Chapter 95: 95
Hilda had quite the lead starting off . Both Gray and June had trouble catching up using just raw physical abilities . That change after a little use of aura . A black and green streak caught up with her yellow flicker in an instant .

"Sup?" Gray asked smirking next to her . June on the side just grinning . Hilda frowned slightly . She could tell they were barely trying . Eyes shining as she reduced her own aura use . "Have to get a good balance . A median adds quite a bit of extra power . "

"Got it!" Hilda kicked off her toes . The leap sent her high into the air . She started running on electrical currents in the air . Each step ended in a leap . "Some things are the same no matter what!"

"Well, that is something . " Gray blinked . A small build of energy next to him begged the question . "Seriously?"

"Keep up!" June skated across the air on some intangible ramp . Building speed as she went . "Have to dig deep for more power . Or using it with a bit more imagination!" Several cyclists and runners looked up unable to get over the two speedsters .

'Hmm, rather not use the other method I have been developing just yet for fighting against the faster Pokemon . ' Gray's aura pulsed . The gold rings of Umbreon flashing briefly . 'Ominous Wind All Base Stats increased . Silver Wind All Base Stats will increase . Quiver Dance Special Atack+Special Defense+Speed will go up . Work Up-Attack+Special Attack Bulk Up- Attack+Defense Ancientpower-All Base Stats all into one . '

*Shatter!* The ground around Gray turned into nothing from the raw aura might . A black blur with gold tinges was the last anyone saw . He flew through the air passing June and Hilda .

*Ting!* An aura platform appeared when he landed in front of them . In an instant shattered . The same aura used cycled back into him . A golden ring floated behind Gray's back . The same shade as Umbreon's .

"Ahh this feels to good . What the hell should I call this?" Gray thought to his partner . He reigned the power in and slowed down just enough for Hilda and June to see him . Another kick and he was gone again . 'Feels good to push my body again . '

'I have know idea . ' Midnight responded back . 'Naming moves is a human thing . We as Pokemon, just do really . ' Umbreon had a bit of a point there .

Trainers named all the attacks really . But that left the question, at which point did it become common knowledge for the pokemon to know what they were saying . Then again, all of it would make Gray's head spin finding hte exact point .

Down below, a few pokemon were playing about . Gray landed near them . They were a group of Spinarak and Ledyba . The reason he did so, was a water stone down below in the pond . it was a natural one that formed .

"Who are you?" A Spinarak spotted Gray as he touched the water . All of the smells made it think he was a Pokemon that achieved a different form . Gray pulled the water stone out and ate it . "Umm . . " it walked on the water towards him . " . . you ok?"

Since it was a spider it was not that weird . But then again, it weighed more than a standard spider . So something like its weight had to do with it .

"I am fine little one . " Gray's eyes shined golden as he reached out and brushed the top of the pokemon . His aura then went out healing the others as well . Just small injuries that could turn worse at any time . "How about you?"

"Fantastic!" The Spinarak lifted on it's back legs . Also falling into the water doing so . "Wah!" It gave a cry as Gray lifted it up and returned to those on land . The standing on water had something to do with balance then . 'Feels warm . What a weird Umbreon this is . '

June and Hilda caught up and observed from a distance . They felt the flux of aura energy from Gray and were suprised it turned tranquil so quickly .

Gray spoke with the pokemon before waving and heading towards June and Hilda . The Pokemon didn't come across anything odd in the area . Just regular old things really .

"Should we finish?" Gray had a bemused look on his face . June waved forfeit as did a reluctant Hilda . "So my win . I say we . . just camp out for the day . Explore the area . A field day to help miss what is going on in Fuchsia Town . "

"Fuchsia town? It is a city . " Hilda stated as they walked to another area . "Right?"

"It does not qualify as one really . " Gray shook his head disappointed . "The town has a population of like a 100 or so . More of a tourist spot that dried up . Their is no Safari Zone or any type of Park there . The Town only attraction is the World Coronation Series it hosts every other year . "

"Yeah, things hit hard a few years ago . A lot of the Pokemon in the area did flee the Safari Zone . " June poked around on her pokegear . "The Gym and a good Pediatric care is about the only reason for visiting . "

"Hmm, I think this Coronation Series sounds nice . " Hilda released her state returning to normal . As did the other two . "Good battle experience . I think I want to go . " Impact hopped on her shoulders staring at Gray with a sparkle in her eye .

"Go ahead and go . Registration should still be going on and it happens tomorrow . I rather not go . " Gray watched the disappointment in Impact's eyes . "But I will watch it when you compete . Both of you . "

"Good!" Impact answered energetically . Electricity going around them both . She entered into Hilda to relax a little . 'Come on, let's crush the competition!'

