After Transmigrating Into the Cultivation World, the School Topper Was Reborn - Chapter 103

The army of Hades summoned by Hades was cleansed and wiped out .
The battle of the two parties with a combined scale of over one million was over . The worst casualty was the battle of Huangfu Xiongs army attacking Fengling City-Jiang Yanji left heavy soldiers to guard Fengling to cover her safe retreat .
Huangfu Xiong paid a very heavy price to win Fengling .
Both defeats hurt, this is exactly the situation you want to see .
Jiang Yanji abandoned the capital and retreated to Jiangzhou . At this moment, her fighting power was left with 20,000 of the elite elite guards, Xiyingwei, an entire elite of 50,000, and the imperial guards of less than 200,000, plus the received 200,000 regular army of Jiangzhou .
The demon army headed by Wubai Mountain did not go to Huangfu Xiong . They simply landed north and headed for the Great Wall . There are so many demons in the territory, which is naturally panic-stricken . At this moment, this embarrassing army rushed to the Great Wall to guard the border and wait for the dust to settle in the territory . This is the best choice .
The number of soldiers leaving with Wubai Mountain is about 200,000 . Before the overall situation is settled, this army will definitely not help each other .
Jiang Yanji made a bad move . Sang looked at Fengling City and Tiandu occupied by the Dongzhou Army with great emotion .
In fact, it is also due to the character . Looking at Jiang Yanjis actions in power over the years, she knows that she is just an ambitionist who is keen to play tricks .
At this juncture of internal and external troubles, it is her inevitable choice to keep her emperor by any means .
Its a pity that she underestimated the Yunjing peoples hatred of Hades . Such hatred, deep in the blood and soul, is enough for people to stand up and fight against monarchy . Even those soldiers who still remain with Jiang Yanji, each with their own thoughts or hardships, have lost their unmatched fighting spirit .
Jiang Yanji went to Jiangzhou . You Wumings lips smirked . Its time for a rumor .
Before it was night, Jiang Yanji defeated Jiangzhou, killing his brother Jiangzhou Wang Jiangxujun, and news of seizing military power spread all over the sky .
The 200,000 regular army of Jiangzhou suddenly felt distracted and everyone was in danger .
Every moment, countless soldiers secretly fled to nearby states .
Jiang Yanji wanted to refute the rumor, he must hand over Jiang Xujun . The question is, Jiang Xujun has already been burned into a black ash by Youwu, how can she get it?
For this matter, Jiang Yanji in Jiang Palace bald a handful of hair . If this rumor cannot be clarified quickly, then Jiang Yanji will become the target of the attack-to kill all her brothers in order to seize power, which state will dare to support her?
Zhaozhou Zhouzhou and Fengzhou, which borders Jiangzhou, have blocked the fortress and began to station troops at the border to prevent Jiang Yanji from visiting his house .
At this point, Jiang Yanji naturally knows who is the real man behind the scenes .
Yu Wuming! You Yuming!
Recalling the tragic death of Emperor Fujun in that soul ball, Jiang Yanji felt cold in the back ridge .
If she knew today, where would she choose a soft knife to cut meat? I have already swept the army to the west and directly destroyed the dead!
Who can imagine that a prince of a state can achieve this point!
Fortunately, this man has weaknesses and weaknesses after all-he is not a bad woman, but has too high a vision to look at ordinary ordinary goods .
Jiang Yanji took a deep breath and squeezed the emperor seal in her hand .
First use the life of the Sang clan to force you into life, and make him fight Huangfu Xiong and Yun Xuzhou!
. . .
The master of Yunzhou elite has arrived in Tiandu and joined forces with Dongzhou to sink into the west .
Youzhou also started .
The three armies quickly occupied the major cities of Jiangzhou and attacked outside the city of Jiangdu .
After the fierce battle in Fengling, Huang Fuxiong suffered heavy losses . After all, it was a tough battle for the siege . Dongzhou soldiers were desperate to kill half of the elite soldiers of the East and South Second Battalion who followed Jiang Yanji, plus nearly 100,000 imperial guards . After that battle, there were only more than 200,000 troops left in the tidy army that Huang Fuxiong could bring out . The rest escorted the seriously wounded and returned to Dongzhou to recuperate the army .
Before the Jiangdu gate, the three parties met in Youzhou, Yunzhou and Dongzhou .
Huang Fuxiong and Yun Xuzhou naturally took a step back and gave the position of leader to You Wuming .
