After Transmigrating Into the Cultivation World, the School Topper Was Reborn - Chapter 104

Jiang Yanji stood proudly between the pool of blood .
Youzhou King, I have something important to tell you .
At this moment, the sporadic fighting sounds around seemed to become the background .
Sang stood far away from Youyou, and the two subconsciously reached out to each other and clasped their fingers together .
Jiang Yanjis eyes were lazy and glanced at Sang far away obliquely: Sang Wang Nu, I have something to say to You Zhou King alone, you avoid it .
The emperor is used to being high, facing the mulberry far away, the expression is full of lightness . She is confident, even if the tiger falls into Pingyang, but she still holds a trump card of sufficient weight in her hand, and she is not afraid of being desperate .
You Wumings lips slowly draw a hint of smirk, leaning his head and saying: Sanguo, you pick a death method for her .
Jiang Yanji, what is she? If it werent for her to occupy this shell, at this moment, she was dead . Still want to separate him and Xiao Mulberry? She dreams faster!
Sang smirked from afar, touching his chin, and pretended to ponder .
Jiang Yanji took a deep breath: Youzhou King, what Im going to tell you, its a great benefit for you . Ordinary womans family, short-sightedness, emotional use, I let the Sang Wangnu avoid it, because she is a good thing for you . State King, I know that your newly-married Yaner is the first to taste love, but you also listen to my suggestions, and it is not too late to make a decision .
Youmei stared at her weirdly for a while, her lips twitched twice: Are you going to find a concubine for me?
Sang was very wary in his face: I have the final say for such a thing .
You Wuxings lips and corners couldnt hide the smile, secretly clasping Sang Yuans fingers .
Oh? I dont think so . Jiang Yanji sneered, stepped forward, and walked to the other side of Youwuming . One jade hand was lifted up, and it was put on Youweis shoulder . Young, flawless corners of the eyes, red lips differential-
Youzhou King, I admire you for being young and handsome, strong and strong, and willing to commit to you . After you call the emperor, I will be able to be a capable person, a civilian military commander, an underground foundation, and I will give it to you as much as I can . . With your help, you will succeed in taking over as the co-owner of the world and become a generation of monarchs . Otherwise, the mess alone will be enough for you for many years .
As soon as this remark came out, Youwu Ming and Sang were stunned from the truth .
Are you ill!
I saw You Wuming slammed two chills, without a word, backhanded Jiang Yanji and sealed her spirit .
Jiang Yanji smiled more vigorously: Why does King Yuzhou like to use strong? That is also very interesting .
You Wuming feels that her body has become woody, her soul seems to float to the top of her head, and goose bumps layer after layer .
After a while, he finally let off his breath .
Really . . . I want one piece at a time and cut your flesh . He gasped heavily, How dare you, dare, . . . Xiao Mulberry, Im going crazy .
The last sentence floated out of the teeth .
He thought about the situation after catching Jiang Yanji many and many times, but he never thought of this kind in front of him .
The pair of red lips belonging to his mother-in-law spit out such words word by word, for him, it was tantamount to Ling Chis punishment . He felt the sky turning, his eyes black .
Sang Yuan was also stunned .
She backed her back and stabilized Yumei, screaming at Jiang Yanji: You are so shameless! How can you say such a thing to him! How can you say such a thing to Jiang Yanjis biological child!
Jiang Yanji couldnt get back to God for a moment, and when he heard Sang scolding her, he immediately scolded her, Sister-in-law, dont pour sewage on me . Do you want to slander me for having a bad relationship with the old king? You Wuming, I have no heads and ends with the old You King! Do not believe, you can drop my blood and test your relatives! If you have nothing to do with me, I want you to compensate me . Rest assured, I will definitely tell you to taste the most wonderful taste in the world .
You Wuming pressed her forehead and breathed more heavily: Little Mulberry, forget it . I dont need to find my mother, I want her to die, to her, tortured, not to survive, not to die, I want to let her, Trying thousands of tortures in the world, I . . .
