A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 1175

Chapter 1175: 1175

Chapter 1175: Mm-hm . This Pancake Is Super Delicious!

“Yes . I have accepted the order from the chef who came from Chaos City, who was also the one you reported to me yesterday . Our job today is to custom-make a cleaver that can hack open the skulls of 10th-tier magic beasts . ” Rom nodded . He picked up the hammer and hit the metal mold on the forging table heavily as he started to explain the different methods of hammering for forging different types of weapons .

Even though Joey and Joss were full of doubts, and couldn’t understand why Master Rom accepted the order from the chef, they swiftly settled down and listened to his teachings intently when he started the lecture about the forging techniques .

Outside the workshop, Hadeng and the rest had also arrived very early, and began to line up .

Many of them had deliberately come to watch a good show after hearing Hadeng say that someone had come to ask Master Rom to forge a cleaver the day before .

“Has that fellow who asked the master to forge a cleaver come?”

Their gazes began to sweep across the line . There were two human knights in the line, but they didn’t look like chefs at all .

“Maybe that fellow finally got it and scrammed?” Hadeng, who was standing at the very end of the line, also looked around in surprise . Even he wasn’t sure he could get Master Rom to forge a weapon for him, let alone a chef asking to forge a cleaver .

The news of a chef from Chaos City asking Master Rom to forge a cleaver had spread within Issen Castle like a wildfire . It became the source of happiness in Issen Castle that day .

Mag deposited his luggage at the inn temporarily after he checked out of the room . He was going to bring Amy out for breakfast .

“Mr . Mag? You guys are here too . ” Right at this moment, a voice sounded behind them .

“Oh, it’s Mr . Godala,” Mag said with a smile when he saw Godala walking over .

Since Godala was also staying in this inn, it wasn’t odd to bump into him . It seemed like he already had his breakfast, and was chatting with his fellow merchants .

Godala came forward, and smilingly whispered to Mag, “I heard you guys have become famous . The news that a chef from Chaos City asked Master Rom to forge a cleaver has spread throughout Issen Castle . ”

“We could get famous like this?” Mag was surprised . He didn’t do anything out of norm since he arrived at Issen Castle . He behaved like a perfectly prim and proper traveller .

“You have no idea about Master Rom’s status in Issen Castle . Your asking him to forge a cleaver is akin to insulting all the weaponsmiths in Issen Castle,” Godala said using a deliberately lowered voice .

“Oh, really,” Mag said thoughtfully . He guessed the entire Issen Castle would go crazy if they knew Master Rom had agreed to forge the cleaver for him .

“You didn’t get to meet Master Rom yesterday, right? It’s okay . There are alway so many people lining up at Master’s, but they never get to meet him . You will get used to it,” Godala consoled him .

“Don’t worry . I feel fine,” Mag answered with a smile . He didn’t say the truth, because he was worried that Godala’s reaction would attract too much attention .

“Father, I am hungry . ” Amy tilted her head to look up to Mag as she expectantly said, “Let’s go and eat some delicious food . ”

“Anyway, I have nothing to do today, why don’t I show you around Issen Castle? No one knows what is delicious here as well as me,” Godala said smilingly .

“Then we will bother you, Mr . Godala . ” Mag’s eyes lit up . They were new to this place, and it would be the best to have a guide so they could avoid tourist traps .

After getting out of Tam Inn, they could see the light passing through the holes illuminating the streets . The shops on both sides of the street were open too . Most of the people walking on the streets were dwarves, but there were also one or two people from other species every now and then .

The weapons of Issen Castle were popular throughout the entire Norland Continent . Thus, there were many merchants who brought rare objects to Issen Castle to sell, and would then buy weapons from Issen Castle to sell to the rest of the world . They could earn a bucket load of money with just one trip .

The dwarves could be considered as a neutral race, and enjoyed good relationships with all the other species on the Norland Continent . Hence, they allowed all the species to trade in Issen Castle .

Godala had already told Mag about the rules of Issen Castle and the dwarves on their journey here . He brought Mag to eat a kind of pancake that was called the “Dwarf Pancake” for breakfast . It was first deep fried and then baked till crispy in a hot oven . Its texture was crispy and the center was filled with savory pickled vegetables . It tasted like the combination of sesame cake and a hard flour pancake . It was crispy and not greasy at all, which surprised Mag .

“The pancake here is nice, right?” Godala bit into the pancake in his hand, smiling, and continued, “There are a few hundred pancake shops in Issen Castle, but none is as good as this one . I don’t usually bring people here . ”

“Mm-hm . This pancake is super delicious!” Amy nodded . She held a pancake like a little squirrel, and munched on it very happily .

“It is indeed a very scrumptious pancake . ” Mag nodded . This was one of the benefits . He could never have found such a delicious pancake by himself .

After having their breakfast, Godala brought Mag and Amy to a few famous sightseeing spots in Issen Castle, and they also ate many unique snacks along the way . They had a ton of fun .

When it was almost evening, Godala said, “Brother Mag, should I bring you to a smith I know to custom-make a cleaver? Although he is not as good as Master Rom, he is also well-known in Issen Castle . Given my friendship with him, he could even make it free of charge for you . Should we go over to him now? You can tell him what kind of cleaver you would like to have . Then, I’ll bring you somewhere nice for dinner . ”

“Actually, Master Rom has already agreed to forge a cleaver for me yesterday . Looking at the time, I should be going to collect it now,” Mag said smilingly after taking a glance at his watch .

“W-what?” Godala was taken aback . He struggled to believe his ears .

“After Old Grandpa ate the fish head Father cooked yesterday, he promised to make a cleaver for Father,” Amy added before gazing at Godala with anticipation . “Uncle Merchant, what do you mean by something nice?”

“Master Rom agreed to make a cleaver for you?!”

Godala’s voice became a few pitches higher . Then, he swiftly covered his mouth and stared at Mag in a shock .

Being a merchant who had frequented Issen Castle for the past 20-30 years, he knew very well what Master Rom represented . Only powerhouses were able to get custom-made weapons from him, and they had to pay a very high price for it .

Reportedly, a merchant was once lucky enough to obtain a custom-made weapon from Master Rom . He retired immediately after he sold it .

Of course, this was just hearsay .

In order to have Master Rom custom-make a weapon, one would need both status and money .

For the past two years, Master Rom hadn’t accepted any new orders, nor released any new items .

But now, Mag actually said Master Rom had agreed to custom-make a cleaver for him, and he could even collect it today?

This was even more shocking than Master Rom agreeing to make a weapon for him!

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