Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens! - Chapter 1839

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Chapter 1839 “Sinner (2)”

Heavenly frowns and turned to the surviving elders.

Yan Yan cured Song’s illness? This matter… why didn’t anyone mention to me?

Gu Ya saw that Heavenly did not respond to herself and grew a bit more panicky: “I accidentally overheard Ji Song and Miss Ling Yan’s conversation, that’s how I knew about their plan to have Mrs. Di treat Song’s condition. It’s a huge risk and that caused me to worry exponentially. So, I went to the elders…. Who could’ve thought she would really cure Song.”

Ji Song also felt quite nervous at the attention being on herself. Biting her lips, she worriedly watched the man for his judgement.

That day her grandfather harmed the monarch’s wife, that’s a fact. Whether its for a understandable reason or not, it’s of no matter. Someone must be made accountable for the crime.

Heavenly didn’t want to spend another moment on Gu Ya and turned over to Ji Sky instead. Calm in his cold voice: “What exactly happened? Speak!”

Shaking all over at the holler, the old grandfather showed intense regret and guilt on that face.

Let’s ignore the fact that Bai Ning was the monarch’s wife, if he had known Bai Yan really had the ability to cure his granddaughter, Ji Sky never would’ve done what he did.


Panic got the better of his head and he had done something unforgivable.

“Monarch, it was Gu Ya who came here that day to find me, she told me….” He subconsciously glanced towards Bai Yan, “Mrs. Di wanted to become the mistress of the Monarch Manor, that’s why she risked Song’s health by attempting the procedure. She also told me Mrs. Di doesn’t have the ability and is putting my granddaughter at risk, so I….”

The surrounding air was getting colder and colder until the oppressive air made it difficult to breath around the old man.

“Monarch, you also know that Song’s condition is very serious and that any careless treatment would cause her to lose her life. I won’t speak on Mrs. Di’s medical ability, but as a grandfather, how could I let a stranger treat my only family member? I fear she would’ve really died that day…”

Ji Sky hung his head in shame, those eyes full of sadness: “So, I summoned everyone to stop Mrs. Di….”

Heavenly stayed quiet after hearing the details, but the violent surge of air coming off around his body made the whole area dangerously hair raising.

So that’s it…..

In my own house, my daughter was subjected to such maltreatment.

Instead of treating her with respect and absolute loyalty, they saw her as a criminal and a liar.

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What qualifications do they have to question her intent?

How much more harm will everyone cause my sweet child until they are satisfied?

Bai Ning’s expression got all icy, her sight landing on the elder: “My daughter don’t need to be no mistress. If there’s anything she wants, she will get directly from your monarch! If I had known about your suspicions and misdeeds, I would never have allowed my daughter to save your people!”

Gu Ya shot up her face in shock at the very speaking woman.

What does this woman mean? Is that how she exposes her own greed? How dare she dismiss the position of being the mistress of this estate? Is she not afraid of being kicked out by the monarch? Moreover, these elders would never allow such a greedy person enter the Monarch Manor.


Only silence hung in the air, not one person willing to default on Bai Ning’s claim.

They are already aware of Bai Ning’s status based on Bai Yan’s identity. Based on their liege’s personality, forget about a simple request, the man would even pluck the moon for this daughter of his if she requests!

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