His hands were trembling, his fingers twitched, and his emotions were almost completely out of control .
Its been a long time since Sang saw such a terrible expression on Youyou . His eyes were crimson, his face blue as ghosts, his lips white as paper, his forehead was covered with green tendons, and his five fingers convulsed and cramped .
She took a deep breath and looked hard at the frivolous Jiang Yanji . Although Jiang Yanji didnt know that You Wuming was the real child of this body, the things she did and the damage done to him at the moment were really mortal .
Sang far said angrily: Do you know who You Wuming is! You took Jiang Yanjis body and killed her beloved husband and children! Now, the soul of revenge crawling out of **** is in front of your eyes . Dare to speak dirty language! You really are, it is not too much to die ten thousand times!
You Wuming hooked Sang Yuans neck, so strong that she suffocated . He was speechless, breathing again, and resounded loudly through her ears, like a brutal beast trapped in a trap .
Sang Yuan angered Jiang Yanji: Did you dream back at midnight, havent you seen the eyes of the father and the son! How can you be so brazen and mean to you as a servant in the world!
The anger in his heart made Sangs eyes flushed from far away, and tears oozed from the corners of his eyes unconsciously . She couldnt imagine how painful the desperate life was at this moment .
I cant move Jiang Yanji!
Jiang Yanjis brows grew tighter .
Why, what . . . She looked at Youyou incredulously, You are a bright devil? How is it possible, how is it possible . . . No, you cant blame me, if you want to blame you, blame yourself! Ive lost it already I have given up searching for the whereabouts of your father and son . Who called you, who told you to carve so many wooden people exactly like me and threw them in the river? It was you who exposed the whereabouts, you killed your father And yourself, you shouldn’t blame me!
Upon hearing this, Sang only felt the sky turning around, and the worries and distresses in his heart surged out, desperately looking towards Youyou .
I saw black flames burning in the lifeless eyes, and the blood tears with flames turned black, slowly flowing down the corners of the eyes .
The trembling five fingers ignited flames and stopped at a distance from Jiang Yanjis neck .
He was a little unclear, and there were bursts of cutting pain in his mind . He didnt want to care about the real Jiang Yanji anymore . Now, let this person in front of him taste the taste of purgatory! The sunlight and warmth he got these days evaporated like dewdrops, and he once again fell into the dark quagmire, and again, turned into a whole moldy moss .
He wants revenge, he just has to revenge . . .
Sang rushed forward, half-armed and half-cuddled, embracing the lifeless and pushing him aside .
Youre lifeless, calm down!
His eyes shook violently in his eyes, and he slowly lowered his eyes and looked at her . Everything he dare to stop in front of him will be shredded without hesitation!
. . . But this is his little mulberry . . .
His trembling fingers gripped her slender wrist .
Small, mulberry, fruit . No, stop me . He said every word .
At this moment, seeing You Yumings onset, Sang far forced himself to calm down .
The corner of her lips evoked a gentle smile, and pressed her soft body close to his violent anger, the unhandled hand gently wrapped around him, and pressed against his ear, softly, The words spoken are gentle at all—
You allow me to think of a way to use the Tianyan mirror to grab this **** soul, and then, whatever you want to pack up . Dont worry, you can go in, naturally you can come out .
Sang is far from sure, but she knows that if at this moment you let Jiang Yanji kill You Jiang, he will fall back into the dark abyss .
Her lover fell to the cliff again, and she had to hold him .
I dont know how long it passed, and the lifeless breath finally became stable .
He looked down and saw that Sang Yuans wrist had been pinched out of several purple fingerprints .
Its okay, I have a little face flower . She smiled very heartily, and stuck a face plate on the wound .
He hugged her heavily from behind, hugged her in his arms and breathed heavily in her ears .
Sanguo, fortunate to have you .
If Jiang Yanji was killed in this way, and the real Jiang Yanjis hope of coming back, he would have to regret his life after he calmed down .
