After Transmigrating as a Demon, I've Been Adopted by Angels! - Chapter 218

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Chapter 218: White Lines of Horror

That was because the huge energy pillar was snow-white in color.

As for the energy net that came into contact with the energy pillar, the central area was completely occupied by the snow-white energy.

Obviously, the snow-white energy pillar formed the main body of the energy net, and it was also spreading to the edge of the energy net.

The energy emitted by the worker ants and soldier ants should only serve as a transfer of energy.

What were they doing, and why would they build an energy net in the sky?

Davis did not know.

However, Davis could guess that the energy net was probably targeted at him and Lilia.

Davis searched the ant colony, but could not find any trace of the queen ant.

This puzzled Davis.

If the queen ant was not there, then why was there such a huge energy pillar on the throne?

Was it just a diversion?

Although Davis was observant, he could not guess what was wrong.

Maybe the queen ant was hiding or maybe the queen ant was not in the colony at all.

That energy pillar was used to support the situation.

No matter what, Davis was not really worried.

That was because he had finished casting the Demonic Dimensional Gate spell.

Although that teleportation skill could teleport over a long distance and bring other demons along with it, but the long casting time was hard on him.

In the event of an emergency, one could not react quickly.

One could only think of ways to reserve the time to prepare the spell before teleporting.

As Davis had said to Lilia, in order to not attract the attention of the ant colony, he could only wait and then secretly cast the spell. After observing the details of the ant colony, Davis found another shocking detail.

Between his body and the throne, there was actually a thin white line connected.

Davis could not see what it was.

However, he knew that it was precisely because of that extremely thin white line that his and Lilia’s traces were exposed.

With that white line, even if he hid to the ends of the earth, he would still be tracked by that white line.

Davis was very glad that he discovered this small detail at this moment.

Otherwise, he did not know how serious the consequences would be.

In his heart, he was also secretly grateful to Lilia.

This woman, what she did unintentionally, was a huge help to him.

There was no room for a grain of sand in Davis’ eyes.

This kind of white line would expose his tracks. He had to take advantage of the moment when time stood still to break that white line in the blink of an eye.

Davis tried it.

His body could not move at all.

As the speed of time had been slowed down by tens of thousands of times, when Davis tried to move his body, he would feel a huge tearing sensation on his body.

If he forced his body to move, he was afraid that his body would collapse in an instant because it had exceeded the limits of his body.

Davis understood the risk. He did not need to do something he was not sure of.

However, what made Davis happy was that the power in his body could be used and it was running very smoothly.

This seemed very unscientific.

However, magic was not something that could be explained by science.

Davis did not delve into it.

He used the demonic power and divine power in his body to cut the white line.

However, Davis found that the white line was very strong. When he controlled the demonic power and divine power to cut the white line, his demonic power and divine power were divided into two parts along the white line.

The white line seemed to be connected to his body.

However, it did not have any effect on Davis’ main body.

At this moment, Lilia also noticed Davis’ strange behavior. She asked curiously in her soul world, “Davis, what are you doing?”

After hearing Lilia’s words, Davis turned his attention back to his soul world.

“Lilia, I’ve discovered the reason why our tracks were exposed.”


Lilia instantly became nervous.

Although the muscles on her body were more relaxed, her mood instantly became tense.

“Lilia, look carefully. Is there a white line on my body?”

When Lilia activated the soul world, she happened to look at Davis’ body.

“Uh, Davis, I don’t see it.”

“You didn’t see it?”

Davis was very surprised.

In his eyes, the white line was very obvious.

Why could Lilia not see it?

After thinking for a while, Davis understood the reason.

Being able to see the energy line should be his special ability.

However, Davis instantly thought of a good idea.

He released the demonic power in his body again.

The black demonic power instantly wrapped around the white line.

It was like the outer shell of a rubber electric cord.

This time, his demonic power was very gentle and did not have any offensive power.

In the end, the white line was very gentle, allowing Davis’ demonic power to wrap around it.

The black line on Davis’ body extended for a very long distance, pointing directly in the direction of the ant colony.

Davis looked at his own masterpiece and asked proudly, “Lilia, do you see it?

“My demonic power is currently wrapping around the white line. If you can’t see the white line, you should be able to see the gap in my demonic power.”

Lilia started to look for it in her line of sight.

In the end, she saw from the corner of her eye that there was indeed a thin line formed by demonic power on Davis’ chest.

That demonic power was obviously wrapped around something.

“Wow, Davis, there really is a line that is connected to your chest!”

Davis said indifferently, “Is there any way to remove that white line? Or it can be cut off in a short period of time.”

Lilia thought for a moment and said, “Let me try. The dragon power of my physical strength might be able to do it.”

Davis said gently, “Okay, you try. Do what you can. Don’t force yourself.”

After saying that, Davis wrapped the demonic power in his body around Lilia’s body to prevent the energy in the white line from backfiring on Lilia.

Lilia focused her attention on her body and began to mobilize the dragon power in her body.

However, Davis waited for a long time, but still did not receive Lilia’s dragon power.

It was as if Lilia had gone offline.

“Lilia, Lilia! What happened to you? Why didn’t you act?”

Davis shouted anxiously in his spiritual world.

However, Lilia did not have any reaction.

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