After Transmigrating Into the Cultivation World, the School Topper Was Reborn - Chapter 105

The enthronement and wedding ceremony are scheduled three days later .
After a night of carnival, Youwu Ming and Sang blocked the doors and windows of the palace and removed the Tianyan mirror .
Sang took a deep breath and laid his palm flat on the water-like mirror .
The mirror swayed slightly, and she clearly sensed the Qi .
This is a very mysterious feeling, if you must make an analogy, it is like using a brainwave to manipulate a computer .
After a moment, she withdrew her hand .
Yes . She looked directly into his eyes . Tianyan mirror can support three hours . As long as I find Jiang Yanji within three hours, I have enough energy to bring her back together .
Is there any danger? There was no smile on Youyous face .
Yes! Sang nodded far away seriously, Im in that worlds body, I dont know if its dead . If I die, I may have to manipulate the ashes to escape from the cemetery, and I have to use my ashes in front of Jiang Yanji . It is indeed a dangerous and difficult task to spell her word by word .
You Wumings mouth twitched: . . . Little Mulberry! You are serious .
She looked at him quietly: Eat and eat last night, I beg you to be serious, have you spared me .
You Wuming was not guilty, and she caught her in her arms with her long arms, grabbing her chin .
Sang hurriedly begged for mercy: My body should be in a vegetative state . After I passed, I quickly escaped from the hospital, found her, and brought it back, no difficulty! Trust me!
Well . You Wu Ming let go of her .
Sang took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and pressed his palm against the mirror .
Youmings eyes did not blink .
Waited for a long time .
Suddenly saw her open her eyes .
Yumei subconsciously held his breath .
But seeing that she was not agile in her eyes, she frowned slightly at him and said, The emperor and concubine are not married yet .
Youming: . . .
Turn your dark eyes, and then again .
Suddenly he remembered a question-in the past six years when Sang Yuan was in a different world, who was that wooden man Sang Wangnu?
Not the one in front of me .
You Wuming only felt his throat dry: Who are you?
I saw that she was even more displeased between her eyebrows: The emperor is the worlds co-owner, and his words and deeds are all dictated by the world . How can he be so smirking?
Youming: . . .
He didnt know what to do for a moment .
I saw her getting up and leaving .
Youwu was very anxious and stopped her with open arms: Where are you going .
The person in front of him is obviously the body of Xiao Sanguos face, but there is no half-spirit in her body, and she is like a puppet .
He did not dare to move her .
She gave a stereotyped gift: The concubine returned to Sangzhou to marry . Emperor, please dont block it .
You Wuming stared at her eyes and opened her side .
Seeing her without looking at him at once, he walked steadily, walked past him, and walked towards the palace gate without any loss .
You Wuming took a deep breath and stunned her with a knife .
Take a package in her arms and almost threw her out of her thoughts .
Youming: . . . Fuck .
Holding her, it feels like she betrayed her daughter-in-law .
Throwing her, it was her own wife who fell in pain .
You Wuming feels too difficult .
He put her back on the bed, squatting by the bed, staring at her without blinking .
Thinking about it, there is always no clue .
What she looks like is not like the crossing woman like fake Jiang Yanji and Mengwuyou .
What is it?
When you are anxious, time always passes very slowly .
These three hours are the longest three hours in the life of You Ming .
Unconsciously, it has been dark for a long time . . .
You Wuming jumped up .
It was dark, and three hours had passed . Why did Xiao Sanguo not come back!
He breathed a sigh of relief, and in an instant, his murderous intention almost broke through the roof of the temple .
He strode out of the palace gate and asked the palace people, and learned that seven hours had passed .
It is no wonder that seven hours are regarded as three hours .
You Wuming feels that she has become an ant on the oil pan, like a butterfly with its wings falling into the cobweb .
He turned for a long time, squatted in front of the bed again, staring at her sleeping peacefully .
Little Mulberry, Little Mulberry, Little Mulberry . . .
He whispered nervously .
The voice is hoarse .
She never wakes up .
Youyouming do not know how this night went through . When the daylight came in, he looked at the bright light dimly, only to feel his brain dizzy .
Everything seems to be meaningless .