She turned back, tiptoe, and touched his forehead with her forehead .
Me too . Fortunately with you .
The four eyes are opposite, all affection is in the eyes meeting .
She gently kissed his chin: You are lifeless, we are not wrong, it is them who are wrong . Our task is to make them pay for the mistakes they make .
The gloomy eyes gradually calmed down completely .
Well, review Jiang Yi first . I personally review, Sanguo, you dont look at it . His lips showed a malicious smile .
At this time, You Wuming must force herself to do something, so that you dont want to think about those heavy past events .
Jiang Yanji couldnt move for a while, then Jiang Yi could only admit that she was out of luck .
. . .
The generals of Sangzhou are all strong and strong, and the speed of packing up the battlefield is called a swift wind . Except for Jiang Yanji and Jiang Yi, none of the captives remained .
Jiang Yanji and Jiang Yi were both imprisoned in the prison of Sangzhou .
When You Yiming interrogated Jiang Yi, Sang accompanied his parents from afar, standing above the Wangcheng, watching Sang burst into the army and ran back .
Useless stuff! Sang Chengyins roar roared under the wall . When you come back, the daylily is cold!
Sang is not close: . . .
Grievous and embarrassed .
Where are Yun Xuzhou and Huangfu Xiong here! Dont leave him any face!
. . .
This is a doomed night .
You Wuming tried Jiang Yi in the dungeon . People in the rest of the country completely ignored the opinions of the parties . In the hall of the king of Sangzhou, the new owner of the eighteen states in Yunjing was very rashly and easily finalized .
When You Wuming rubbed his wrists lazily to find the mulberry fruit, they all bowed to him in unison, and their voices were uniform--
Have seen the emperor!
Youming: . . .
A pair of black eyes turned around and found the fruit hiding behind a snicker .
He raised his eyebrows and immediately entered the state: If there is a chaos today, the priority is to calm the order and appease the people .
Dispatched the crowd, and Youwu caught Sang far to a secluded place .
Jiang Yi is dead . His expression was a little bit unexplained .
Have you hired?
You Wuming glanced at her with dissatisfaction: Little Sanguo, I personally proceeded to the trial . If I were not told to vomit cleanly, wouldn’t I be worse than Agu?
Yes, yes, the emperor is the most powerful .
You Wuming: . . . how do I think you are scolding me .
He squeezed his eyebrows in annoyance: Little Mulberry, you know I dont care about those .
Sang laughed like a fox from afar: We can ask the Regent to come to the side .
There is a specialization in the art industry, and she and Youwu are indeed not good at politics .
She said: Fathers and fathers are discussing this matter . I have thought about it . After taking over the Tiandu, you will merge the three states of You, Ji and Jiang into the Tiandu to facilitate management .
The royal families of Ji and Jiang Erzhou were all destroyed by Yuyou . He entered the heavenly capital and expanded his territory .
Please ask the Regent to deal with these chores and wait for you and me to return . I am afraid that even our wedding affairs are ready . Sang Yuan took two steps with a smile on his hand .
You Wuming stunned: Little Mulberry, do you know where we are going?
Sang was very upset: Yu Wuming, do you really think I am stupid? Ding has three legs, one in Yunzhou, one in heaven, and one in Jizhou . Since the old Yundi ran away, he must have gone to Jizhou .
Youmei grabbed her happily: Its really a smart fruit, no wonder I can look at me .
Sang Yuanyuan: . . .
On the way to Jizhou, Youwu Ming told Jiang Yi the message that Sang had told .
The beginning of everything was the displacement of the Yunzhou glacier five hundred years ago . The Demon King exposed the ice, and the old emperor Yun Yun, who was then the emperor, led the army to suppress it .
At that time, the Devil King was not as powerful as it is now . After defeat, in order to save his life, he told the old Yundi an unknown secret, and handed over a holy thing, Tianyan Mirror .
Both the Devil and the Sky Mirror come from another world . The people in that world are more powerful than they think . For them, the people living in the eighteen states of Yunjing are just inferior creatures who drink blood .
