Chapter 94
At the breakfast table a few days later, plans were changed up finally . The team split into three . To play to the strength of each other more and cover ground with everything that was happening . An email between Gray and Professor Oak put the two on bad terms . Professor Oak wanted Gary to come back and rest, But the young man was determined to live his life more than ever now .

Gray supported the decision . Since it would be stupid to have Gary locked in an office with his new condition . Red, Gold, and Nurse Joy went back to the research facility . The first two for recovery . The latter as a member of Gray's team . For "support" and what not .

"Jackie, Claire, Bea, and I will head to Blackthorn city . Then I will head back for a pick up here . " Sabrina went everything for the last time . Despite the protests of some . "Silver, since he is an expert on Ghost-type Pokemon, is heading to Lavender Town . Crystal, and Gary will come with . As for . . "

"I am heading with Gray . . ' Hilda said . She did not care for Sabrina's attitude . Which was mostly because of the effect she had on Gray and Claire . "I have Ranger work he can help with . And June has information that needs to be discussed still . "

"With the Lighting abilities you have . . "

"She is coming with us . " Gray cut in . "The way you said everything could work before, I was no longer needed to go towards Lavenger Town's dungeon . That teams were changed up to reflect that . We now have additional people that should make that moot still the same . "

"He is Team Leader Sabrina . Best to let it go . " June said . Sabrina closed her eyes giving in . "Just the way things go some time . " Looking back she watched as Gray was already leaving . Empress floated out of him to go towards Sabrina . 'Well . . that is just off putting . '

'They are drifting apart . ' Choma said from within . 'Not much can be done about that really . Duty and what Empress wants keeps things from going smoothly . '

'I think it is stupid . ' June thought back . She grabbed her bag and trotted off . "See everyone in a few days . "

"Crystal, you owe me a fight!" Hilda said cheerfully . She was already running to catch up with the others . 'Wonder what we will run into first?'

'We are where we need to be . Hopefully, Bea finds what is needed of her . ' Impact thought to her . On the shoulder of her partner suited things just fine . Especially it was a way for them to train togethor . 'This form is very pleasing . I wonder what my other siblings look like . '

'Whatever they look like, they will be weaker than us . ' Hilda looked down meeting her eyes . The two shared a look nodding . 'Glad we are on the same page . '

"Sabrina, it is time to go . " Claire cut in . She stared at the back of the others long enough . "Faster we get started, the faster everyone can meet up again . " Mostly in a rush to get back to her family and correct some things she found out from Iris . 'Lance is into some shady stuff . The elders must know more . '

"Right . " Grabbing hold, she Teleported them away .

Silver, Crystal, and Gary head off as well . Sabrina would be able to find them easy enough . Specifically, Gary considering his partner .


Cycling Road-


"I can not believe you used Hypnosis on those people . " Hilda asked . Her hands crossed behind her head . "I mean, we could have gotten some bikes . "

"We are faster than bikes . And to get ones that actually could sustain our aura is to expensive . " Gray shook his head against the notion . "I will not waste the money and I also want to train . The service strip has no cycling, so no issue . That guy was just acting like a pain in the ass . "

"Yeah . True . "

"So what were you wanting to know about?" June asked . She was strangely ok with everything that happened . Slightly humming as they traveled when not talking .

"Well you are a twin and I am a twin . Both of our siblings have aura uses . From what I remember . I want to know if "Aura Links" can break when a difference of opinion starts to manifest more . "

"Yes . For identical twins is is that much stronger . Especially with them usually on the same wavelength . ven disagreeing they are able to understand the point of view of the other . " June pulled up an articele she wrote about it before . Then the actual material itself collaborates with several other Professors . "Right around puberty is when a wedge is formed . Or for kids that are really smart, a bit sooner . The sense of self causes the more dominant twin to institutively suppress the other weaker one . "

"Hmm . " Gray just hummed . he sent out a few of his Pokemon to go and hunt in the extremely tall grass . The Absols, Servine, Growlithe, and Nidoking took off . Clyde the Hunchkrow stood on his shoulder . Much to the annoyance of Midnight the Umbreon . He took up the other shoulder and remained quiet . 'Battle any Pokemon ot trainers that want to . Do not bully anyone, we are not staying close to treat major injuries . '

"Right!" They all answered togethor . Using the full scope of their aura to do so .

"So, I am the reason my sister is so moody then . " Hilda was slightly disappointed as she read .

"No . It is the same as with other people . The problem is, that you to or more aware of each other is al . Most likely a side effect of you to sharing pokemon growing up and swapping them during fusions as well . Lingering effects on your mind and all that . " Gray said back to the two .

"I will have to differ to him in that regard . He knows you both better than I do . " June said . "Let's say you two were not close at all, and spent five years apart . The more dominant would feel a sense of lost . While the lesser would grow exponentially . "

"Well, that is not fair . " Hilda frowned .