Just when he felt that he had turned into a piece of wood or a pool of standing water, there was suddenly a very light bang on the bed .
He took a deep breath and stared at him .
I saw her frowning, and when she covered her neck with one hand, she couldnt open her eyes .
Youming: . . .
He forgot, yesterday he stunned the wood mulberry with a knife .
So, she has actually returned, but this body is in a coma . . .
You Wuming laughs: Poof hahahaha!
You Wu Rage: I kill myself!
Sang opened his eyes far and away with difficulty: Youre lifeless, whats wrong with you?
He turned the black eyeball once to the left and to the right: No, its fine . Little Mulberry, how about it .
Pretend to be casual .
Sang stared at him for a while, then blinked and said, Jiang Yanji, just handle it . Our mother said, dont want that body .
You Wuming took a long breath very slowly: Have you seen it?
Well . Sang Yuanyuans expression was a bit hard to say . She is doing very well in that other world, very happy and unwilling to come back .
You Wuming grinned: Thats good, I dont want to see her either . I have to raise a mouth and spend a lot of money when I come .
You really look like her, she murmured lowly .
He watched her expression secretly, and like a predator, quietly leaned close to her and circled her into his arms . After she recovered slightly, he simply pushed her neatly into the middle of the bed .
This time, Yumie directly refused to let her out of bed .
Her arms around her, her breath wrapped around her, he stared at her, gritted his teeth and hated: If you get a big marriage, I see where you are going!
Sang Yuanyuan: ? Run? What are you running? Why run? Who wants to run?
She is not a little sweetheart who ran away from the bride .
Its toxic .
Sang knew very quickly what it means to die .
She knew he was fierce on the bed, but she didnt expect it to be so fierce . She had no chance to get to bed normally .
She found that a strand of white hair was secretly caught between his black hair, but she had no strength to ask, and she couldnt even lift her hand to stroke the strand of white hair .
Her fingers slumped softly to her side, and she felt like she had turned into a pool of water, letting him gather her into various shapes .
She found that he fought more easily than any battle .
It wasnt until the courtesan urged you that You Wuming found herself indulging her head .
Forgot the time .
There were dark circles under both eyes .
With the help of the waitress, the new emperor Xinhou put on a cumbersome wedding dress, took the dragon and phoenix, and hurried to the main hall .
Sang took the opportunity to summon a small face flower and sprinkle healing mist on his sour body .
From afar, you can feel that the ceremony on the other side of the main hall is very grand .
The two laid down the dragon and phoenix in front of the Jingtian Gate . The waitress surrounded them, laid out their long tails, and then respectfully retreated .
You Wuming reached out his hand and took Sang Yuans hand .
Come .
Although Xiao Xiaohua has worked hard to cure her all the way, there are still some deep and shallow marks on her body that have not completely subsided, her legs are also soft, and there are still black eyes under her eyes, which cant cover the powder .
He is too much .
The huge phoenix crown flickered over her head, quite overwhelmed .
Im afraid there wont be a second couple of couples in this world . The big marriage is as embarrassing as we are . They all blame you, lifeless!
She murmured angrily .
Blame me blame me . The joy in the corners of his eyes couldnt hold back .
The two joined hands and followed Bai Yuyong to the main hall of Tianji .
All the old ornaments have been removed, and now the main palace of the imperial palace is thick and pale, like a deep giant beast, lying on the higher order .
Around the golden drums, the courtesy officers led the civil and military officials and the princes of various states, Wang Shili . Although it was a day, they had begun to set off fireworks .
You Wumings lips didnt move, but his voice murmured into Sang Yuans ears .
I havent said that I want to set off fireworks in daylight . Looking back, all this wasted money must come from Yun Xuzhou . I make my own claims .
Sang Yuanyuan: . . .
Her lips didnt move, and her voice floated carefully: They give you so much Zhang Luo, even if you dont give them wages, you still have to pay them back, what does it look like . This money, back in the dungeon, is ruthless . It is enough to knock on Qinzhou and get back .
You Wuming glanced at her, her eyebrows and lips didnt move, and said, Clever! As soon as Yi Dian is over, I will handle this matter!