The underground giant tripod was made by them, and the Tianyan mirror is a gadget they use to predict the weather . For them, a low-level world like Cloud Realm is just a junkyard for dealing with ghosts . The transparent and luminous thing in Juding is the bait that attracts the Wraith to this world .
You Wuming said halfway, leaning her head and looking at Sang Yuan farewell: Little Sanguo, are you not surprised?
Sang far spread his hand: The ancients said, there is a sky outside, there are people outside . Why is it strange?
You Wuming: . . . was speechless .
For a long while, he said: The future foreseen in the mirror of Tian Yan is indeed as Jiang Xujun and others said . On the earth, human civilization has disappeared, leaving only the devil and fire . However, the old Yundi and Jiang Yi did together These things are not for saving the world .
Sang Yuans lips sneered: Guess .
You Wuming said: Lao Yundi saw his own ending in Tianyan Mirror, and knew that he would die in the hands of Yuns next-in-laws future generations . The murderer had an unclear face, only that he was a man . After many years as an emperor, his heart was cut off, so he used the power of Tian Yanjing to refine the blood gu, and he worked with Jiang to personally operate the sword and planned the scourge of the Yun . He pretended to be sick, gave way, and used the blood gu Yuns life is full of ideas, but his ending has not changed .
Sang was keenly aware of what was wrong: Even if Emperor Yun and Jiangs teamed up, he didnt need to tell Jiang Yi about these secret things? Was it just to save the world?
You Wuming raised her eyebrows slightly: Smart . It is not the old man Yun who told Jiang Yi these things, but the Devil King .
You Wuming narrowed her eyes: The Demon King handed over the Tianyan Mirror and joined forces with the human race . The real purpose is to overthrow the tripod in the underground . Once the tripod falls, the ghost can touch the things in the tripod . But the old man Yun Unwilling to do this, he just wanted to use resonance to draw the best of his power, and wanted to break the situation by improving his own strength . Hades had to choose an ally .
Sang Yuan recalled the beautiful and transparent light body that Shen Nian saw in Ding Zhong . It is suspended in the middle of the giant tripod, as long as the tripod does not fall, the ghost will not be touched and out of reach .
If Ding collapsed . . . Sang gasped in a deep breath .
This tripod is the foundation of the underground of the 18 states of Yunjing . If the tripod falls, the whole continent must fall and fall to the Netherworld .
A flash of light flashed in her mind: So, it was Jiang Yi who deliberately gave the news to the King of Qinzhou, and he fooled him to dig the underground city! When the ground of Qinzhou collapsed, the Great Wall of the whole country will collapse . The black iron in the realm is like a hinge, dragging the ground and falling into the abyss from the collapse of Qinzhou!
Smart . You Wuming said, Qinzhou Underground City is huge . As long as you use countless black iron chains to connect the foot of Jizhou underground with Qinzhou Underground City, when Qinzhou falls into the abyss, it will definitely be possible . Overturn that tripod .
Sang Yuan felt cold in his back: So, has Huang Fuxiong filled that hole?
Well, You Wumei smiled triumphantly, Little Sanguo, what did I say before? You and I are also salvation saints .
Sang Yuanyuan: . . .
Wait, Sang found something wrong from afar . What did Jiang Yi try to do?
You Wuming pulled out a map from his arms, long finger pointing to the south of the map .
Sanguo, you see, Juding collapsed northward, and the Great Wall was passing by . This area is actually safe . His fingers started from Sangzhou in the west, and they crossed a line, passing through Jiang, Zhao, and Xiaojiang . State, transferred to Dongzhou .
Juding collapsed, and the things the Devil wanted were out of the cloud realm, and they would never come back . Since then, the remaining half of the mountains and rivers in the cloud realm have been too peaceful and happy . You Wumings lips sneered, Use half The territory is stable in this world . This is also the reason why Jiang has been planning for Sangzhou . Under the new cloud environment, Sangzhou is safe, has a good environment, and is rich in resources . It is most suitable for being a new imperial capital .
