Chapter 269

RMSBS - Episode 269 . The Beast of Revelation (9)

In the center of Pittsburgh, the traces of a fierce battle were fully visible . The intense heat still had not cooled down, and the ground was flowing like lava . It was difficult to believe that this place was where the Royal Palace once stood .

There was a group of five people heading towards that area: Desir, Adjest, Pram, Romantica, and Raphaello .

Adjest created a safe path by freezing the lava with an ice spell, and Raphello protected the group from the heat by deploying his remaining aura into a hemispherical shape .

Among them, there was not a single person who was unscathed . Everyone was covered head to toe in wounds .

However, their expressions were bright . Desir’s attention was drawn to something while walking and looking around . There was something that was not melting in the flowing lava .

“… ”

It was shrapnel from the Beast of Revelation’s body .

Desir recalled a memory from his past life while looking at it .

The tremendous amount of sacrifice that followed in order to attack the Beast of Revelation .

It was a monster that was successfully killed after all the military forces, everything that humankind was able to gather, fought desperately; tens of thousands of people died as a result .

‘We managed to defeat it . ’

They had succeeded in defeating the Beast of Revelation with small scale military forces, a situation incomparably different to his previous life . Moreover, the casualties were only in the hundreds . It certainly was not a small number, but considering the result of the scale of casualties when attacking the Beast of Revelation in his previous life, this was a tremendous achievement .

“… … Impressive, powerful magic . ”

Raphaello, who was staring at a blazing, red flame, suddenly spoke to Desir .

“I cannot imagine how we would have killed it if you weren’t here . We’re all safe and sound, thanks to you . You did a great job, Desir . ”

“It was only possible because everyone cooperated . I wouldn’t have been able to do it by myself . ”

It was not idle flattery, he was utterly sincere .

Even though it was a draconic spell, it was not an easy task to take down the Beast of Revelation . It was only because the others successfully executed Desir’s orders that he was able to attack uninhibited .

Immediately after their return, when the victory that Desir struggled for finally arrived, he was thrilled . Still, now was not the time to celebrate .

Even though they had crossed over the big gate called the Beast of Revelation, their battle was not over yet .

‘We still have to deal with Skull Mask, along with the power source . ’

Their mission was not to kill the Beast of Revelation, but to destroy the towers’ power source .

As long as the power source existed, Skull Mask would be able to threaten the continent again in ways they could not even begin to imagine .

After walking for a while, Adjest suddenly stopped .

“I think it’s here, Desir . ”

The place they stopped at was the spot that led Desir and Adjest to the Shadow World, the place they originally saw the Beast of Revelation .

They were at the entrance to the underground passage, located within the bed chambers . Although the surroundings had been demolished, the stairway was preserved underneath a pile of rubble .

They began their descent .

Skull Mask had installed a variety of traps, but they were all useless . Desir was able to disarm magical ones, and physical ones were easily dealt with by either Pram or Raphaello . In the end, they bought Skull Mask some time, but traps would never stop them .

The passage was seemingly endless, as if built to emotionally prepare its travellers for a grand reveal of a colossal facility . Only after half an hour of walking deep underground were they able to finally leave the stairs behind them .

A large, open space with a cylindrical structure set up in the center revealed itself .

“I think we’re here . ”

The cylindrical structure connected to the deep, underground place was made in the same structure as the towers that were set up all over Divide .

Desir immediately realized that it was the power source, the core facility that powered all of the towers .

“Adjest, ready the spear . ”

Adjest nodded and followed Desir’s order .

When she reached out her hand, a spear began to form from her dimensional pocket .

It was the Spear of Longinus, an S-Tier artifact that the Imperial Family of the Hebrion Empire had kept under strict lock and key .

Adjest bit her ring finger and dropped her blood on the spearhead, which was leaking a red hue of chaotic energy .

At that moment, the Spear of Longinus, having absorbed the blood of a Hebrion Imperial Family Member, began emitting incomparably stronger, incredible energy .


Adjest jabbed the Spear of Longinus, which began releasing its power in earnest, into the power source .


The silver light coating the surface of the power source was penetrated by the spear, and began disappearing, instead replaced by transparent ice .

The ability to transform any object struck by the spear into a medium that the user desires . That was the power of the Spear of Longinus .

Adjest used that power to turn the power source into ice . Now it was impossible to reactivate this facility .

Desir prepared this in order to completely destroy the power source, the core of the plan that Skull Mask devised .