You Wuming fell down, and took a step forward, with Sang standing in front of everyone .
Zhang and Pingerzhou have already invested in him, and behind him there is the great help of Yuejia Sangzhou . The entire western border can be said to be basically under his control .
And his own cultivation has reached the level of shocking vulgarity, and is proficient in strategy, bravery and warfare . In these years, he has been everywhere to support the Great Wall and has a high reputation in the army . Such a person has become the leader of the coalition army .
In addition, in the battle to kill the Underworld King, Wubai Mountain is all in the eyes . As long as Jiang Yanji is destroyed, the Tiandu rebels watching on the Great Wall will surely be thrown into the lifeless .
This battle has not yet fought, and in the hearts of everyone, the next co-owner of the world has been secretly determined .
Looking at the two straight figures in front, Huang Fuxiong quietly moved two steps, hitting Yun Xuzhou with his elbow .
Speaking of whispers .
Lao Yun, you are right . Neither of us is the leader . You are still the most suitable . You see, he saw the momentum he just came over, and I knew how correct your decision was . I When I see him now, I already see a little bit of security from Brother .
Yun Xuzhou: . . .
For a moment, she raised her hand and patted Huang Fuxiongs shoulder .
Lao Xiong, life is alive, sometimes, it is a blessing to be confused .
Yes, yes, Huang Fuxiong gave a thumbs-up . People like me . You want me to sit on the top of the hair and give orders . Its really hard for me . Ill be a confused general . where!
Yun Xuzhou: . . . Well, you are just as happy as you are .
She couldnt help but think that Huangfu would never know the truth in this life . . . right? Looking at the look of Han Xiongmeis flirtatious dance, Yun Xuzhou really hoped that he would never know who the real murderer was .
You Wuming walked before the Third Army, and waved his knife casually, looking lazy .
kill .
He didnt seem to be serious about it, but at the moment when the word kill exited, he saw the black wings spread, and his figure was like an arrow off the string, facing the rain of arrows coming straight, straight Straight up the wall .
The siege army hadnt recovered yet, and saw that the two wings swayed above the wall and disappeared behind the city .
Everyone was still ignorant, and they saw that Agu had led Youzhou heavy cavalry to launch a charge .
Huang Fuxiong: ?
Youzhou Army seemed to be unable to see the towering city walls in front of it and the huge gates studded with black iron barbs .
A thunderous rumbling sound rang in the city .
The whole earth is shaking . There was a faint black flame coming out from the dense brick cracks of the city wall .
Just at the time of Huangfus heroic shaking of the gods, another dull Zhaza sound came, and he saw a gap in the middle of the tightly closed gate .
The gap widened rapidly .
Revealed the scene under the gate .
The defenders who had been standing behind the gate disappeared completely . On both sides and the top of the gate of the city gate, there were scattered black flames and broken pieces of armor, and the ground seemed to be scraped away .
Is this . . . a big explosion in the doorway?
You Wuming is still a lazy look, holding a city gate in one hand and pushing it to the left and right .
Compared with the fine iron gate up to ten feet long, such a small person is like a thin wooden stick .
However, the behemoth-like gate was honestly divided into two under his hands . When his arms were fully extended, the two doors weighing more than one thousand, continued to divide to the left and right according to that inertia, until they banged against the walls .
Youzhou Chongqi just rushed under the city gate . They were like a fish encountering a reef, avoiding the lifeless life, and the soldiers divided into two roads and charged at high speed from his left and right to the city .
He stood so sadly in the middle of the city gate, his head drooping slightly, and Ren Feng blew the broken hair on his cheek gently .
Sang Yuanyuan: . . . pretending to be a king of force, it was a natural fit .
Huang Fuxiong cried on the spot: Is the gate so easy to open! Ah ah! I kill the Underworld King! If it had dragged the old You, Fengling battle, why would I have 200,000 casualties!
Sang Yuan and Yun Xuzhou glanced at each other, and both sighed .
The army entered Jiangdu City .
The resistance was much weaker than expected, and as soon as he heard the killing sound, he quickly attacked the Jiang Palace .
No . Sang frowned far away . Jiang Yanji also has Yuyiwei and Xiyings elite . How could it be impossible to fight back?
The ominous hunch was like a dark undercurrent, creeping up on her heart .
Just a moment in my heart, I saw You Wu quickly rushed against the current, dazzling before reaching .
Without saying a word, he held her back with her back and took her straight to the west .
