Chapter 340

Chapter 340 Improving Skills

“This is a contract for rental services and each contract can last eight hours . How long do you need?”

Su Ping took out some papers with runes constructed by astral powers . He had reached his hand into his pocket to pick up the contracts he had bought from the system’s shop . Each contract was one hundred energy points, i . e . ten thousand astral coins .

When rental services first came to the store, this type of contract had arrived in the system’s shop . Those contracts were for people who wanted to rent pets . Some pets were too large to travel with the customers; they had to stay in the contract space . When the customers were going to use them, they would also have to summon the pets from contracts .

Hence, rental contracts .

Like temporary contracts, rental contracts were effective within a certain period of time but the power of such rental contracts was second to official contracts .

Many other restrictions were also in place when it came to rental contracts .

In most cases, the pets rented out would have to obey the orders of the people who rented them . Still, if the latter demanded the pets to act on a suicidal mission, that would go against the rules of the rental contract . When the pets detected a life-threatening danger, they would abandon their temporary masters and run away!

Therefore, renting pets to go on exploration trips was not advised . Pets would desert you in the face of a battle, which would lead to disastrous consequences . Other pet stores had rental services as well, but they did not have such rental contracts . The pets those stores rented out were without owners; they would enter into official contracts with the customers .

Of course, the customers would still have to follow rules that store owners wrote up, although the pet stores didn’t have the rental contracts . If the rented pets died while being rented, the customers would have to pay three times the rental amount .

If the pets were wounded and tests showed that the injuries were serious, above level 5, then the customers would have to pay for the medical expenses .

Those rules were thorough and flawless and were actually recognized by the federal government . Therefore, anyone who violated the rules, wherever they were, would be sanctioned by the law . The effect of the rules was similar to the system’s rental contract . However, the system’s rental contract had more insurance .

After all, someone not in want of money could rent many pets to go on a fatal exploration .

“Rental contracts?”

Xu Kuang stared at the thing in Su Ping’s hand in confusion . All of a sudden, Xu Kuang realized something . It was Su Ping who had summoned the pet, his pet . So… how would he rent it?

To ask Su Ping to cancel the contract with the Dark Dragon Hound? That was not possible . Even canceling a contract with a weak pet would leave the battle pet warrior vulnerable for the next three days!

In such a vulnerable state, battle pet warriors could only use one-tenth of their energy . That was why battle pet warriors would usually avoid cancelling contracts with their pets unless they were sure that they would be in an absolutely safe environment for the time being

“This thing can allow you to build a temporary contract with this pet, as if you were its secondary master . Basically, this thing can give you everything you want in a contract . ” Su Ping added, “Ten thousand astral coins per piece . It is a must if you want to rent the pet . ”

Xu Kuang was dumbfounded . “Setting a temporary contract? Is there anything that can do this?”

“You’re looking at one . ”

Su Ping could not help but diss Xu Kuang since he was reiterating nonsense .

Of course, Su Ping understood that he had to be the only one who had this thing, and he was not afraid to let people know about it . After all, those who wanted to rent pets would have to use this . There was nothing he could do about it . It wasn’t like he could avoid renting pets forever .

“Well…” Xu Kuang was still in a baffled state . At the same time, he had become more used to such miraculous items having seen the marvelous test room . “How do I use this?” He asked .

“Never mind that for now . Tell me how many hours . I have to calculate how many of them I need to give you . ” Su Ping did not answer the question .

Xu Kuang thought about it . “Eight hours . I will come here early tomorrow morning and then go to the venue . ”

Su Ping nodded . That was good . He didn’t need it since he had no matches this day .

“Come back early tomorrow then . I’ll use it on you then . ” Su Ping didn’t forget to remind him, “This is not free . Ten thousand per piece . ”

Xu Kuang produced a forced smile . “I understand . ”

“Okay, off you go now . I have to close the store . ” Su Ping retrieved the Dark Dragon Hound and stepped out from the test room .

Xu Kuang followed him out . Since Su Ping was showing him the door, Xu Kuang had to bid farewell . “I will go back and get ready . See you tomorrow morning . ” “See you . ”

Su Ping turned off the TV in the store after Xu Kuang left . The still lingering customers had to leave the store .

When everyone was gone, Su Ping went to the test room and told Su Lingyue to go back home .

He had to visit the cultivation site . It wasn’t appropriate for Su Lingyue to stay at the store . She could cultivate anywhere .

Su Lingyue left in indignation .

Su Ping ignored her bad temper and closed the door .

“Go back in . ” Su Ping unfolded the scroll .

Tang Ruyan curled her lips . “Why the mystery?”

She believed there had to be something secretive in Su Ping’s store . Otherwise, he wouldn’t drive everyone out of his store and tell her to go back into the scroll . There had to be something he wished no one could see .

Tang Ruyan said to herself that when her family came, they would tear apart the shabby store and uncover all the secrets!

After Tang Ruyan went back, Su Ping placed the scroll in his storage space and went to the nursing pens to pick out the pets in need of professional training .

Having done that, he called Joanna and went to the Demigod Burial .

This time, he didn’t go to the spring . He let Joanna handle the customers’ pets and take them to some dangerous places . Her subordinates would know how to teach pets with fear and despair .

For the average pets, fear and despair would be enough to inspire the pets’ fast growth .

At the same time, Su Ping and his four pets, together with Joanna and two of her subordinates headed toward a scorchingly hot place near the city . Those subordinates were not as powerful as Joanna’s true self .

But Su Ping asked them to accompany him because he didn’t want to die for anything and waste energy points on revival . Thanks to having Joanna as the inside help in the Demigod Burial, things had become much easier for Su Ping! Soon, they arrived at the sweltering area .

That place had lava everywhere, as if a volcano were active . It was said that ferocious fire-family beasts resided in this perilous place, making it their territory .

Su Ping had chosen this place because he wanted to reinforce the Inferno Dragon’s fire-related skills .