"She is really amped up . I will see you two later!" In a burst she took off . "Try not to do anything to reckless . "

"She just got out of camping with us . So much for wagers . " June said with a chuckle . She felt Gray immediately behind her . "What . . umpf!" The kiss caught her by surprise but was returned soon enough .

"That was better than before . " Gray smiled at her . "Let her have her fun . A lot is going on with her . As well as you and myself . But I am in the here and now . No issues to play with . Time is to short for that really . "

"Good . We have things to discuss . " June started talking about a few things she came up with while away .


Both Gray and June let the Pokemon go about free . A lot of them had changed a good bit from all the fighting and adventuring on their own . Midnight the Umbreon, felt odd so Teleported to Sabrina's side . Particularly her Espeon . It would be the last time as Gray set the Pokemon free . Well handed its pokeball to do what it want .

No sense in keeping a Pokemon that couldn't keep focus . Despite how strong they were togethor .

Volcanion was a lot better than the state it was before . It's intelligence was a lot more . It has pointed ears with blue interiors, bright blue eyes, Clear marks instead of the standard yellow markings over and behind its eyes . These resemble eyebrows and eyelashes, a pointed clear mandible carapace, and something of a beard made of the same material . Its body is divided into three major parts .

A considerably larger front portion that has a hunched back . Which housed an absurd amount of water inside it . On top a ring that seperated into two cannons . A thin blue waist, and smaller hips that resemble its front portion . On its chest are four clear diamond-shaped bumps .

"Gray," Volcanion's voice came out gruff as it rubbed against his hand . Enjoying the feeling of Gray's aura washing out over him . " . . you are better . That is good . Much to do . "

"Yup . Gonna need you ready in the future to . Enjoy the down time . " The large pokemon nudged Gray once more before moving away . MegaBedrill floated around from tree to tree . The fact its aura developed so weirdly it was always in the state, was never lost on him . 'No medical or personality issues . So does not matter . '

"Gray!" Growlithe walked up slowly . Its fluffy tail behind it wagging happily . "I found a powerful mate . I have all the requirements to evolve correctly and permanently . "

"That is good . " Gray squatted down . "Nothing wrong with that bud . Go and get to it . Wonder how many pups you are going to have?"

"Hehe, who knows . I will be back in two weeks . " Growlithe looked to the side at Godzilla the Crocknaw . It still was down in the dumps about everything . "I tried but I am no Pyron . A few of the Vulpix and Tailow keeps him cheered up enough . Maybe something good happening will help . "

"Time maybe . " Gray said simply . They both looked at Crocknaw that moved listless more or less . Just leaking an aura of depression . "Talking doesn't work and neither a good meal . All I can do is put him to work . Doing what he loves . Helping other Pokemon . "

"Yeah . . " Growlithe stood up moving to the left . It's aura bursting outward . "Later . Might want to grow the team more . Have a bad feeling about something . Need to speak with gramps to make sure . "

The portal closed behind him . The entrance to that particular dungeon took a lot of aura energy . But Growlithe had become strong . Really strong from everything that happened .

"Titan," Gray walked over to the Nidoking . It was resting with June's Nidoqueen . The two sparred brutally earlier . The good news was that the milk from the Miltank did wonders on the two . "Feel anything odd in the area?"

The pokemon lifted up and gave a sniff of the air . Turning in a direction sending it's aura out . Something odd was that way . But what, it really couldn't tell . But it was not dangerous .

"It is wrong . " Titan's tail moved around slightly . "Smells like Chroma . Wrong but Right . TIme-based . "

"Ask her . " Nidoqueen pushed Titan's head back down . Keeping it there . "I won the last bout, you are pillow . " Titan huffed but didnt move . His tail moving side to side still .

"Hehe, ok . " Gray couldn't help but chuckle at the two . He Teleported straight to Chroma . Was not in June at the time . "Sooo, who messed with time here?"

'Umm can not say . ' Chroma floated around in her Leafeon form . Ripples of energy going around . 'I am getting vague impressions . '

"Let me help . " Gray placed his arm out boosting her with his aura . His psychic energy filling impressions in as well . "I remember a bit of this . I know who tampered with time . "

May used her Squirtle's Ice Beam to change the falling rain into a snowfall . Delaying a train's departure long enough for Edna, a woman who originally didn't make in time to reach Jonathan, who originally was suppose to die going on his journey to become a doctor or something .

They entered a time change due to a pendant . With only a few who remember what happened . Gray's eyes glowed s the dead Pokemon and People appeared in his mind . The number was a lot lower than the number of people saved by the new timeline .