Wealth fan . Sang was carrying the Queens wind instrument from afar, and his eyes were solemn, but the tone was Han Jiao with lament and laziness, which made you feel lifeless .
The princes on the left and right sides will not know the truth, hold their breath and watch the ceremony, they only feel that the new emperor is magnificent, the emperors country is heavenly and fragrant, and it really is a combination of pearls .
A series of complicated etiquettes were performed on the stage to worship the heavens, accept the pilgrimage, and appoint one hundred officials . It took five or six hours to complete the event, and finally came to an end, and entered the feast of universal celebration .
The emperor and Hou Gao sat on their heads . The left and right were the princes and wives of the various kingdoms, and below them were the hundred military and military officials .
The melodious classical music surrounds the main hall, and Sang receives the congratulatory wine from all sides far and away, drinking to the wine, smiling, and watching the music below .
The couple of King Sangzhou was beaming .
Sang Bujin is close to Yun Xuzhou .
Huang Fuxiong took the couple at the banquet .
Ping Su and Zhang Youwang, the father and son of Pingzhou, also had a good time .
The mourning husband’s sister, Yingyingyue, suddenly became hot, and she turned into a frightened bird in the face of all parties . She kept secretly raising her eyes to look at the emperor’s face, making her look like a cat .
The banquet went away, and Youyou let the princes and officials retreat first .
He hugged Sang from a distance and hugged him back from the Tianji Hall to the cave .
There is a full moon hanging in the sky, the palace wall is high and deep, and under the moonlight, he is not like an emperor at all, like a proud groom official .
The bedroom was warm red .
The two followed the etiquette system, drank Heya wine, and worshipped each other .
The phoenix crown was too big, almost poked its lifeless eyes .
The two laughed once, removing heavy clothing and embracing each other into the fiery bedding .
Kissing for a moment, she picked out the strand of gray hair on his head .
I came back late one night and worried you, didnt I?
Poor Sang was far from knowing that You Wuming, the fool, had stunned her, and then anxious himself all night .
She thought that Tian Yan had made a mistake, and the time flow rate had changed on both sides .
It is impossible to admit that such a shameful thing is lifeless .
He said softly: No, its the effect of refining the bones .
Boldly braided .
Ah, like this, Sang said far away, wouldnt it be completely white after that?
Youming: . . . What should I do?
Lets interrupt first .
Black Eyes rolled around: Small things, I will find a way to solve them . By the way, Xiao Sanguo, when you left, I saw that wood mulberry was far away .
You Wuming said the things of the day again .
Sang thought for a moment, and nodded slowly: I know . If a person loses their autonomous consciousness, the subconscious will dominate the body, follow the waves, and live to be what she should be in the eyes of the world . It is not that bad, just boring . .
She bent her eyes and smiled at the corner of her lips .
Well . He pressed her forehead, and his big hand quietly began to pervert . Its fun to eat such fruits .
. . .
Huang Fuxiong was left for an extra day by the emperor .
When leaving the imperial palace, You Wuming and Sang came to see him off in person, and Huang Fuxiong was flattered .
Come .
You Wuming found a clean grass **** and took the lead to sit down .
Sang smiled and leaned beside him . The idol and the short-lived jumped to the side of the two . The family of four looked at Huangfu Xiong with a smile .
Huangfu Xiong opened his mouth blankly, not knowing what to say for a while .
Come and sit down and listen to the story . You Wumings lips smirked, and he took out several cans of wine from behind .
Green plum spirit brew .
Huang Fuxiong sat down dumbfounded and listened to the story of Master Ming .
He picked up the wine and drank it .
Have you made a puppet? Huang Fuxiong lost his soul, Mr . Ming, what a pity .
When he heard that the two men and women had killed the father and son, he wanted to pull the couple out .
Then he realized who the dog man was .
He was lost .
In my heart, there seemed to be a happy tower collapsed, and then a painful tower collapsed . Two different kinds of dust mixed together, sharpening his heart, he could not taste anything .
He was in a trance for a moment, and asked a question that already knew the answer in his heart: You are the original storyteller . Xiao Zhongs Revenge . . . . . .
Yes . Youyou stared at him calmly .
No need to say clearly, Huang Fuxiong can already guess the whole story .