‘There is no longer an escape route for Skull Mask . ’

Every means that Skull Mask had at his disposal had now been disabled . Everything from the Beast of Revelation to the power source which formed the core of his plan . There were no other means that Skull Mask could draw upon .

Checkmate .

A smile crossed Desir’s lips .

‘With this, we stopped the Shadow Labyrinth from occurring . ’

The Shadow Labyrinth .

With the new facts at hand, it must have been an artificial Shadow World that was created through Skull Mask’s plan .

From the day he returned until this very day, Desir’s efforts and the fruits of his labor were all for clearing the Shadow Labyrinth .

As Skull Mask’s plan was now demolished, the Shadow Labyrinth would not occur . His goal had been achieved .

‘We don’t have to experience that hell again . ’

Knowing this, Desir felt his heart swell with pride .

At that very moment .


The facility shook, along with the sound of an explosion . It was a tremendous shock coming from deeper underground .

That must surely be where Skull Mask had holed himself up . If so, there was a fair chance that the shock was caused by him .

Adjest pulled the Spear of Longinus out from the source just in time .

There was no longer chaotic energy flowing out from the spearhead . All of the energy contained in the spear had been exhausted, which meant that it was fully inoperable now .

Despite the fact that there was nothing to worry about, the sound of the explosion from deeper underground was disquieting .

“Let’s pick up the pace . ”

They began moving faster than before .

A cold and serious atmosphere took over the momentary, positive feelings . Before long they were once again all agitated, filled with impatience .



Only the sound of the footsteps of five people dashing in this silent place echoed .

They went inside a completely frozen cylindrical tower, before descending further down . Step by step, foot by foot .

They finally reached the end of the basement .

It was a place thousands of feet below the surface . There was a vast facility that was now frozen due to the Spear of Longinus .

The party got into formation, reduced their speed, and began walking inside the facility . They were ready to respond to whatever Skull Mask would throw at them .

At that moment, Romantica discovered something and shouted .

“Desir, over there!”

There were spots of blood at the area that she pointed at with her fingertip .

As they traced back the long trail of blood, there was a man lying on the floor .

Desir’s pupils dilated .

A man in a black robe with an irritatingly familiar mask .

“… … Skull Mask . ”

Desir was baffled at the fact that Skull Mask, the main culprit of all these events, was dead . Having died on his own and not at Desir’s hands .

Did he commit suicide after being driven into a corner?

He had to check .

Because there is a possibility that this could be a trap, he told the others to keep their guard up and approached him .

When he lifted the man’s mask, there was a man dead with his eyes left wide open . His face was slightly different from what Desir remembered, but he was certainly Skull Mask .

Desir was disconcerted for a moment and began checking the condition of the corpse .

‘He was murdered . And with a single blow, due to an ambush . ’

The work of a highly-skilled assassin .

A skillful person who could assassinate Skull Mask in one blow within the Outsider’s most secure facility .

Desir thought of one person immediately .

‘Pierrot Mask . ’

The answer was simple, but he wasn’t able to understand .

Didn’t Pierrot Mask block them so that Skull Mask’s plan could proceed safely until the end?

‘But for what reason did he betray Skull Mask all of a sudden?’

Resentment at the failure of the plan?

No, it could not have been for such a trivial reason . Though he was definitely crazy, Pierrot Mask operated with a sense of psychotic reason . Rather than kill Skull Mask, he would have helped him escape, and helped him rebuild to try again . Perhaps he would have acted as a distraction, to allow Skull Mask to escape .

There must be a grave reason for this .

Desir, who had been contemplating for a long time, remembered something peculiar .

‘What was the source of that explosion a while ago?’

Skull Mask was killed in a clean strike, likely in an ambush . This clearly did not match up with the sound of an explosion, which he had originally written off as part of the battle .

Desir checked the facility . It was not a difficult task to locate the source of an explosion .

“This… … ”

There was an enormous hole in the power source’s casing .

Before all of the power source had been turned into ice, Pierrot Mask had done something .

Desir looked inside it . It was empty . There was nothing there .

Pierrot Mask had betrayed Skull Mask in order to siphon something from within the power source .

‘So he wasn’t just being used?’

He thought Pierrot Mask was merely Skull Mask’s subordinate, but that must have been wrong . Pierrot Mask might have just been waiting for this kind of situation from the beginning .

“Contact the outside world immediately . ”

It had not been long since the sound of an explosion had been heard . No matter how quick he was, Pierrot Mask could not have left Pittsburgh yet .

Desir activated a communication spell in a hurry .

“We must cut off all the routes that he could take to leave Pittsburgh . Hurry!”


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