An adult in Pokemon -

Status : OngoingType : Web NovelLanguage : ChineseAuthor : N/A
An adult transferred to a World of Pokemon due to a rookies mistake. The good news he has a little bit of an edge with a guide to help and reward him. The bad news he hasn't played Pokemon like a hardcore person. He just played for the adventure and catching the one he likes.Watch how an average guy takes on a new world of Pokemon. With new threats and mutated Pokemon.This novel incorporates all the different manga, anime, games, and novels. Will not follow any type of cannon neither will the personalities match the Trainers you think you know.Pokemon is owned by Nintendo and it's subsidiaries and partners. Please support their actual content. Happy reading.Theme- Average protagonist, Adult content, Pokemon with a little cruelty in them, Trainers with cruelty in them, Crazy people, Mc is a poke retire.

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