After Transmigrating as a Demon, I've Been Adopted by Angels! - Chapter 217

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In the end, Davis did not reply. Instead, he hugged Lilia tightly and flew up to the ground.

Lilia was so shocked that she let out a soft cry.

However, her red lips were immediately enveloped by Davis’ red lips.

“Don’t make a sound. That ant is approaching us.”

As he spoke, Davis pointed in a certain direction.

Lilia looked in the direction that Davis was pointing.

Sure enough, she saw a large black dot in the distant horizon.

It was rushing toward Davis and Lilia.

Lilia conjured her dragon’s eye and took a careful look at the actions of the ants.

As a result, the pictures shocked Lilia.

Every ant in the ant colony was carrying a mess of things.

Some were carrying animal carcasses, some were carrying wooden stakes and broken pieces. Lilia could barely accept these.

However, what surprised Lilia was that there were dozens of healthy ants holding two ornate thrones.

Both thrones were empty.

However, around the earth seat, there were hundreds of ants that were obviously much bigger than ordinary workers.

They were holding spears and wearing armor.

They seemed to be protecting the throne.

Where the ants passed, the trees were cut off, the river was cut off, and even the birds that flew in the sky were eaten by the ants.

The sky and the earth were tyrannical.

Lilia was shocked.

The ants were obviously coming for her and Davis.

The ants were heading straight for Davis and Lilia and they did not stop at all.

It was as if they knew the location of Davis and Lilia.

Lilia wanted to warn Davis that they had been discovered by the ants.

However, her mouth was tightly sealed by Davis’ hand.

She wanted to signal with her eyes, but Davis did not look at her face at all.

Lilia was so anxious that her eyes almost flowed out.

What should she do?

At this time, Lilia suddenly had an idea.

She remembered the strategy that Davis had just told her.

After thinking about this instinct, Lilia quickly thought about what method she should use to inform Davis that they had been discovered by the ant colony.

It was best to let Davis understand her intention in an instant as soon as possible.

If one method did not work, she would think of another way.

Rather than waiting for death, it was better to take the initiative to think of a way to solve the current crisis.

Lilia closed her eyes. Instead of thinking about the ants that rushed in, she meditated on the spot.

She recalled the way she communicated with Davis before.

In an instant, Lilia thought of a way to remind Davis.

Soul contract.

It was precisely because Lilia took the initiative to sign that contract with Davis that her and Davis’ fates were tightly bound together.

That soul contract was not just for show.

Apart from confirming the master-servant relationship between Davis and Lilia, at critical moments, they could also use the soul contract to enter the encrypted call with their souls.

Moreover, the speed of the soul exchange was very fast.

In almost a static time, they could complete half a day’s worth of conversation.

However, taking the initiative to use the soul contract to communicate consumed a large amount of soul power.

Moreover, it would also cause Davis to consume a certain amount of soul power.

Lilia used all her strength to barely activate the soul contract between her and Davis.

“Davis, run, we’ve been discovered!”

Lilia’s voice appeared in Davis’ mind.


Davis shouted in his mind.

“My Princess Lilia, your voice is too loud. I already know what you’re talking about.”

“My head is about to be knocked out by you. Ouch.”

“Davis, why don’t you run? The ant colony will catch up to us soon.”

Davis groaned in his mind and said lightly, “I naturally have a way to deal with it. The reason why I don’t run is to summon the Demonic Dimensional Gate.

“Only by using the portal can we get rid of those ants. When we saw those ants, they had already noticed us.

“If we choose to run at that time, we will miss the best chance to escape.”

Davis said earnestly, “Lilia, you still have a lot to learn about the strategy and intuition I mentioned.”

After saying that, Davis prepared to exit the soul world.

In the end, Davis tragically realized that he could not exit the soul world at all.

Time in the outside world had been slowed down by tens of thousands of times.

His and Lilia’s bodies were also suspended in the sky.

Every hair on Davis’ body maintained in a state of being bent by the strong wind and the cold wind from the bottom to the top had also become stationary.

Davis could even see the position of every speck of dust in the air.

It was because time was almost at a standstill that Davis was able to see images that he could not normally see.

The still image had a shock that the dynamic image did not have.

In Davis’ eyes, everything had changed.

First was the distant sky.

When time stopped, Davis suddenly had the same ability as Lilia.

The details of the ant colony in the distance were extremely clear to Davis.

Short and delicate tentacles.

Delicate compound eyes.

Strong and powerful upper jaw.

Every ant looked fierce.

If caught by those ants, what awaited Davis would only be a cruel dismemberment.

The ant colony in the distance had stopped moving.

Due to this, Davis could see the amazing power of the ants.

At rest, Davis could see that each ant was emitting an energy line.

The energy lines extended in all directions, forming a beautiful energy net.

Davis guessed that the energy net was the ant’s brain.

Davis roughly searched for the queen in the ant colony in his line of sight.

He also saw one or two conspicuous thrones.

Davis noticed a detail.

Although the throne looked empty, on that throne, there was a huge energy pillar soaring into the sky.

That energy pillar was countless times thicker than the energy lines on other ants.

It was probably the difference between hair and bridge support pillars.

Davis was shocked.

The leader of the ant army appeared.

Davis guessed that the one who discovered the energy pillar was the queen of the ant colony.

Only the queen of the ants had that powerful strength.

Just looking at the difference in the energy pillars, Davis could imagine how terrifying the queen of the ants’ strength was.

Perhaps the entire colony combined was not nearly as powerful as the queen ant.

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