Chapter 412: 412

Peach blossoms bloomed outside the city . The fragrance of flowers spread .
A sloppy-looking, middle-aged man with a saber by his waist walked in the wilderness . He chuckled as he looked at the majestic Jiang State Capital
I’m back . Meng Dajiang had stubble on his face . He had lived in the wilderness for three years and was used to looking sloppy .
Swoosh .
A figure flashed across the sky and landed in front of Meng Dajiang . It was Meng Chuan, who greeted him happily, “Dad . ” “Chuan’er . ” Meng Dajiang looked at his son proudly and smiled . “You’re not hunting for demon monarchs today?”
“Dad, as your son, I naturally have to receive you since you’re back today . As for the demon monarchs? Now that we’re finishing up, there’s no need to rush anymore,” said Meng Chuan with a smile .
Meng Dajiang walked alongside his son in the wilderness road and asked, “Chuan’er, according to your letter, the first batch will only reduce the number of patrolling Godfiends by 500 . There are only 800 patrolling Godfiends in the Great Zhou Dynasty, right?”
“There are 805 . ” Meng Chuan nodded as he said with mixed emotions, “In the past seven years, the Great Zhou Dynasty has sent 1,579 patrolling Godfiends . A total of 763 patrolling Godfiends died, and 11 were heavily injured, forced to return to their hometown . ”
“Almost half of them died in battle,” said Meng Dajiang with a sigh . “During my Patroller days, I discovered that things were getting easier . It’s almost impossible to encounter a demon monarch now . Only when Archean Mountain announced that you were the one that killed a million demon monarchs did I understand . ”
“Yes . ” Meng Chuan nodded . “I broke through with my strength half a year ago . It boosted my ability to hunt demon monarchs by ten-fold . That was how I managed to clear out all the demon monarchs in the world . I’ll probably be done in a few more months . ” “As your father, I’ve leeched some benefits off from you,” said Meng Dajiang with a smile . “If it weren’t for you, I’m afraid that the Patroller Godfiends wouldn’t have been able to retreat for decades . ”
“The losses are too severe,” said Meng Chuan . “The Great Yue Dynasty and Black Sand Dynasty have suffered more losses than us . Over half of the patrolling Godfiends in the world have died in just seven years . If this continues for another ten years, they will mostly be dead . I even think that if I had broken through earlier, not so many patrolling Godfiends would’ve died . ”

Meng Dajiang patted his son’s shoulder and said with a smile, “Things don’t go as we wish in this world . You are already very outstanding . Since the Patrollers made their choice, they were prepared . Although many died, they saved billions of lives . ”
Meng Chuan nodded . “Yea . ”
If it weren’t for Godfiends and demon monarch servants patrolling the world, the million demon monarchs would have slaughtered most of the mortals in the world . Since they allowed the demon monarchs to hunt down humans, although Meng Chuan’s reconnaissance was effective, he couldn’t split himself up . The number of deaths would have been unimaginable .
Only with the deterrence of the Patroller Godfiends could they minimize the losses .
“By the way, you said that you would fetch your mother on 8th April?” Meng Dajiang looked at his son . “Has Black Sand Grotto-Heaven really agreed to your request?”
“They’ve agreed,” said Meng Chuan with a smile . “Don’t worry . The three Supremacies from Black Sand Grotto-Heaven have agreed and sent a letter . It’s impossible for them to go back on their word . ”
Meng Dajiang nodded .
“Before we go, Dad, you have to tidy up yourself . ” Meng Chuan couldn’t help but say, “You’re too sloppy . ” “This…” Meng Dajiang looked at himself and laughed . “I really don’t think too much about my appearance when I’m alone in the wilderness . I do need to trim myself . ”
8th April Meng Dajiang had lost a lot of weight . He was more muscular and looked much younger . Furthermore, as a Great Solar Body Tempering Godfiend, Meng Dajiang looked like he was in his thirties .
Meng Dajiang and Meng Chuan flew at high speed through the clouds, heading straight for Black Sand Grotto-Heaven .
“Dad, you look much younger now,” said Meng Chuan with a smile as he turned to look at his father .

