A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 1174

Chapter 1174: 1174

Chapter 1174: Today, I Will Teach You How To Forge A Cleaver

“Even though I didn’t get to see Master Rom today, I believe I will be meeting him soon . I believe Master Rom will make me an ultimate weapon sooner or later for the sake of my sincerity . ” Hadeng tilted his head back and took a big gulp of the liquor with a smug expression .

“You said that last month too,” an orc next to him said, pursing his lips . He had gone to line up today too, so he was very clear about the situation . Hadeng still had to wait for those who were in front of him to get their turn before it would get to him .

Hadeng glanced at that orc, and was certain that he wasn’t an opponent that he could defeat . Hence, he decided to let things slide as he smilingly said, “However, there was a chef who hailed from Chaos City today . He said he came to ask Master Rom to forge him a cleaver . Don’t you guys find it funny?”

“Asking Master Rom to forge a cleaver? Is that fellow insane?”

“That’s right . Did he know who Master Rom is? He is the number one weaponsmith on the Norland Continent . Someone actually wants him to forge a cleaver?”

“Did that fellow get hammered to death by Master Rom on the spot?”

The tavern burst into a commotion instantly .

The dwarves in Issen Castle were born to be blacksmiths as even a 10-year-old child could forge a cleaver, and someone actually asked the legendary weaponsmith, Master Rom, to forge a cleaver . Wasn’t it akin to asking for trouble?

Smiling, Hadeng shook his head . “We left after Master Rom said he wasn’t going to accept any orders, but that fellow wasn’t very street-smart, he refused to go . I’m also not sure whatever happened afterward, but that fellow was obviously a stubborn mule . He could still be going there the next day . We will be able to find out tomorrow . ”

“Then, we’ve got to go and see tomorrow . I want to see who’s the fellow that is so daring to come to Issen Castle and insult Master Rom . ”

“Yes, let’s go and see . ”

People began to acknowledge and agree with him in the tavern . To the young dwarves, Master Rom was their idol . How could he be insulted like this?

Mag, who just checked into the best room in Tam Inn, was packing up the room . He had no idea that there was a group of people preparing to watch him fail and even beat him up .

Of course, even if he knew, he wouldn’t care .

There was nothing more important than letting Amy have a good sleep .

Tam Inn wasn’t a high-class hotel, and the cheaper rooms were even damp and messy . Hence, Mag spent another 100 copper coins for the best room in the inn .

The room was on the second floor and away from the tavern, so they wouldn’t be disturbed by the drunkards’ screams and shouts .

The room’s decorations were very simple: just a stone bed, two sets of bedding, a small stone table, and two stone stools . There was nothing else in the room .

The biggest difference when compared to the rooms on the ground floor was that the room was better ventilated and cleaner .

Mag dumped the beddings onto the chair in the corner, and then bought two sets of comfortable feather duvets from the System . Then, he carried the sleepy Amy onto the bed and covered her with the duvet .

Ugly Duckling burrowed itself into the duvet and snuggled into Amy’s arms . It fell asleep instantly .

Early next morning, Joey and Joss came to the workshop, and discovered in shock the workshop’s door was open .

“Did the master get drunk again yesterday?” Joey said, feeling worried and unsettled . Master Rom had gotten drunk and slept at the door of the workshop recently . He was sick for a few days because of that .

“Quick, let’s go and have a look,” Joss said anxiously . Even though the master always vented his anger on them, he was still the person they admired the most .

The two of them quickly walked to the workshop’s door, and they heard the sounds of hammering from within . The clear and crisp sounds had an amazing rhythm .

“Is this?” Both of them were surprised as they had seldom seen Master Rom forge anything personally for the past few months . They were used to seeing him sit in front of the furnace in a daze most of the time, and he could spend the whole day just sitting there .

Moreover, he would drink a lot of alcohol every night and wake up very late the next day . So, what was going on with the hammering sounds in the workshop now?

Filled with doubts, the two of them pushed open the door gently and walked in . They saw Master Rom wearing thin clothing while standing in front of the forging table, and swinging his personal black hammer . He was sweating profusely as he hammered on a fiery red hot metal mold on the forging table vigorously .

Master Rom, who was over 400 years old, had a healthy and strong physique that could put many youngsters to shame . That black hammer which weighed over 150 kg seemed so light and agile in his hands . It turned, flipped, and then hammered forcefully onto that metal mold . The metal mold which was mixed with many precious metals changed its shape rapidly in front of their eyes . The metals merged together and formed a brand-new alloy, being slowly molded into shape under the heavy hammer .

Joss and Joey stood at the door and stared at Rom in a shock . The amazing rhythm between the hammer and him was so harmonious that it seemed heavenly .

This was the first time that they had seen Master Rom so immersed in forging since they came to the workshop . This scene had totally subverted how they imagined forging was supposed to look .

At this moment, he was no longer the irritable master . Instead, he was truly the famous forging master . He was using the astonishing skills that shocked the world and presented many awesome weapons .


The hammer landed forcefully on the metal mold . Then, Rom slowly lowered his hammer as his chest rose and fell slightly . He grabbed a towel from the side to wipe the sweat on his face before smiling at Joey and Joss, who were standing at the door in a shock, and saying, “What is it? Do you want to learn?”

“Yes . ” Joey and Joss nodded simultaneously without the need to think further .

Laughing, Rom said, “You guys got to work hard if you want to learn . My skills are not meant for lazy bums . ”

“Huh?” Joey and Joss were shocked to see the smile on Rom’s face . Normally, Rom was always brooding, and had never smiled at them before, let alone offered to teach them forging . He only let them forge things by themselves or chase away the customers lining up at the door .

“Y-you are saying that you are going to teach us how to forge weapons?” Joey was the first to react as he stared at Rom in disbelief .

“R-really?” Joss was still in a shock and disbelief .

“Since I let you into the workshop, naturally I am going to teach you things . As for how much you are able to learn from me, that will all depend on you . ” Rom picked up the heavy again, and smilingly said, “I accepted a new order yesterday . Today, I will teach you how to forge a cleaver . ”


Joey and Joss were stunned again .

“Are you talking about the cleaver that is used by a chef?” Joey asked cautiously as he had angered Master Rom when he mentioned the chef’s request yesterday . Why did he decide to forge the cleaver today?

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