Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens! - Chapter 1699

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Chapter 1699 “Demon Realm’s Change (3)”

If…… this life, I really do marry, then marrying this man who is so gentle and kind to me isn’t too bad either. At least…. he won’t scare me as often as that mean old big bro of mine.

“So…” Di Xiao Wan looks up with her firm gaze, “I am now sincerely wanting to marry you, I am serious!”

Before she was too afraid to become this man’s wife due to her own unwillingness to get hitched so early on, the second being that State Teacher’s too familiar. It’s not easy to accept someone you consider a close member of the circle….

As for why she accepted the proposal not long ago, well, she wanted a baby to care for herself. But now, that’s changed and her feelings are sincerely starting to blossom for this kind gentleman.

“Xiao Wan…” Raising his hand, State Teacher pulls the girl into his arms and lets her head lean in against his chest: “I’ll wait for you to remember everything. I’ve waited for a millennium anyways, it won’t matter if I wait a while longer.”

Blinking with her long eyelashes, Di Xiao Wan suddenly came down with a thought: “State Teacher… back then, were we husband and wife? Why else would you be so nice to me after I return to the Demon Realm?”

“No,” he said in a cooing voice while brushing those fingers against her hair for tidying.

They were not husband and wife, but they were almost if not for that unfortunate incident where the princess went missing. By the time he located her again, Di Xiao Wan had already been sealed within a crystal and her memories lost…. But it doesn’t matter anymore, he’s come this far and only needs a little bit more time before they could truly be wed.

One day, Xiao Wan will remember our past and the feelings we shared….

It’s then from out of the blue, the man felt a terrible sensation coming over him, causing his hands to tighten around the princess out of precaution.

“What’s going on State Teacher, why do you look so white?” the princess asks with a puzzled look.

“Something happened to the palace, the people I sent to watch Qiu Moon has lost contact with me!” The gaze around the man’s eye grew colder and colder.

I knew it, something is not right with that woman….

“What?” Di Xiao Wan’s expression changed, hands growing anxious as she clung onto the man’s sleeve, “Then what should we do? We need to hurry back to the palace. I’m the one who brought Qiu Moon back, I can’t let her hurt those at the palace.”

State Teacher’s eye dimmed: “Those people’s goal aren’t in the palace. Even if you didn’t take in that Qiu Moon, the foe would still move against us. Don’t worry, the crisis with the Celestial Realm is already over, whoever this new enemy is will know they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. I’m just wondering who it can it be?”

He was afraid that Di Xiao Wan would blame herself so he made sure to explain the reasoning.

“Xiao Wan, no matter what happens later, you mustn’t care about me and leave the Demon Realm. Go find your brother the king in the Celestial Realm!’

“State Teacher!” The princess exclaims, her lips a thin line due to stubbornness: “You’re going to be my husband soon, how can you expect me to leave you behind? Besides, I’m the princess of this realm, how can I leave my people behind? So, no matter what happens, I will live and die with my kin!”

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