Chapter 538: 538

Andariel held the captain’s body and smashed it towards the ground . But since the spirit guardian knight captain was a skeleton, and the spirit wolf was only a transparent being, this kind of physical damage did not impact it that much .

Abel jumped on Black Wind and began charging again . Although Black Wind and he worked very well together, Andariel still dodged them with a gentle twist .

It was perfect .

After Andariel realized her smash did not do much to the captain, she continued to hold it down and began to attack it with her other hand . The spirit guardian knight captain tried to block with its shield, but could not withstand her force .

Abel followed up with a strike with his Jade Tan Do, but no matter how many times he tried, Andariel could always avoid him with a gentle twist, all while attacking the spirit guardian knight captain . Abel almost wanted to facepalm himself .

Flashes of purple light kept emerging from the spirit guardian knight captain’s body . This light helped him recover every time it’s health points began to drop .

Abel was angry that Andariel kept dodging him . He did not expect such an ability, but soon, his gaze was drawn to her hand, which grabbed the spirit guardian knight captain .

A ‘shield attack’ was a half magic attack . Although it used combat qi to ignite the magic pattern, it followed the law of magic . It could unleash its vertigo effect as long as it touched any part of the opponent’s body .

Therefore, Abel viciously dashed towards Andariel’s hand with a combat qi pattern flashing in front of his Pelta Lunata . Andariel wanted to dodge, but the spirit guardian knight grabbed her . All of a sudden, the shield strike landed on her hand .

Although it didn’t give her much physical damage, she was knocked unconscious for 2 . 4 seconds .

Since Abel damaged the glowing crack, she could no longer break out from this vertigo .

Abel had been waiting for this chance all this time . He ignited a string of dark gold combat qi on the Jade Tan Do and unleashed his only bit of dimension force from his soul .

It took him 1 whole second until this dimension force was guided into his dark gold combat qi . Afterward, he plunged it straight towards Andariel’s neck .

Golden blood gushed out, drenching Abel . The dimension force lurking within the dark gold combat qi quickly tore apart Andariel flash on her neck until it reached her spine . Afterward, her head blasted out and landed 5 meters away .

Most beings would be dead the moment their head was blasted away, but not Andariel . She remained motionless as her body dragged the spirit guardian knight captain towards her severed head .

“Stop her!” Abel yelled as he jumped down from Black Wind . He unleashed another shield strike on Andariel’s head and ruthlessly plunged down with his Jade Tan Do .

By this point, the last 3 spirit guardian knights had flashed next to Andariel’s body and held it down to the ground alongside the spirit guardian knight captain .

Maybe it was because she no longer had her head, but she could no longer dodge as swiftly as before . She was in a deadlock with the 4 spirit guardian knights .

However, this doesn’t mean Andariel gave up . The 4 scorpion tails on her back began to spit out glowing green balls . Those balls exploded and surrounded her back with green poison gas .

Abel’s druid soul had always been tracking the health points of the spirit guardian knights, and he soon realized the poison gas quickly was draining the life out of them .

His druid soul kept injecting Full Recovery Potions on to the 4 spirit guardian knights while refilling those Full Recovery Potions on his snake ego belt from his Kong Kong Spirit Portal bag .

If he didn’t have this many Full Recovery Potions, the 4 spirit guardian knights, including the most powerful spirit guardian knight captain would die a few time’s already .

Still, all Abel could do was just keep stabbing her .

It was not that Abel didn’t want to use magic . His most powerful spell attack was the ‘Fireball’, but he couldn’t unleash one without his Leaf magic staff .

Other spell attacks were nowhere as powerful as his fire enchanted Jade Tan Do, and he didn’t have time to swap it out anyway .

Andariel’s body was just 5 meters from her head, and Abel was constantly being attacked by poison . Luckily, he had become very poison resistant thanks to his Jade Tan Do, so his life was dropping very slow .

Andariel, under Abel’s shield, was slowly accepting her fate . The eyes in her blood-drenched face began to turn white as her life force slowly faded . However, at the same time, the crack between Andariel’s eyes began to recover .

Since Abel thought everything was under the control of his shield, he did not realize this . He had almost become a robot, repeating shield strikes from his left, and a stabbing from his right .

Suddenly, a crystal glow emerged from the crack between Andariel’s eyes, and she came back to consciousness immediately .

“Back!” Although Andariel’s voice had become muffled through the wounds on her face, it did not affect the power of this word .

Abel felt the entire world began to drag him back . He was blast backward and kept stepping back . He could not stop this force no matter how hard he tried .

Abel realized the power of these words . Since their effects were different, they should have already corresponded with a particular force before the word was spoken .

Just like this word ‘back’ . It should have been released before Andariel had spoken the word, but the force shouldn’t be too draining . That’s why Abel couldn’t react in time .

That was, compared to the word ‘die’, it didn’t need to summon large amounts of energy . That was why it gave Abel enough time to react as Andariel was saying the word .

Abel thought this effect would only last for a while, but he kept dropping back . By this point, Andariel’s head was already flying straight back at her body, which was being held down by the 4 spirit guardian knights .

“No, this will make all our effort useless!” Abel knew as soon as her head had returned to her body, she could unleash the dimension force again .

Just when Abel was growing desperate, an immortal raven speeded out in mid-air and viciously pecked down the dried up eye on Andariel’s skull .

Although Andariel’s eyes were basically useless by that point, the immortal raven’s peck was not a normal attack . As one of the Druid’s first summons, its attack was nothing compared to the poison creeper .

However, it’s upside was that it could blind its enemy . This blindness was like the law of nature . It did not only apply to physical sight–it was a state .

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