handed overhead throw he released it . The tomahawk spun as it flew forward, the spin gradually increasing in speed until all that was visible was the afterimages . It circled the grizzly’s neck once before returning to Edward’s hand . The monster continued moving for a moment before blood spurted from its neck .

“Well then, should we also go defeat a nootkerane or two?”

Edward looked toward the monster’s through his monocle as he said this .


Reinhardt’s group was working on the nootkeranes .

“Raid, lets forget about the horn, it’s faster to just kill it outright . ”

“I intended to do that in the first place . ”

Raid seemed to agree with Daniel’s strategy .

“Hahahaha, I didn’t expect this, it feels like my ears are going to break . ”

Reinhardt passed by Raid and Daniel who were laughing as they covered their ears .

“Hey! The first ones mine!”

“Times up . ”

With a single swing, Reinhardt sent the head of the first nootkerane flying . A cheer rose up around them .

Raid pointed his scythe at Reinhardt .

“Look around . ”


“My actions proved that the nootkeranes are not invincible, they can be killed . Magic might be ineffective but a blade will still take them down . I had to show them that . ”


“Thats why, like I said . Times was up . ”

Raid brushed past Reinhardt with am audible click of his tongue .

“So Cooool~” Daniel teased .

“Don’t look at me like that, relax a little . ”

“I’m going to go take care of the others, I don’t think this will be all there is . ”

“Learn to take a joke . ”

Daniel was silenced by the look on Reinhardt’s face .

“Its just a possibility but, I don’t think it’s going to end with just grizzlies and nootkeranes . ”

“Isn’t it the anniversary of that old man’s death?”

“Are you referring to the king? That’s disrespectful . ”

“No I just mean we should do our best is all . ”

“Raid, aim at the neck, the muscle isn’t as thick there!”

“Thanks sherlock!”

Raid was already fighting while the other two were standing there talking . He attempted to move around to attack the neck as Reinhardt had said but another nootkerane began acting strangely . The light particles that normally floated around its body began gathering at its horn .

“Somethings coming!”

Raid warned the adventurers around him, but it was too late . Rays of light were emitted from the horn and anyone caught in them was immediately erased from existence . Seeing this Reinhardt ordered the rest of the ash squad and the knights to retreat, deciding that if they couldn’t damage the monsters they were only dying in vain .

“Michelle, take him with you . ”

“Thank you, Hilda . ”

Hilda healed Rolen’s wounds and sent them off with the others . Seeing this Reinhardt issued the same orders to the adventurers .

“You’re adventurers so you don’t have to listen to my orders, but if you’re not confident in your abilities you should retreat! There’s no guarantee you’ll be able to live throught this!”

Reinhardt returned to the fight as many adventurers, stripped of their fighting spirit by the nootkeranes ray attack began to fall back towards the city .


“Raid, I’ll leave the last one to you . ”

Raid smiled at that .

“You should have told me you planned to do that at the beginning . ”

Raid ran toward the last one a giant smile on his face as Gido watched with a dissatisfied expression on his face .

“That wasn’t fun at all . ”

Gido sat in a rock tapping his foot on the ground .

“They are quite tenacious . ”

“Its upsetting that not even a single of the white knights died . I guess they are famous for a reason but for not even a single one to fall . I also should have looked into the number of adventurers, I didn’t expect them to be so patriotic . ”

“I ought to assassinate them . ”

“Don’t underestimate them just because this country is at peace, Yun . There are seven of them after all, you wouldn’t be able to handle them alone . ”

“I could take out a few of them . ”

“Theres no point in that . They don’t usually appear in public so we wouldn’t have been able to confirm who they were without doing this first . And I wouldn’t leave it to you either way, if they took you prisoner you wouldn’t be able to shut up . ”
“I have my self determination . ”

“That won’t mean anything when facing them . ”

“Theres no need to be impatient, we still have a cockatrice as well as ten or so more nootkeranes . ”

“Well then, lets use everything up before the S ranks . ”

Gido dripped more of the liquid onto the ground .

“Lets weaken them, then I’ll kill them myself . ”

Gido smiled fearlessly .