"You are right, it is not . But . . " June held her finger up stopping her before she didn't hear everything . " . . afterward, the more dominant one would experience a much larger growth . It is a weird psychological effect that feeds in on each other . Mainly because those involved feel the need they need improve . Making sure the other does not fall behind in any way . "

"So we are destined to fight neverending at times?"

"Nope . The future is yours to decide . "

"Gray is right . More and more Aura Link trainers are changing the view on that . In fact, a set og Gym Leaders specifically have gotten rid of the problem entirely . " June had to pause and try to figure oue which Gym leaders they were . "But it is a little different since both are deeply Psychic as well . I can not remember their names . "

"Tate and Liza of Mossdeep city . " gray said . His eyes glowed in aura power as he spoke . "The two sisters have a deep connection with one another . In all the since of the words . They also are the only Gym Leaders to have inclosed marriage . "

"Inclosed marriage?" Hilda was not suprised about the tone, but the words themselves .

"The two sisters have the same wife, and a husband each . The wife is shared between the two and the husband are each for themselves . It is quite the set up . At first their parents couldn't understand or like it, but that changed when the two showed their resolve . They passed the gym on to some one else and left the city area . Opened up an area not to far away . Spreading their ideas . And view on life . "

'I can see his wings but they really are not out . Glowing white greatly . ' June thought . She could feel Chroma humming in pleasure . 'You ok?'

'Yes . He is very happy in that place . The peace and understanding they live is very good for the Hoenn region . ' Her partner thought back . I will make sure I keep an eye for trouble there . Defintely needs to stay standing if we want to survive the aftermath . '

"Maybe I should take her there one day?" Hilda thought outloud .

"No reason you shouldn't . It can be a learning experience . " Clyde said . He spread his wings and flew up . "I will do a little recon in the area . " Gray just gave a nod . He knew Clyde was going to report to Fearow .

"Well, how about a little training?" Gray looked at the two . The smile on his face made June's heart skip a beat . "It has been a while since we have train that way yes? It will be like old times . "

"I would like that a lot . I have gotten a lot better in the more physical aspect . " Aura power channeled around her slowly . Not a bit was wasted . "I am sure I can show Hilda a few things . "

"Sounds good to me!" Hilda looked at Impact who was already fired up . "Heard it is a speed thing most times, let's see who can come out on top . "

"Pokefusion!" The trio announced togethor . Gray/Umbreon, Hilda/Jolteon-Mew, June/Chroma .

"Loser has to do whatever the winner says for a . . day . " Hilda shot off like a bullet . Gray and June smiling, they knew she would come in last . To much throttle out the gate .




"What is this place?" Lance out loud looking around . The mountainous region was unlike anything he seen before . Arceus sent him somewhere that he was not ready for out of the blue . He was also not alone . "Get up!"

The purple-haired stranger next to him stirred slightly . The clothes he wore made Lance slightly shocked . The clothes he wore were someone that same . The pure white with light gold outline was a little to regal for his taste .

"Ughh . . " the other member groaned before standing up straight . "Relax a little . Pretty sure the boss would not send us on a wild errand . " His tone was hard to read . Coming out slightly stoic . 'We could have been sent to the darkest corners of existence, and I would gladly go . If it helps restore the Galar Region, I have to try . '

"All you care about is your brother . " Lance gave a critical glare . His corrupted aura weighing down on the other . "I will not try to pretend to understand Lord Arceus' desire in raising you up . The failure of the Dynamax engine is proof enough . . "

"Grr . . " Leon pushed back with Dynamax energy . But it was no match for Lance's control . "This how you treat partners? No wonder you lost that Pokesoul . Bet your other pokemon abandoned you for the same reason . "

"Crackle!" The air started break with power . The two was ready to come to blows .

"Enough!" A voice boomed out . A young woman walked out with steely eyes . The light golden glow warning the two not to cause trouble . "If you are done acting like fools, come with me . We need to break this dungeon fast . "

Lance and Leon growled at each other before following . Seeing as Jasmine from the Johto region held a special place in the organization was enough to warrant how serious the situation turned .

The chasm they travelled down left nothing to the imagination . Flickering lights revealed several ghost type pokemon hiding in the shadows . Down below futher, several members fiddle about mining the multi colored gems .

"Two of the chosen have arrived . " Jasmine said cooly . he spoke to a young woman with a bald head . She looked somewhat ill and haggard . "Janina . . "

"We will begin . The sooner it is freed, the sooner we can change the world . " Janina stared at the large creature incased in the gems . A dark look shining in her eyes that the others did not see . "The body of the greatest threat to Lord Arceus . Despite the pieces it is missing . "

A body of Giratine had several marks across the chest . Most of the claws and part of the left wing were missing . So covered in the corrupted aura, it was impossible for Gray to detect it really .

"Babump!" A wave went out in the room . Janina and a few others undercover felt it . It was the result of several Lugia sending out a pulse to find the body . Judas swimming around the Johto waters honing in slowly . On his back were several trainers .

Misty, Dawn, and Dawn's mother Johanna . The woman was quite happy to have met the Legendary Pokemon . More happy than Dawn had seen her since the passing of her father and siblings .