Sang heard tingling of the scalp from afar .
If it werent for her and Youwuming to break the chain of conspiracy one by one, everything would probably move forward steadily in accordance with their plans . Han Shaoling and Mengwuyou have always relied on the so-called ‘power of destiny’ . For a long time, drug addiction will only become a puppet in the Temple of Heaven .
The plan of annihilating half the city will surely succeed!
Sang Yuan was very shocked in his heart, and silently took his thoughts and said, So, they have their own purposes . Yundi is for his immortality, Jiang and Demon King are to overthrow the tripod . However, in the beginning, In the changedfuture, they all failed, right?
These three parties are pregnant with ghosts, and the abacus is cracking, but the future shown by Tian Yanjing is a result of extinction . No one is satisfied with this result . So they joined forces and used Tianyan mirror to change the future .
You Wuming said: Its good . Tian Yanjing has repeatedly developed it, and he didnt figure out a first-line turnaround until more than 20 years ago .
That is, after throwing Jiang Yanji and Sang Yuan to another world, the future recorded in Tian Yan Jing, that is Sang Yuan, was seen in Jiao Wife Honey Pet: Han Wangs Ninety-nine Escaped Wife The version offuture .
Only the future of that version will satisfy Hades, Yundi and Jiang Yi .
In that ‘future’, Han Shaoling and Meng Wuyou entered the heaven and earth, and Yundi would not die in the hands of Yun’s descendants . Hades and Jiang Yi could successfully overthrow Juding and get their desired results .
In that future, there is no you and me . Sang whispered far away . The key to changing all this is you and me .
Well, You Wuming smiled casually, You and I are their mourners .
Sang looked at him far away, looking at him for a long time .
It turned out that she and his fate are so closely connected . The two have achieved each other, and no one can do without it .
When Sang clarified the ins and outs, Yuan Youming just stopped .
The destination is here .
The secret base of Emperor Yun Yun in Jizhou looks like a large courtyard for ordinary rich families .
Quietly, no people around .
Sang Yuan quietly asked: Shall we sneak in or . . .
You Wuming kicked the courtyard door .
Sang Yuanyuan: . . .
The two stepped into the hospital and found that there was no silence in the entire courtyard, without guards or servants .
The corridor was covered with ash .
He cant believe anyone . Youyou raised her lips mockingly, but she believed in a ghost .
Sang shook his head far away and sighed: Maybe knowing that he will die in the hands of future generations, causing him a great psychological shadow .
Think about it for a while, its really a bit slack .
You were desperate, and she simply dismantled a door, and took Sang to find the secret passage hidden in the bedroom of the main house, and paced down .
Unbelievably smooth .
Before and after entering the compound, there was no more than a cup of tea . Sang Yuan and You Wuming opened the last black iron door and came to the secret room where the black iron Xiaoding was buckled .
A man wearing a black emperor robe and a golden crown on his head stood behind Ding, and placed a hand above the black iron Ding, slowly raising his heavy eyelids, looking far away from You Wu and Sang .
Emperor Yunyuns appearance is unremarkable, like an ordinary elderly faint emperor .
Come . Old Yundi smiled, Youre lifeless, I really looked down on you .
Youmei Lazily held his arms lazily: Give up your resistance, do you just catch it?
No-- Old Yundi pulled the tone very long . How is it possible, that is impossible . My Yunyis life is up to me, not up to the sky . You turn around now, leave here, close the door for me, and stay in peace with each other Things . If not, I took the power of the overflowing destiny and turned my decayed body into a big blast-bang! Finished together .
Sang Yuan looked at the tripod strangely .
You Wuming said: Ive come here thousands of miles, but I actually want to ask you about the use of Tianyan Mirror .