From the beginning, it was deception and exploitation .
He felt that he should take revenge, but he couldnt mention it at all . Not because cultivation is a gap, but the mind has become a mess .
The puppet wobbled up in front of him, spit out a small spirit pearl and placed it at Huangfuxiongs feet .
Huang Fuxiong twisted it up . At the center of the barracks that day, he didnt look at the picture inside . Today, is it necessary to look at it?
For a long time, **** combined .
Ji Lingzhu broke into powder .
Two lives, change two lives . Huang Fuxiong turned his back, and his voice floated out faintly, Yu Wuming, Dongzhou and you are clear . Since then, there is no mercy .
it is good .
For a while, Huangfu Xiong took a deep breath, turned around, and kneeled: The emperor takes care, Huangfu Xiong has the important task of guarding the Eastern Front, so he retires first!
The bear-like mans eyes burst into a complex tear .
Lonely out of a paragraph, the pendulum suddenly caught .
A little puppet grabbed his clothes, crawled up, and climbed to his chest . Xiaomus arms wrapped around his thick neck, and a small face came up . He slapped his cheek .
Huangfuxiong: qaq
Youmings voice floated murkyly: Huangfuxiong, you raised my short-lived mouth, and every half a month thereafter, I let it go to your Dongzhou for a tooth sacrifice .
Huang Fuxiong: !!!
Huang Fuxiong: Nodded madly .
The eight-foot man ran away in tears .
After sending away Huangfuxiong, Youwu and Sang went to the dungeon from afar, ‘visiting’ Jiang Yanji .
Jiang Yanji has long lost the queens momentum .
She knew that Yuwuming would never let her go . This madman wondered what to do to torture her . A few days of torment have polished her remaining sharpness, her hair looks thinner, and after being abolished and repaired, it is faintly aging .
You Wuming took out Tianyan Mirror .
He leaned over to Jiang Yanji, who looked friendly and polite .
He said deliberately: I am going to refine you and this mirror together now . It may be a little painful, and for a long time, you can bear it . If you cant help it . . . then there is no way .
Jiang Yanji tried to retreat and hit the wall .
Youmings voice is more gentle: If I fail, you will be burned into a pile of small ash with the mirror .
He picked up his fingers and gestured slightly: Well, so a little bit .
Jiang Yanji shivered .
Youmeis lips were bent, and her smile was gentle like a spring breeze: Do you want me to succeed?
Jiang Yanji looked at him in horror .
You Wuming Jing said: If I succeed, the mirror will still be burned to ashes, leaving only the mirror core, and your soul will be caught by me and locked in the mirror core . One thing, one day, it will completely turn into a pile of small ash . Come on, guess whether I will succeed, or will I fail?
He turned to Jiang Yanji smilingly .
Laugh like a little angel .
I bet I will succeed!
Soon, screams from the dungeon sounded unhuman .
. . .
After ascending the throne, Yumie looks like a faint monarch and does not care much about political affairs .
Sang far persuaded him several times, and he gathered people together with perseverance and opened a meeting .
In this way, unconsciously, all states, large and small, have handed over Jun Yin successively and bowed their heads .
Yu Wuming, are we not breaking history back on track?
But if you go on like this, there will soon be a scourge of annihilation .
You Wuming sneered disdainfully .
She changed her position and lay lazily on his lap .
Now, this cloud environment looks much better than it used to be . Why is it still going to die? You said, will thoseoutside people come in to wipe us out?
Well, he stroked her hair one after another, Its okay . I can completely refine Dingzhongs bones in a few years .
She nodded and hugged him .
She also participated in the refining process . Her empathy ability has always been very strong . When refining the bone, she could perceive the remaining emotions in the bone .
Darkness is the core of extremely pure light, free to walk around, sprinkle warmth and light to the whole world, that is a bright and beautiful world of endless energy .
However, the greedy humans are not satisfied, they imprisoned them, and madly squeezed energy from them, causing them to generate demons .
Then, humans threw these demons into other worlds like garbage .
How awful .
The pain and grievances of Ming are all derived from human beings . Without human greed, there would be no earth and creatures poisoned by the evil spirits .
Those cruelties and greed are the true source of all evil .