'Hmm the resent and cries of the erase are growing . ' Chroma stopped resonating with time . She floated to match Gray eye to eye . 'I have gotten weaker . To many things happening around the World . We will need to correct some things while doing your mission . I need your help doing so . '

"No problem . It does help with my own things as well . " Gray nodded happily . The change was coming . But not here yet, which was good . "So build yourself back up . No need to use your power right now . June is strong and getting stronger . And some am I . "

'I know . I am glad to be near you Fiel . ' Chroma rubbed against his face . Planting a kiss when she noticed June coming over to them . She was attracted to the use of the high aura display . 'June cares about you a lot yah know . '

"What are you two up to?" June looked at them, like they were up to trouble . "No bad news you to . It was going so well so far . " Chroma went to rest in her . Talking with Gale who kept quiet a lot lately . A type of hibernation she kept going in and out of or something .

The Absols following behind her . They looked past Gray at something that was there and not there .

"Just a temporal anomaly . We are not doing anything more with it . " Gray flicked his hand absorbing the resentment in the area . The souls of the departed people and pokemon used him as a gateway to pass on to the other side . "Just taking care of a small issue before it turned big . "

"Uh huh, sure . So who is that?" June pointed behind Gray . A ghost pokemon phased in behind him . Mismagius floated with its arms reaching from Gray . "Gray look out!"

A white scarf wrapping the pokemon up . With a toss, Mismagius flew into the trees . A very angry pokemon left from Gray . Dark eyes glowed hot as shook violently .

'Do not touch!' Darkrai's voice shook the area . The ability Uproar used on instinct . Her aura started to climb looking at Mismagius returning . 'He is mine! Mine!' The scarf stretched out far through the trees getting ready to crush Mismagius .

The trees were completely phased through . The scarf was able to go intangible at a simple thought . Mismagius flew around the trees smiling but also scared . Eye darting at Gray every now and then . Almost pleading .

(Mission available . Trainer needs to follow Mismagius . Leads to trial . )

The blue bubble was enough to make Gray act sooner . A passing thought about what would happen if he allowed Darkrai to eat Mismagius . The amount of Blessings on the pokemon were hard to pass up .

"Easy now . " Gray grabbed the angry pokemon . "She was not trying to possess me . " Pulling Darkrai in to a grapple, he flooded it with his aura . Effectively like catnip for the Dark Pokemon .

"That is just wrong . You are the bane of Dark Type Pokemon . " June's face looked a little off put . 'That Pokemon is really dangerous . I never seen him really use it . Might be why . '

Darkrai's scarf and flowing shoulder tresses wrapped around Gray . Almost melting into him . In a few seconds, it disappeared cooing slightly . The scarf however, staying around Gray . To keep Mismagius from doing anything .

"What? Naaah . " Gray waved offhanded . "I think I will piss off a lot of them . As well as Ghost Types as well . Like the one we are most likely about to meet . "

' That is a very weird Pokemon . ' Mismagius floated over . Her thoughts projecting outward . Eyes flickered to the Absols gathered . The glowing eyes causing Mismagius to err on the side of caution . 'My lady wishes you to do her trial . I think it would be in your best interest to do so . '

"I think we should not do so . " June was irked by the Pokemon . "We are suppose to take it easy today . "

"We are . " Gray moved away from Mismagius range . "Just gonna follow and hear the Pokemon out, then return to taking that break . And you my dear June, you are coming with . " He grabbed her hand and pulled her along . "The Trials might have something you would even like to look at . "

"Haa, fine . " June pouted but smiled inwardly . 'At least he is taking me with . Actually he always tried to include me in things . So Gray is still in there . '

'For the last time, Gray and Ciel are the same . You will go crazy thinking differently . ' Chroma thought back lazily . 'Just be happy he is not doing his regular work all the time . '

June shuddered . The image of Gray killing people and Pokemon passing briefly . Hands gripping tightly to make sure that never happens . Junes aura kicked up . Which startled Chroma inside her .

'A new domain . How odd . I wonder when Ori will come and join us? Not like Empress vessel will be able to accommodate her views much longer . ' Chroma settled back down leaving things alone for now .


Blackthorn City-


Sabrina and Clair were heading to the temple in the Blackthorn cave . The family did a little protesting but digress once Sabrina completed every trial . Including the combat ones that left a lot of Dragon Tamers beaten and broken .

She did not deal well with some of the comments from the men and elders . So she challenged every last one of them and showed no mercy . Then she fought the women but was less brutal . They were allowed to walk afterward .

"You people are tainted . " Sabrina said darkly . Eyes radiating psychic energy . "It seems Lance is not the only one to fall really . "

"I did not expect it to get this bad . " Clair said tired already . The amount of work they did since arriving was exhausting . The dragon soul inside of her was more than disgusted . "Just need to get the stuff out the temple then we can take care of everything else . "

The Pokemon kept a clear distance from the two . Bowing to the might of their aura . Even the most angriest of pokemon knew better .