“It’s not much different from back then, right?” asked Meng Dajiang .
“Almost identical,” evaluated Meng Chuan .
His figure and appearance were very similar . His temperament was calm and restrained . The lonely Patroller days were also a form of training for his father .
“That’s good . ” Meng Dajiang nodded . He was clearly nervous . The thing he yearned for the most in his life was to meet his wife, Bai Nianyun . He originally thought it would be an eternal regret, but now that it was about to be realized, he was extremely excited .
“Right ahead . ” Meng Chuan immediately saw two figures standing at the foot of one of the mountains in the distance .
Whoosh .
The father and son landed .
Meng Dajiang’s gaze landed on the cyan-clothed woman in the distance .
The cyan-clothed woman looked at Meng Dajiang with tears in her eyes .
Meng Dajiang wasn’t fat anymore . He looked quite similar to the time he separated from his wife back then .
Bai Nianyun was stronger, but due to her 300-hundred-year lifespan as a Marquis Godfiend, her appearance hadn’t changed much . Only her aura was colder than before .

As they looked at each other, an influx of old memories surged into their minds .
Back then, they had met, interacted with each other, fallen in love, married, and had a son… They would never forget their lovey-dovey days . Due to the demon massacre at the time, Bai Nianyun had no choice but to expose her identity to fend them off, causing them to be separated .
Bai Nianyun looked at her husband . “Dajiang . ”
“Nianyun . ” Meng Dajiang ran over excitedly .
It had been over 50 years .
The couple stared at each other .
“Humph . ” The illusory figure by the side snorted coldly .
Bai Nianyun recovered from her intense emotions . She immediately pulled Meng Dajiang and said respectfully, “Dajiang, this is our Bai family’s matriarch . Hurry up and greet her . ”
Meng Dajiang bowed respectfully . “Greetings, Matriarch . ”
The illusory Bai Yaoyue looked younger than Bai Nianyun, but her cold aura made the heart of Meng Dajiang-a Great Solar Godfiendtremble .
“You are Meng Chuan?” Bai Yaoyue couldn’t be bothered to look at the couple . Instead, she looked at Meng Chuan .
“Greetings, Supremacy Yaoyue . ” Meng Chuan bowed .

“You have contributed greatly to humanity by killing one million demon monarchs . ” Bai Yaoyue nodded in satisfaction . “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such an outstanding junior Godfiend . Cultivate well and enter the Creation realm as soon as possible . The demons won’t stop so easily . ”
“Yes,” replied Meng Chuan politely .
The other party was an expert that matched his master and Supremacy Li Guan . As his mother’s matriarch, he had to be polite . Of course, it was also because of her that his parents could reunite .
If Bai Yaoyue didn’t allow his parents to reunite, Meng Chuan wouldn’t have been that nice . In the future, he would’ve forcefully brought his mother back when he got stronger .
Since Black Sand Grotto-Heaven was now sincere, and on his good side, it wasn’t good to be rude .
“As for the two of you?” Bai Yaoyue coldly stared at Bai Nianyun and Meng Dajiang .
“Matriarch . ” Bai Nianyun was extremely respectful . Meng Dajiang lowered his head to listen to her lecture .
“One is weak, while the other is stupid . You value your so-called love and don’t care about cultivation at all . You wasted a lot of the Grand Yin lineage’s resources,” said Bai Yaoyue with a sneer . “It’s only because Meng Chuan has contributed greatly to humanity that our Black Sand Grotto-Heaven made an exception . Otherwise, with my temper, the two of you can forget about being together for the rest of your lives . ”
Bai Nianyun and Meng Dajiang listened to the lecture and didn’t retort .
“It’s frustrating to see the two of you . ” Bai Yaoyue waved her sleeve and turned to leave . Her illusory figure disappeared into the vast mountain range . “Let’s go,” said Meng Dajiang with a smile .
Bai Nianyun looked at her husband . “Are you not angry by what the Matriarch said?”
“We’re already together . It’s nothing to let her say a few words . ” Meng Dajiang smiled happily . He was indeed extremely happy today .
Meng Chuan watched from the side . After seeing how intimate his parents were, he felt like he had become an outsider .