Old Emperor Yun smiled gently: In fact, the usage is very simple . Put your hands up and think about things in your heart, you will be able to sense the Qi . But then there is no destiny in the mirror, you need to use resonance to extract energy from below . It’s a little trouble to come to confess it, and you have to support the group of people in the Temple of Heaven to help . Then later . . . it’s useless, it’s broken .
Sang knew very well that when the old Yundi just got the Tianyan Mirror, it was like a cell phone with a little power left . The old Yundi could use it and view many materials . Later, the battery ran out and could only be used while the Temple of Heaven was fully charged while the power was fully on, so it was exploded .
Sang Yuanyuan said: So the manufacture of this black iron small tripod was also learned from Tianyan Jing .
The old Yundi raised an eyebrow: The little girl is very smart .
Do you know what the transparent energy light body in Juding is? Sang Yuan asked .
Emperor Yun Yun froze for a moment: The afterlife is awesome . The beautiful and brain-loving little girl, I havent really met a few . You have asked the right person, this question, Yunjing eighteen states, only I can answer you .
Thats the race of the high-level world, called Ming . Emperor Yun narrowed his eyes, as if recalling what he had seen in the mirror, The giant light giant . Do you know why they are called Ming? Do you see Ming? The word, is it a sky cover above, and below the sky, there is a head as big as the sun, with a neck and limbs under the head . Ming, it is such a big thing, one finger, it must be thousands of miles long .
Sang Yuan and You Meng looked at each other .
Emperor Yun said: The people of that world are so powerful . They are trapped by them and cant move for tens of thousands of years . They continuously provide resources and energy for people to cultivate and create fortresses that can fly beyond the imagination . The devil is the pain and resentment of Ming, once it is generated, it will pollute the pure energy of Ming .
So they cut off a limb of Ming, cut off the flesh and only the bones, put it into a world of inferiority like us, and set a trap . The pain and resentment of Ming will be attracted by this broken bone and projected into our world, that is that Overwhelming demons!
Sang took a breath from afar: So what are we?
Whats that? Old Yundi smiled sarcastically, Just happened to be a rat in a garbage dump .
You want to get power, get out, dont you? Sang asked from afar .
Yes . Old Yundi smiled . You are right . Who is willing to be a mouse all his life? Of course, he wants to go out and see .
You Wuming nodded: You cant see it anymore . In the future, you and me will occupy those sites . I will remember to burn incense for you and let you know .
Emperor Yun Yun narrowed his eyes in a shadow: Youre lifeless, have you forgotten what I said? Do you want to die together!
He put his hands heavily on the black iron tripod .
You Wumings face didnt matter . He slowly pulled out a **** knife from behind . The tip of the knife ignited a black flame, and his lips twitched a mocking smile, approaching step by step .
Ha! Good wow! Then die together! Old Yundi suddenly lifted the black iron tripod .
I saw that there was no colorful power in this tripod, but a black flame exactly the same as the lifeless sword .
The golden crown on the head of Lao Yun Emperor was all crooked: How is it possible! It is clearly the power of destiny drawn from the underground, how can it be transferred!
Sang looked at him sympathetically: I didnt adjust the package . Its just that You Wu Ming has replacedFate of Heaven and has become an incomprehensible existence for you .
The colorful flames in Juding have been ignited by Youmei, the old Yundi uses resonance to absorb the power of Dingzhong, and the nature that attracts them will only be the Youming Black Flame .
You Wuming three times, five divisions and two restrained the old Yundi, abolished the cultivation behavior, and threw it away .
Sanguo, let me try if I can use the power of that bone to repair Tianyan Mirror .
You Wuming took out the broken lenses and placed them on the ground, carefully putting them together one by one, and then covered the black iron tripod back, spitting out black flames, igniting resonance .
Sang looked at the faint and frantic far away, staring silently for a while, and stood silently beside him, protecting him .
After a long time, You Wuming breathed out a long breath, slowly uncovering the black iron Xiaoding .
I saw a flawless square mirror lying quietly under the tripod .
Tianyan Mirror has been repaired .
Sang stretched out his hand to touch it and was stopped by Youyou .