Making it to the inner part of the shrine, they stopped looking at the person before them . The place should have been empty of people . The Pokemon by the persons foot begged the question .

"Is that . . a new pokemon?" Clair questioned simply to shock to say much else . The Dragon aura from it was massive . 'Rayquaza . . . what the hell is this feeling?!'

"Hah!" Sabrina fired a Shadow Ball . The blast smashed into the person ripping them apart . The body dropped down to the ground . No blood left the body however . 'Already dead . '

A claw fell and slid across the stone floor . Almost as if it was heading to Sabrina on instinct . A aura wrapped around before it went straight to the strange Pokemon .

"The claw is mine!" Snatching it, the Pokemon tried to Teleport out . But the cave prevented such an action . Much to its dismay . "Grr!"

"The claw belongs to someone else! Hand it over!" Sabrina shot forward . Hand glowing as she used the move Mach Punch . She missed and broke a bit of the cave wall . "Get back here!"

A psychic hold wrapped around the strange pokemon but was shattered in an instant . Sabrina was to tired after all the fighting today . But not that tired to let a Pokemon get away so easily .

"I got it!" Clair grabbed the pokemon trying to crush the shell that protected it . It didn't last long . The pokemon blast out the hold with ease . "What the hell!?" Getting sent into a wall would hurt .

In a flicker, Sabrina caught her . Which allowed the strange pokemon to get away . But not without its form becoming completely visible . The shape and a size of an Eevee . With scales across its body and a spike on the tail .

"One of that experiment you created!" Sabrina growled out . Ori inside her passing the information along . "Your brat took away Gray's claw!" The rest of the artifacts barely mattered to her .

"That's what that was?" Clair grumbled healing the burns on her body . The control of the pokemon was really bad but enough to cause trouble . "Of course their had to be an evil one some where in the bunch . "

'I doubt she is evil . Methods maybe questioning, but the claw was not safe here considering . ' Ori floated over to the body of the person that the pokemon used . 'Considering the other in the City have traces of Arceus inside, someone had to remove the part from here . '

"They are your family, what do you want to do about this?" Sabrina eyes were hard as she thought things over . 'We do I feel so bad from trying to crush that Pokemon? Is it because it is a part of Gray, or because it is Ori's child?'

"We can not bring Gray to deal with this . " Clair said . "We have to do it ourselves . Come on . My family has something that can help inside . Hopefully, they didn't get rid of it . "

"What is it?" Sabrina came out of her musings . "What could stop this blasted Pretender's power? And why did we not get it before to use!?" She was a little angry .

"Because it is sacred . " Clair said over her shoulder . That just made Sabrina even angrier . "Some things are not replaceable . "

"Yup . Like us if we die . Your family are a bunch of idiots . You as well if you think like them . " Sabrina shook her head in dismay . "How many more possible items could their be to help remove the taint?"

'A total of 4 in this region alone . ' Ori thought to them both simply . 'But they are mostly lost . Gray should be able to help find them here . Considering he ate Ho-Oh . '

Stopping at a stone vault, Clair was happy it was intact . But to the side, a altar was broken . Several shell like remains were around it . Since it was a fossil, they never really bothered with it . But now that it hatched? in a way, Clair took notice .

*Thump!* A loud noise caught their attention . Out walked a Necrozma . The Prism Pokemon supringsly looked gentle in a way . It kneeled on the ground at Ori's presence .

"What the hell is that thing?" Sabrina mumbled . Her guard was up as well was her strongest Swellow . Just in case a speedy retreat was needed . "Never seen this Pokemon before . "

"It is a friend . " Ori turned into her human form . Still looking exactly like June . Well, the other way around really . "Archangel Zadkiel, The Righteousness of God . 1 of 4 but the core . Sorry you were awakened . "

"I am not . It was a good place to rest . Besides the taint inching closer . " Necrozma had a deep voice . But a slight chime mixed inside as well . Remind Sabrina of the Pokemon Chimemeco or something . "She is not your vessel . Why are you with her?"

"A long story . But that can wait for later . " Sabrina interrupted them . Not because of the slight insult she perceived, but because a few Blackthorn trainers arrived . "They do not look friendly . "

"Mom . . Dad . . " Clair was shocked at the two in the front . She was told her parents went on a trip . But here they were . Covered in technicolored scales . Her fear was immediately pushed away by Rayquaza taking over . "Raaaah!" She let out a roar attacking .

Mentally battling against the Dragon Soul . But Clair was to weak-willed to resist it . Especially with the mark of Black Gate suppressing her further . Gray new she would falter and this soldify that .

"Go!" Sabrina released the rest of her pokemon . "Wipe them out! They are no longer human!" Caution and mercy were thrown away . Her pokemon were trained to end lives of people like this .

Ori and Necrozma trying to save who they could . It would not be many .