Sang far felt only a heart ‘dump’ fell to the ground, and he immediately bounced heavily, kicking the drum ‘poundingly’ in his chest .
For the first time, she was afraid of what she said: Sangzhou, what happened?
The voice was trembling .
Well . You Wumings thin lips tightened .
For a long while, he whispered: Yiyiwei is stronger than expected . By night, Jiang Yanji led the main attack on Sangzhou . The city he passed through did not have a living mouth-no chance of communication .
Sang took a long breath of air from afar .
What an amazing fighting power this is!
Immediately, the cold current rushed straight up the skull along the tail ridge .
Her voice distorted: So, when you found them, did you come under your eyes?
Um . You Wuming said, Father-in-law said that it was too late and could not hold it, so that I would not need to wave the army to rescue him, he would not fall into the hands of Jiang Yanji and drag you and me .
Sang bit his lips heavily, his nose and throat were sore, and he sobbed .
You Wuming continued: But he forgot that I could fly .
Youre lifeless . Sang was crying from afar, Please, you .
Relax .
The wings fluttered against the ground, causing a sonic boom .
The wind blew away the tears from his eyes, and Sang Yuan tried his best to calm down his mind and escape the emerald streamer to help him .
It is absolutely too late to lead the rescue . Youyou cant even ride the clouds between the beasts . She took her straight and swept her towards Sangzhou .
Sporadic green plants gradually appeared on the yellow sand .
The Gobi Desert in Jiangzhou is a dry yellow sand state, while Sangzhou is densely covered with short mulberry, and the entire state is green and oily .
More green, it is closer to Sangzhou .
Amidst the flurry, Yumie suddenly stretched out her hand and flicked her lower lip with her thumb .
Dont bite anymore . The tone was a little grumpy .
Sang looked away suddenly and tasted bloody .
I didnt know when my lips had been bitten by herself, and there was a tingling in my palm . When I looked down, a few nail prints were slowly spilling blood .
Yu Wuming, I . . .
Not afraid, there is me .
His speed was faster, and between his eyes, he plunged into a lifeless city .
The eyes are the bodies of the San people .
Most people have no chance to pull out their weapons .
Sang far did not expect that Yuyi Wei was such a team proficient in large-scale assassination .
You Wuming did not stay for a moment, and walked straight through the city .
Running so hard, taking her across the two states, he was clearly unable to eat, forcibly supporting him with a breath .
He knew she was in a hurry .
Her anxiety made him almost mad, with a fire burning in her chest, and wished to tear up everything in front of her .
He breathed deeply and slowly, at the same speed .
In the breath, he gradually got a **** smell .
Soon, another city was attacked .
Sure enough, there wasnt a live talk . Even the child who had just learned to walk was cut throat cleanly .
Sang Yuan once again tasted the **** smell .
She pursed her lips slightly numbly and found that they didnt break .
It was raised from the chest .
Anxious to attack .
She glanced headlessly to life, and saw unusually flushing on his cheeks, and her breathing was extremely slow and heavy, with a little bellow-like broken sound .
He ran out of internal injuries!
Anxious and painful, she threw a small jade-like face flower and buried it in his chest .
She knew his temperament, and he would never stop at this time .
Where Jiang Yanjis army ran over, Dwarf Mulberry fell to the ground . Looking at the green branches and leaves that were stepped into the mud, Sang Yuans heart twitched and hurt .
Still underestimated Jiang Yanjis strength and courage .
She thought she fled to Jiangzhou in embarrassment, and she was only passively beaten . Who knows that she threw the distracted Jiangzhou Army and the Guards in Jiangdu as bait, and only took the most elite Yuwei and Xiyingwei, and attacked Sang . The state is gone .
She has seen who is the real threat .
Forcing Youyou to fight Huangfu Xiong and Yun Xuzhou is Jiang Yanjis only way to break the game .
If the Sangzhou Wang couple really fell in the hands of Jiang Yanji, with her lifeless character, she would definitely fight with the two to lose both sides .
Very mean and effective .
Sang Yuan had a fire in his heart . For the first time, he hated a person so much .
She wished to pull Jiang Yanji this person, no, this soul, pull out a hundred times late!
When the gray and green silhouette of the city of Sangzhou finally appeared in the field of vision, Youmei suddenly spit out a big sip of blood, and the heartbeat that had been pressed all the way was out of control, and it ran in chaos in the chest .
He lifted his finger and focused on a few acupuncture points to prevent backflow of qi and blood .
