A NEET’s Guide to the Parallel World: Healer the Strongest Cheat? - Chapter 481

Chapter 48.1

The adventurers sat around exhausted .

“Return home and report on the situation . ”

Reinhardt confirmed his surroundings but as he said that the ground began to shake . The shaking increased in intensity until some of the adventurers were stand lost their footing and fell backwards .

“What is it this time!?”

Daniel looked around warily .

“A giant hoard of monsters is coming! ”

The situation changed as one of the adventurers shouted and pointed to several nootkeranes headed their direction .

“Oioioi! Seriously?! We just killed them!”

Daniel appeared fed up with everything but the nootkeranes weren’t the only monsters to appear .

“Orcs, Goblin Soldiers, Bone Soldiers, Poison Fly, Danger Rabbits, Basilisks, Bison Soldiers, Wights, and nootkeranes, a mixed hoard of A and B ranked monsters . What’s going on … . ”

One of the adventurers was just naming the monster’s as he saw them .

“Thats not all, look at what’s flying over there! Wyverns and Cockatrice!”

Sierra unconsciously drew her sword as she stared at the four monsters in the sky .

“It can’t be helped, Raid and Daniel, you two take out the nootkeranes . Leave the B ranks to the adventurers and normal knights . ”

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to roam and join in where I’m needed . ”

“That’s not possible! There’s no way we can face that hoard!”

An adventurer cried out in fear .

“Those who aren’t willing to fight rest here, I’ll kill them all myself!”

Provoking the adventurers Raid took off toward the hoard as they glared at his back .

“Is that guy seriously a white knight? How rude . ”

“Hes a white knight, that was Raid . ”


“You don’t know? The pyromaniac Raid, second captain of the ash squad . ”

“Pyromaniac? Why’s he called that? ”

“When on the battlefield he doesn’t pay attention to what his magic hits . Normally you wouldn’t know the name of anyone in the white knights, but him, people know of him”

“So, basically people he’s hated . ”

“Pretty much . ”

“If that guy takes credit for this we’ll all be shamed . ”


The adventurers spirit returned causing Daniel to smile .

“They’re all exactly alike . ”

“Probably more so than Raid could have hoped . ”

“Reinhardt, you’re as cold as ever . That battle, Raid knew that the enemy used earth magic, the knights retreated because of Raids fire magic buy he saved all their lives doing that . ”

“I don’t make a habit talking about how other people choose to live their lives . ”

Reinhardt ran towards the hoard with Daniel following behind him, a bitter smile on his face .


Reinhard looked up at the wyvern .

“《Knights costume》”

As Reinhardt walked forward dirt and small rocks seemed to shift out of his way .

“Sierra, do something about that wyvern . ”


Reinhardt began to run, the magic circles that appeared under his feet appeared to provide him with a sort of stepping stone . He drew level with the wyvern and the magic circle under his right foot shifted and moved up to his knee, coating his leg in a white magic when it did . With a single kick he send the wyvern crashing to the ground .

Watching the wyvern fall from the sky Sierra finally understood what Reinhardt had meant and charged in with her sword .

“《Ice Blade》”

She stabbed her blade into the wyvern cutting of its screeching .

“Just do what you can Sierra . ”

Reinhard floated down next to her .

“You’re a newcomer to the white knights . There’s nothing to be ashamed off . ”


It seemed like Reinhardt had noticed the fear Sierra felt when facing the hoard and attempted to comfort her by placing his hand on her shoulder . And with that, he ran off towards the battlefield .


Cedric decided to ignore the monster’s flying in the sky and focus on those on the ground that he was able to reach .

“Oi Cedric, this is getting dangerous . I know what it looks like but, I’m going to sit this one out . ”

Adventurers began retreating one after the other .

“Yeah, this might be the right time to do so . ”

As he said this someone began shouting his name as they pushed through the fleeing adventurers .

“Yogi, why are you here?”

“I can’t run away anymore . Let’s do this together, like back in the day . ”

“What are you talking about?”

To Cedric, Yogi appeared to have a carefree smile . Back in the day, they used to be in a party together but gradually a difference in ability became apparent . Yogi started drinking, allowing his adventurer rank to fall behind, only earning enough money to pay for drinks .

“I was in the wrong before but, you can relax because I’m here now . ”

Cedric wondered whether or not Yogi was actually an idiot .

“Yogi take a look around . ”

“Hmm? What?”

“Our work here is done, we can just leave it to the white knights now, fall back . ”

“Cedric, what are you saying?”

Yogi tilted his head to the side confused causing Cedric’s patience to snap .

“Take a look around! This is a war! A war between monsters and humans, we won’t be of any use here!”

“So you’re going to run away with your tail between your legs?”

“Its a strategic withdrawal, we aren’t soldiers, we’re adventurers . ”

“Welp, i’m staying here . ”


“This is my adventure, you weren’t afraid back then right?”

“Yogi… . ”

“I remembered, what you said that time . ”

And with that Yogi ran towards the battlefield .

“Yogi, wait!”

Yogi didn’t turn around .


He knew that Yogi was being an idiot but he couldn’t leave him . Cedric had no choice but to follow Yogi into the fight .