Abe the Wizard - Chapter 1231

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Chapter 1231: Dragon Island

“Headmaster Bulei, just tell me all the challenges the Barbarians are facing!” Abel smiled and led Headmaster Bulei into the lounge. However, Headmaster Bulei was only willing to take a seat at the corner.

“My saint, the Barbarians always lack in food and training resources. Our number of Barbarian fighters has grown tremendously under the greatness of the god of war, but because of that, we are using up more resources!” Headmaster Bulei quickly bowed.

He was treating this like a report to god. He would not lie or exaggerate.

“I can provide you with enough nutritious food for all professionals Barbarians. As for training resources, give me a list, and I’ll figure it out for you!” Abel thought for a moment and said.

Unlike the elves, the Barbarians were his followers. After many years of spreading faith and miracles, the Barbarians were extremely faithful to him.

Their nature was simple and direct, so they were the best resource for faith. Although the Barbarians lost a little faith ever since the god of war was captured, Abel had restored it entirely.

He was planning to train in secret, but helping the Barbarians along the way wouldn’t hurt.

The high elves had fields of barley in the Dark World. With their time difference and the 3rd goddess spring water, Abel had more than enough for all Barbarians.

Not to mention, the environment that barley was grown in could help strengthen the body.

The population of high elves in the Rogue Encampment had been growing at a steady rate. As the oak tree kept giving birth, they were reaching the population of 2000.

Therefore, taking care of more barleys would be no hassle. It was just that Abel didn’t have that much spring water.

Maybe it would take a few months for each harvest, so Abel might need to make a trip back to the Holy Continent from now and then.

“My saint, I thank you on behalf of the Barbarians!’ Headmaster Bulei bowed.

He then took out a patch of lambskin from his waist and wrote down the resources before carefully handing it forward.

Abel gave it a glance. They were only mana gems and plants, nothing valuable.

Although Abel didn’t have any plants on him, he had exchanged every kind of seed from the alchemy union before he left the elves.

As for gems, he had enough for the Barbarians to train for thousands of years in just his portal bag alone.

Although there were not many top level gems around even in the front line, there were endless intermediate and low rank gems.

Abel took out a 50 square meters portal bag and filled it to the brine with intermediate gems.

“Here are some gems. Take good care of them!” Abel handed the bag forward and lowered his voice.

“Long live the god of war!” Headmaster Bulei carefully looked inside and gasped with excitement.

The Barbarians were too poor under the suppression of the Wizard union. Only the professions could venture outside and get some rewards.

Although things had taken a brighter turn in the past 2 years, they were still very tight in resources.

Most cities in the Battlecry Plateau didn’t even have a teleportation circle since they needed gems for energy.

Therefore, this mere 50 square meters portal bag of gems felt strangely heavy on Headmaster Bulei’s hand.

Little did he know, Abel had so many intermediate gems he didn’t even know where to put them,

“After you return, give me access to the temple and connect to its teleportation circle!” Abel said his final words.

Headmaster Bulei bowed and left the golden castle. After half a day, Abel’s magic circle spirit was connected to the teleportation circle of the temple.

If Abel wanted to use a teleportation circle in the future, he must transit from the god of war temple.

In regards to returning to the Holy Continent for the 3rd goddess spring water, he was wondering where he could find a super teleportation circle.

His elf Bennett identity and his human identity were still in trouble.

The elves and dwarves should allow him with their connection, but that would attract the Wizard Union.

Suddenly he thought of another identity he had, a giant dragon. He should be able to ask Gold Dragon Kemble.

It was noon, so he flashed into the Fire Tooth battle fort.

“Fire Tooth, head to Gold Dragon Kemble!” He commanded, and the Fire Tooth battle fort accelerated in mid air.

After 2 hours, the Fire Tooth battle fort arrived at the ocean, but this time it did not hide its energy.

Although many sea monsters were attracted by it, they were soon scared off by its scary energy.

Abel didn’t know about the horror burned into the blood of those sea monsters in ancient times, so he had no idea why they were so afraid of it.

