After Transmigrating as a Demon, I've Been Adopted by Angels! - Chapter 216

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Chapter 216: Davis’ Intuition

Davis carried Lilia and flew in the opposite direction of the ant colony. As they flew, he used the corner of his eye to scan the forest and canyon below, trying to find a place to hide and rest.

However, such a place was obviously not easy to find.

In order to let Lilia persevere longer, Davis continued to explain the matter of his intuition to her.

“Lilia, do you still want to hear about your intuition?”

Lilia was initially aroused by Davis, but when she heard Davis’ words, she immediately replied, “I still want to know more.”

Actually, Lilia also knew Davis’ purpose.

Moreover, she was suppressing the desire in her body and was also very uncomfortable.

When Davis suggested to continue talking about her intuition, Lilia took the opportunity to agree.

After all, as a dragon, she was very interested in what Davis had to say.

Dragons had always believed in power.

Occasionally, some dragons would use evil means to achieve their goals.

However, Lilia had never seen a dragon like Davis who used strategy and intuition.

Before this, she had never thought that she would be able to defeat the victor without relying on her strength and escape before danger arrived.

Lilia had a vague feeling that what Davis had said might have a great impact on her in the future.

It was a novel concept that even her mother, Sarafini, had not told her about.

Not only had Lilia seen Davis use that concept personally, but she had also been lucky enough to hear Davis explain it personally.

It was precisely because Lilia used Davis’ strategy and intuition that she was able to turn the situation around when she encountered danger many times in the future.

However, these were all things that would come later.

After Lilia gave an affirmative answer, Davis spoke slowly, “Lilia, I believe you already have some understanding of your instincts.

“The first time, you stretched out your arm to protect your chest. At that time, you had an intuition. I wanted to touch your chest and because of your female instinct, you blocked my hand. At that time, your intuition was still not obvious.”

After listening to Davis’ words, Lilia nodded in agreement and added, “Davis, I understand. The second time you pretended to poke my eyes, I moved my hands out of instinct to protect my eyes. At that time, I also had an intuition that the eyes are more important than the chest.

“But, because of that, my… my chest was touched by you. At that time, my intuition was… to serve the master…”

After saying that, Lilia’s face was flushed red.

However, she did not avert her gaze.

Instead, she stared at Davis’ face, wanting to see his reaction.

However, what Lilia did not expect was that Davis smiled in relief.

He revealed a smile that she had never seen before.

That smile was very warm and very healing.

It was like a glacier that suddenly started melting, revealing a spring scene.

It surprised and delighted Lilia.

She could feel that at this moment, the gaze that Davis had for her had changed.

At this moment, Davis’s gaze was filled with endless love.

Lilia was stunned.

However, Lilia was the princess of the Dragon Race after all.

Although she did not participate much in the affairs of the Dragon Race, but just being beside Sarafini, taught her the ability to read people’s expressions.

Lilia could clearly see the change in Davis’ eyes.

Although, previously, Davis looked at her with a gentle gaze, but Lilia could see the arrogance of the superior hidden in the depths of Davis’ eyes.

It was the gaze of a powerful man looking down on the world.

It was very different from the loving gaze of Davis now.

Feeling the burning gaze of Davis, Lilia shyly avoided his gaze.

She was afraid that if she looked at Davis for even a while longer, her heart would be completely conquered by Davis.

The reason for Davis’ smile was very simple.

It was because after less than a day of contact with Lilia, he found that Lilia was an extremely intelligent woman.

When he said something to her, Lilia would always be able to grasp the main point and quickly understand the meaning of his words.

It was very rare for a dragon girl like Lilia, who grew up among dragons with a mind full of muscle and strength, to have such keen insight and clear thinking.

Davis thought that Lilia was the most satisfactory family member for him.

If she was properly nurtured, Lilia would definitely shine in his plans.

She would be a great help to him in conquering the world in the future.

Davis had great ambitions.

It was not just to find out his background.

It was also to increase his strength and conquer the world as suitable for his identity as a transmigrator.

Otherwise, it would not be in line with his philosophy which was to live a peaceful life and die in an unknown place.

After seeing that Lilia avoided his gaze, Davis continued, “Intuition is an existence that is similar to instinct. However, instinct usually refers to the performance of the body, while intuition is often used to describe the mind.

“Intuition can be understood as the instinct of the mind.”

At this point, Lilia had already turned her blushing face back. Lilia asked another question, “Davis, why is your intuition so strong?”

After hearing Lilia’s words, Davis and Lilia looked at each other and smiled.

The two of them were becoming more and more in sync.

The question Lilia asked was exactly what Davis wanted to say.

He was waiting for Lilia to ask this question.

Hearing Lilia’s question, Davis was very excited. He even spoke faster.

“Lilia, you asked the right question.

“Everyone has intuition, and it plays a very important role. At the very least, when it comes to protecting your own safety, you need intuition to participate.

“It’s because when you’re in danger, you don’t have that much time to think. At this time, it’s all based on intuition to make judgments.

“Intuition, to put it bluntly, is the judgment that your brain makes in a very short period of time.

“But, why is it that some people have strong intuition, while others have almost no effect, and even have a counter effect?”

At this point, Davis suddenly stopped talking.

He swept his eyes across the floor and turned to look at Lilia’s pretty face.

Lilia asked in a very cute fangirl tone, “Yes, why?”

Davis pretended to answer mysteriously, “This question is not easy to describe in words. It requires you to understand it in actual combat.

“If you really want to describe it in words, it means that the more combat experience you have, the more intense the battle, and the stronger the intuition you develop.”

Lilia felt a little cold, so she released the black flames to warm herself up.

Then, she continued Davis’ question, “Battle experience, what does that mean?”

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