Even the cloud beast that is best at running cant maintain the highest speed across the two states, and you are desperate, he is flying at full strength!
Sang was very heartbroken, looking at the mans perseverance to the cold face, only to feel the love and emotion in his heart, and he was once again smeared with a strong pen .
Approaching Sangdu quickly, Sang was surprised to find that the situation was slightly better than she had imagined .
Jiang Yanjis army is still fighting for the city wall!
It turned out that on the eve of the great success, something went wrong .
Yu Yiwei climbed the city with iron hooks at night, what he wanted was to be fast and ruthless, and to kill the defenders without disturbing them .
Before the surprise attack on Sandu, Yuyiwei was discovered by a farmer woman who crawled on Gaosang to collect the morning dew . She spread the news-the peasant woman saw such an army quietly sneaking into the countrys capital, anxiously, regardless of her own life, lit the tree crown with the firebreaker she carried .
Although Yuyi Wei found out in time, extinguished the fire and killed the peasant woman, this small group of smoke and fire attracted the attention of the sentry . Immediately, the whereabouts of Yuyi Wei and Xiyingwei were exposed, and Sang Du took timely precautions . Jiang Yanji was not called to succeed in the attack .
Its just that this elite team is too strong . Even if it is discovered early, they are still successfully attacked by the city walls . The situation is very critical .
You Wuming took a deep breath, spread her wings, and flew away with Sang straight .
This is the first time such a long-distance flight .
You Wumings eyes turned red, and **** tears came out of the corners of his eyes again .
His feet stepped up to the wall of the instant, and his heart burst out of blood, and he could no longer support it . After burning all the soldiers around for a few days, he sat heavily on his knees and entered the fixed healing .
The consumption is too great, and the flame power has a bite, and seven colors of light are faintly visible under his eyelids .
Sang planted flowers all over him .
She jumped on the battlement and saw Sangzhou Wang Yaoyao standing on the high wall of Wangcheng, commanding Sang Juns tenacious resistance .
Mrs . Sangs petite figure snuggled close to her husband . It is not difficult to separate, but it is convenient to go to Huangquan at the last moment, and dont become a burden .
Fortunately, they are still there .
Its time for the enemy to pay the price!
Sang Yuans breath flattened and closed his eyes .
There was a layer of emerald light on her body .
The light is getting stronger and stronger, and there seems to be a little green sun on the wall .
The Queen Girl, its the Queen Girl!
The Queen Girl and Youzhou King are back!
There was cheering, and the tired soldiers seemed to be beaten with blood, raising their swords and slashing at the enemies in front of them .
The Yuyiwei who attacked Sang Yuan was stopped by Sangzhou soldiers .
Want to get close to the Queen Girl? Unless all of us are killed!
Death to death-kill them all! Yu Yiweis strength is far superior to the Sangzhou Army . After a fierce attack, the Sang Armys formation instantly shattered .
More and more Yuyiwei and Xiyingwei rushed to the city walls .
And Sangzhou, like Yunzhou a few days ago, the main force is not in Wangcheng .
Seeing that the city wall is going to fall completely!
At this very moment, Sang suddenly turned away lightly, opened his eyes, and raised his arms .
Her pupils have become emerald green .
Everyone saw an incredible scene at the same time-as she slowly raised her hands, the creeper-like mulberry climbing the city wall suddenly grew crazy!
On the leaves and vines, there was a luminous green light . With the blink of an eye, they grew to half the height .
Intruder dies!
When she spoke, she saw those jade-like branches dancing in unison and handed her voice to every corner of the city wall .
Intruder dies!
Intruder dies!
. . .
The exhausted soldiers boiled instantly .
Kill! Kill! Kill!
The mutated dwarf mulberry seemed to be venomous snakes, vomiting the letter, and rolled towards the enemy .
The surplus green mist permeated the battlefield, and the armor of the Sangzhou army was covered with a green streamer, which blocked them all the attacks of the opponent .
The situation reversed instantly!
The growth of Dwarf Mulberry has not stopped . The people in Sangzhou are warriors, the trees are also warriors, and the branches and vines are rolling, trapping the enemies in the jungle .
With the Emerald streamer blessing, the blade of the Sangzhou generals can easily break through the Yuiweis black armor defense!
The short mulberry greatly restricted the enemys mobility . The tall and mighty Sangzhou soldiers were like iron towers . When the bang hit it, they would cut off their lives .
Kill them all!
Sang Yuans voice swayed through every corner of the battlefield through the citys Lingsang .