“Brother Abel, it seems like you are free today!” Just like last time, Golden Dragon Kemble suddenly appeared in the Fire Tooth battle fort in a mysterious way.

Abel was stunned. He couldn’t sense the energy of Gold Dragon Kemble, even as a legendary wizard. How powerful are they?

“Hey, you’ve grown quite a bit!” Gold dragon Kemble added in surprise.

It had only been a month, which is like a blink of an eye for a gold dragon.

But this little blue dragon had already grown a lot.

“Gold Dragon Kemble, I’m basically a legend now!” Abel smiled.

“Haha, I know my brother is no ordinary. Come to my dragon island if you have time. I’ll show you around!” Gold Dragon Kemble laughed.

Abel had treated him to many amazing wines, so he had to take good care of him.

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Especially with Abel’s speedy level up, Dragon Kemble couldn’t help but take him even more seriously. After all, leveling up for a dragon was a painfully long process.

“Gold Dragon Kemble, here are the wines I’ve brought. I got some problems recently, so my wine production is low!” Abel smiled and took out 50 barrels of two combination grandmaster wines. Gold Dragon Kemble had almost put them away immediately and asked attentively, “What happened? Do you want me to stand up for you?”

“It’s nothing. I’ve resolved it!” Abel smiled and asked, “do the dragons have a super teleportation circle that can travel between Continents?”

“Do you want to go home?” God Dragon Kemble smiled. “The dragon island have one, and it’s a stand-alone from the wizard union network!” Gold Dragon Kemble knew Abel was a legend, so every super teleportation circle should be open to him.

But since Abel was not using those super teleportation circles, he knew he must be avoiding the Wizard Union.

Although Gold Dragon Kemble didn’t know what trouble Abel was having, he wouldn’t make a move on the WIzard Union unless Abel asked him.

“Seems like I have to take a trip to the dragon island. Are you free now?” Abel asked.

“Yeah, I got 5 legendary sea monsters to look after things for me around here, so it should be fine!” Gold Dragon Kemble smiled.

Abel really wanted to know how powerful Gold Dragon Kemble was, but he just couldn’t bring himself to ask.

Gold Dragon Kemble turned to the map on the Fire Tooth battle fort and gently tapped on a spot, “Here!”. But since the Fire Tooth only listened to Abel, it did not respond to Gold Dragon Kemble.

“Proceed!” Abel added, and the Fire Tooth battle fort began to move.

“Brother Abel, this thing is quite convenient, isn’t it!” Gold Dragon Kemble took a sip of the wine and said with satisfaction.

“Too bad I can’t find another one!” Abel said helplessly. He had many battle forts, but this was his only fully intact one.

“I’ll see if my other brothers have some in their inventory after we return. If they do, I’ll take one, and I’ll give the rest to you!” Gold Dragon Kemble smiled.

When it came to collecting treasures, no beings could compete with the dragons.

Abel continued to chat with Gold Dragon Kemble about the dragons along the way. By the time the sun sets, they’ve reached their destination.

“Brother Abel, we are almost there!” Gold Dragon Kemble stood up and flashed out of the operation room.

Abel also flashed and floated beside Gold Dragon Kemble.

He could see a huge flat island under the moonlight, but it was a little different than what he imagined.

He always imagined the dragon island would be an extremely well-developed place. Could this be an illusion?

“Put that big ancient thing is away. We have to fly on our own for now!” Gold Dragon Kemble pointed at the Fire Tooth battle fort and said, so Abel waved and put it away before he continued to follow Gold dragon Kemble.

As he approached the dragon island, he sensed an energy shield. Probably one of the strongest ones he felt.

However, all it did was give him a little scan to confirm his dragon blood before it let him in.

As soon as Abel entered, everything in front of him changed.

He was no longer looking at an island but an endless piece of land.

“Haha, I love seeing the look on those who have never visited here before!” Gold Dragon Kemble laughed.

Is this another dimension?” Abel was in disbelief. Unlike the dimension in his portal bag and monster ring, this dimension was an open space, just like his Ankara tent but countless times larger.

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