He said: No hurry . Send the ancestors back to Yunzhou first .
At this moment, Sang Yuan couldnt see through this familiar man .
Between his beautiful brows and eyes, it seemed that there was a little more lingering light, the kind of god-like indifference she had seen on him .
She was a little nervous .
You Wuming did not treat the old Yundi harshly . He bought two Yunjian beasts . He and Sang rode far away, and the old Yundi rode the other .
The whole life is silent .
Sang Yuan felt vaguely what he was expecting .
She didnt ask . Because the atmosphere at this moment is not suitable for whispering . The biggest advantage of her person is that she understands words and looks . When someone obviously does not want to speak, she is definitely more like a gourd than him .
The two escorted the old Yundi to Yunzhou .
Yun Xuzhou heard the news and greeted her . You Wuming handed her over to her without a word of confession . She took Sang directly to Tiandu-also their new home .
This way, he still didnt talk much . He didnt say anything to her except that he would stop and ask her if she would eat or not when passing through some famous cities .
Sang far inexplicably found the illusion of a cold war with her boyfriend .
Seeing the impending imperial capital, Sang was finally unable to hold back . She turned around to grab his clothes and puckered her lips pitifully .
Yu Mingming . . .
He was staring openly into the distance .
Hearing her calling him, he lowered his eyes, just about to speak, and suddenly Yu Jian brightened .
Yun Xuzhou .
She said that according to the Yunzhou law, the prisoner Yunyi (old Yundi) murdered the Yun clan, the crime was unforgivable, and the sentence was Bing Lingchi . After the execution was completed, she would rush back to the capital to deal with the new emperors enthronement and the emperors wedding .
You Wuming was silent for a while, and her thin lips moved slightly: Is the executioner, Yun Xuyang?
Yun Xuzhou paused for a moment, took a deep breath, and replied: Yes . According to the labor service I originally arranged for Yun Xuyang, this should be the last death sentence in his hand .
What a coincidence . You Wuming said faintly .
Yeah . Yun Xuzhou sighed . It feels like a kind of reincarnation or destiny .
The jade jade is broken .
Sang was stunned .
You Wumings black eyes moved and looked at her, her lips flared with a smile: Little Mulberry, just what do you want to say to me?
Are you always waiting for this news?
Ok .
So . . . Sang felt only numbness in his scalp, Is everything back to its original point?
At the beginning, Emperor Yun Yun just saw the ‘foreseeing’ that he died in the hands of future generations, and then he kicked off the prologue of changing his soul .
After going round and round, he still had a destiny ending .
Sang knew it .
You Wuming deliberately didnt mention a word . He only gave the old Yundi to Yunzhou . His purpose was to see the power offate with his own eyes .
He looked at her without saying a word .
Sang was staring at him with a little hair, and he understood in his heart: Yu Wuming, you are worried about me . When the Tianyan mirror is fixed, I can help you find your mother, you are afraid that I will never return, is not it?
Forget it . You Wumings extremely dark eyes gradually glowed with perseverance . What did she come back to, a pile of mess . Little Mulberry, its not worth the risk .
But I really want to go back and take a look . She carefully looked at his face, I was suddenly struck by thunder, and I dont know if I was lying in the intensive care unit and wasting resources . Do you know, I earn in that world With so much money, I haven’t had time to spend it yet .
Youming: . . .
She shook his arm gently: Just look at it first, then go with certainty, and forget it if you arent .
This matter, she also has her own persistence, unwilling to give up easily .
After all, it was a woman who had the same experience as her . After all, it was his mother-in-law .
After all, Jiang Yanji is different from her . Jiang Yanji is very likely to remember things in this world, otherwise how could she write that book?
The woman who will glow white when breastfeeding, she must miss her husband and children very much, is she crazy?
This matter, she must do it for him .
You Wuming didnt speak, only protruding her arms and hogging her in his arms .
He called her slightly out of control .
Little Mulberry, my little Mulberry . . .