Sang knew far away that the thoughts of You Mings heart had risen and he planned to do something .
Once he has the idea, he will not dispel .
Enemies who are stared at by You Meng will definitely regret coming to this world, and Sang is very determined .
She occasionally wonders whether the self-sacrificing race of the Yunjing Ming tribe will be derived from the divine nature of the Ming bone . This phalanx was suppressed here for thousands of years, and the unwilling and hopeful divinity was pinned . Eventually, it was completely awakened in someones body, creating a genius .
However, this is something that can never be verified .
Anyway, no matter what he wants to do, she will support him unconditionally, thats right .
. . .
Suddenly, one day, Youyou mysteriously leaned into Sang Yuans ear .
Curious fruit! Ill take you out to play .
Today, he can really fly .
He took her and flew off the Abyss .
Thunder and lightning thundered beside him, and the lifeless laughter was arrogant .
The wind was blowing from the side of the face, Sang far felt like he was walking through endless years and stories .
In the end .
Under the abyss, there is endless red earth and sky .
The earth is full of demons .
From here, Yunjing Eighteen States is just a big mountain surrounded by lightning and unable to see the top of the mountain . The light of the dark bones looms out from the mountain, attracting the whole world of the demons, and the former servants continue to the one . Climb up the mountain .
The earth is endless, and you pass by for a long time without seeing any boundary .
The whole world is a ghost . Here is too big, from a distance, the eighteen states of Yunjing are like a small mountain in the magic sea .
If you wipe them all out, you will be able to live many peaceful years on it . Sang touched his chin far and murmured secretly .
She stared for a moment .
There is a lot of rotting cotton underground .
You Wumingxin grasped the enlightenment and provoked her lips .
Sang took a deep breath, and his thoughts followed the rot cotton vines, spreading to the endless red earth .
She did her best, and saw huge black and red cottons drilled out of the pile of ghosts, the cotton buds burst, and a fluffy rotten cotton popped out of the cotton buds .
Youmei fell straight down, holding the knife in her back and stab it into the ground .
A black flame ignited in his eyes . The pure flame could not tell whether it was water or fire .
Heiyan followed the blade handle and flowed over the blade body, and suddenly burst out .
I saw that the flames were rolling, rushing to the four sides, igniting the fluffy rot cotton, the fire was getting stronger and stronger, and the demon seemed to have fallen into the infinite purgatory, without the strength of struggling, and turned into endless black ash .
Black and gray circled circle after circle, centered on the two, swaying towards the boundless earth .
You Wuming and Sang looked at each other from afar .
The eyes of both of them reflected a monstrous flame, and the flame of the body slowly dissipated .
Looking at the world, there are turbulent fires, ghosts, and ghost bodies .
Between heaven and earth, there is no human civilization, only a lone mountain in the distance, and two arsonists .
Oh, destiny .
It turns out so .
(End of text)
The author has something to say: tomorrow will be even more exciting .
Fang Waiyi, Sang went to Jiang Yanji far away in modern times . (So ​​the modern drama is put on the outside)
Fanwai II, if the young man has never blackened [upper middle and lower] (change the posture and eat the fruit again . Fly blindly write various garbled warnings . )
On February 6th, the new Damn Shura Field! 》
The big brothers in the Three Realms suddenly found out that the first moon of the young fisherman who was the new income of Tianjizong Zongmen had the same face as the first beauty that accidentally fell a hundred years ago .
That one, but Bai Yueguang, moles, pretty confidant, good sister .
So Yuchu was forced to open the stand-in Shurachang--
Zhengdao Jianzun: Women, recognize your identity, you can only be her substitute .
Lord of the Devil: Should I make you a puppet and make this face smile at me forever?
Overbearing demon king: Oh, give birth to a child like her, you can die .
Yuchuyue (Xueba Face): Im sorry our Tianji Sect prohibits premature love and that group of old men and old ladies are super capable!
Finally, one day, Yuchu had to tell his secret to the brother who was so high in appearance, like ice and snow .
Actually, I was the woman who had died with the first Immortal Zun . Was you embarrassed to think about it?
The cold man smiled like a ghost: Its so coincident that I am the one who died with you .
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