The miraculous scene made the minds of the soldiers in Tiandu collapse more quickly .
The Sangzhou Army furiously counterattacked, only one step away from the city wall, and quickly returned to the control of Sangzhou . With the help of Dwarf Sang, the sky was elite one by one .
Finally, Jiang Yanjis order came too late: Withdraw troops!
Retreat! Retreat!
Yuyiwei and Xiyingwei, like the amnesty, fleeed the demon dwarf mulberry and fled towards the bottom of the city wall .
Sang leapt far from the battlement and walked towards the outer edge of the city wall .
Want to go?
Dwarf Sang climbed up the ladder of the siege .
The jadeite streamer is like water, flowing down the city wall and down to the wall .
Wherever they passed, the trees came alive, and one plant spreads its teeth and claws, rolling towards the enemy .
The ladder was cut off by the waist .
The emerald light blanket spreads into the distance, breathing, and the Tiandu army camp stationed outside the city all fell .
With such a large-scale vegetation launch, the offensive power is naturally not so strong . It just makes the adversary as if stuck in a quagmire . The action is difficult, and he dare not show any flaws .
Open the gate, the cavalry strikes!
Sang Chengyins roar echoed above the entire royal city .
Sangzhou Wang is the best at chasing down the water dog or something .
Daddy, youre exploiting me to death! Sang whispered in his mouth, and he threw the emerald streamer protection layer on the cavalry and cloud beasts who rushed out of the city .
The invincible vanguard cavalry launched a relentless charge towards the enemies entangled with Dwarf Mulberry .
Just when the Tiandujun began to feel despair, they overwhelmed the camels last straw and stood up .
You Wuming walked slowly to Sang Yuans side .
He raised his hand, put a awn on his eyes, and looked at the other coach .
Today, Jiang Yanji also wore a black black armor, with no powder applied, and only painted two sharp long eyebrows . Looking from afar, it seems that she can already see the thick decline in her body .
You have to catch it . Youyou moved his shoulders lazily .
He skimmed out .
Sang stood far above the city wall and continued to manipulate the jadeite streamer with all his strength .
Youmei flew into the center of the enemy formation and fetched Jiang Yanji straight, while the cavalry and infantry of Sangzhou, in the open area below the city wall, completely launched the Sangdu defense battle .
Dwarf mulberry everywhere, all are Sang Yuans hands, Sang Yuans eyes .
A strange resonance circulated in her heart . She felt like she had become a supercomputer . She monitored the battlefield in an orderly manner . Ling Yun flowed along the mutant dwarf mulberry, according to the priority, supporting each place, and then flowing to the next Office .
Although it is impossible to provide every soldier with emerald protective clothing, but with her efficient support, the casualties of the Sangzhou Army have been minimized .
The dense little flowers and piranhas fell along the city wall into the dwarf mulberry . With them added, Sangzhou was even more powerful .
Sang Chengyin had already entered the battle personally, wielding a lion-headed sledgehammer, and with great momentum, he did not kill a few enemies, but he became the center of the battlefield, grabbing the enemys attention firmly .
In line with the principle of capturing the thief and capturing the king first, countless royal guards attacked Sang Chengyin like meteors and vowed to take him down .
Sang far had to cover the lion king with double protection .
This battle, from the early rise of the sunrise, hit the sunset west .
The sun shattered like gold shattered on the dwarf mulberry, reflecting the bright red blood .
Reinforcements from all over Sangzhou arrived one after another, completely sealing the trail of the Tiandu Army .
Youmeis heavy knives were taken one after another, hitting the defense formation formed by Yuyiwei . When he was on the road, he was overdrawn . He did not use flame power at the moment, but with his strong physique and superb fighting skills and unparalleled strength, he was fighting against Yuyiwei in close combat .
The encircling circle shrinks and shrinks .
The Tiandu Front completely collapsed one after another .
Sang rode a man-eating flower and ran down the city wall to come to You Wumings side, providing him with great help .
Jiang Yanji Xiuwei is the nineth heaven of Lingyao Realm, and Jiang Yis Xiuwei is the eighth heaven of Lingyao Realm . After all the wings have been cut off, these two men have no way to fight back against you .
With the cooperation of Ling Yunteng, Jiang Yi was quickly bundled into a dumpling, thrown aside, and was picked up by Sangzhou soldiers .
Jiang Yanji knew that the general trend was gone, and no longer dying, but stood there proudly, raising his head and saying: Youzhou King, I have something important to tell you .