Becoming Rich Family Comparison Character - Chapter 116

- its for the children to choose not to have a baby, not because she doesnt want to .
As for when is the right time, God knows ╮ (╯ 3 system) ╭
thank them for their previous chat topic, otherwise she would not have thought of jayce as a perfect shield . Jane Reich thought that this must be a full score, even if the rich husband wants to pick a bone in the egg, he cant pick her head .
But how could Mr . Fu be silent and dissatisfied with her answer?
Jianruixi looked up . Fu Shiyuan was drinking tea slowly, with a smile like a spring breeze on his face . He didnt look dissatisfied . Jane Reich was puzzled . Suddenly, she had a flash of inspiration and kicked back the question raised by President Fu . Ethan suddenly asked my opinion because you have different ideas?
Why let her do the problem alone? Let him try this proposition . With such an idea, jianruixi could wait to see President Fus reaction . How could she know that Fu Shiyuans eyes were smiling, and her eyes replied gently, what a coincidence, I think so, too .
WTF, you dont want to have a second child, you still want to ask her, cheap mouth? Jane Reichs face turned green at the thought that she was frightened by him in a cold sweat . Looking at Fu Shiyuans calm and relaxed appearance, it is clear that he is a good seller even if he gets cheap .
Belly black - Jane Reich is very impolite to the Fu general label .
However, despite the small episode, the dinner between Jane Reich and general manager Fu was satisfactory . She was able to reach a consensus with her rich husband on the second child issue, at least better than worrying about it herself . Jane Reich, who is good at comforting herself, decided to shake hands with President Fu and make peace (unilaterally) .
The happy dinner was over, and Mr . Fu had to go back to the company for a meeting, so they were almost in the state of going back to their respective homes and looking for their mothers . However, before going back to their respective homes, Mr . Fu carried forward his gentlemanly demeanor . He knew that their cars were all parked in the same parking lot, and he had to send Jane Reich off in person, pull the door and help her, which could be said to be quite attentive .
But Jane Reich is comfortable with it . She has been so sought after since she was a child . Although President Fus doing these things with the help of the rich and noble childes people is somewhat condescending, who makes him happy?
Lets put it this way . If her husband is an iceberg boss, Jane Reich is absolutely scared to show him . But President Fu is gentle and friendly, and laughs at people . Dont blame her for pulling hair from her tiger head .
Im sorry, thats what she does . Jane Reich held her head high and didnt worry about her husbands hospitality . As soon as she got into the drivers seat, she skillfully fastened her seat belt . Then she ignited the car and pulled the handbrake . A series of operations were like running water . Before she opened the car, she thought that she didnt close the door, and then she reached out to close it . As a result, she didnt pull it . Finally, she looked up and saw that Mr . Fu was still alive Standing by the car panting .
Jane Reich
Outsiders seem to think that the young couple have a good relationship and are reluctant to part . Of course, Jane knows thats not the case . Yesterday, Mrs . Fu came all the way from Hong Kong City to Beijing to give care to Mr . Fu, but she was not moved by him . So she did not have dinner with her, and Mr . Fu suddenly fell in love with her, right?
It didnt take effect so soon . Compared with President Fus insincere words, Jane Reich is more willing to believe that he has a secret and doesnt want to fall into the pit again . Jane Reich is careful to probe: Ethan, that I went home first?
Mr . Fu Wenyan whispered: well, drive safely and have a good journey .
Thank you . Jane Richie grinned and MMPs in her heart . How can you let go of the door and let her have a good trip?
Unfortunately, Mr . Fu didnt have such self-consciousness . He seemed to be addicted to acting . Instead, he asked Jane Reich, why dont you go?
Jane make complaints about flying up, and face still poker faced, trying to make him look virtuous and virtuous . I suddenly remembered that your international conference is not going to be midnight . If its too late, or dont go home, I think your office conditions are good, or the hotel nearby can deal with it for one night, and your home is far away from here . . .
Fu Shiyuan raised his lips . He seemed to be very helpful to his wifes care, but he was still polite: Im more worried about going back to the party and disturbing your rest .
Good wife of the people are set up, Jane Reich can not give up halfway, had to comfort a very guilty president Fu, I dont matter, even if the night sleep is not good, during the day also have a lot of time to make up for sleep, or see how convenient you are .
Id better go home . Ill try to finish earlier .
Thats fine . Jianruixi nodded with a smile . She was not satisfied or disappointed with the answer . In the final analysis, longquanwan villa is the site of President Fu, and his site is his own .
Jane Reich always feels that President Fu is teasing her .
Of course, even if President Fu treats her as a cat teaser, he is definitely a cat teaser . Before Jane Ruixi ran out of patience, President Fu stopped first . He took the initiative to step back . This time, the door finally closed .
Jane Reich was relieved and was repeating the operation of ignition and handbrake . Unexpectedly, President Fu stepped forward again . The window had already been rolled down . Fu Shiyuan bent slightly, and the man squeezed into the cab with his arm still on the door frame . His posture was indescribable and unrestrained . Mr . Fu is going to play this time . As soon as he reaches out his long arm, he holds the back of Jane Reichs head, but she cant react . The cool kiss has fallen on the corner of his mouth . The next second, Fu Shiyuan stands outside the car and looks at her with a smile: goodbye kiss .
was lifted up . QAQ
, Jane rech, had a red face . She stepped on the accelerator and rushed out . If she doesnt go, she will not be able to control the power of the flood . After all, even if President Fu puts aside her identity, she is also a super handsome man . Even if she only likes small fresh meat in the past two years, she is still very cold and cant get close to general Fu .
Regardless of the consequences, Jane Reich is very willing to fall in love with such a great talent . But many stories tell her that talking about money hurts feelings, and talking about feelings hurts money . In a word, you cant have both fish and bears paw .
If Jane Reich chooses to talk about money with President Fu, she will hold on to it . Even if she is teased by President Fu, she cant go back . Fu Shiyuan just stands in the same place and watches his car disappear from the parking lot . For a long time, she doesnt move . She just smiles at the bottom of her eyes .
Things are getting more and more interesting . If his wife was just abnormal last night, today is a complete subversion . Even if he doesnt know much about her life habits, he can still see the difference, especially her words about children, which are definitely not what she would have said in the past .
Because his wife is a very important person . Fu Shiyuan guessed that in her mind, even jayce is not as important as Mrs . Fus identity . Specifically, she can turn a blind eye to jayce in order to please his mother .
Although Fu Shiyuan also knows that from his wifes point of view, what she has done is not a big mistake . In their circle, there are more women who know more than her, but he is still inevitably disappointed . If he valued a womans dignity and generosity, he would not have been able to combine with her freely at the beginning . Which one of the so many well matched ladies was not virtuous?
The change of his wife is very timely . Fu Shiyuan doesnt care whether she is playing hard to get or returning to herself . As long as she starts to become more interesting and get along better and better, its enough .
** *
Jane Reich went back to the villa smoothly . Without the pressure of having a baby, the second night of the journey, Jane had a good dream again .
When she woke up at dawn, she was still alone in the bedroom . The big bed was half empty, but Jane Reich got used to it . She sat up, turned up the quilt next door, and found that there were some wrinkles on the sheet, like traces of sleep .
It seems that Mr . Fu really came back to sleep last night, which is also hard enough . Jane Reich sighed casually, then tied the belt of her nightgown and got out of bed .
There are no plans today . Jane Reich is so lazy that she doesnt even want to change her pajamas . The reason is that her silk pajamas are so comfortable that she cant bear to take them off . In addition, the villa is full of women, so she doesnt even need to avoid suspicion . So she goes to wash her face so lazily, even if shes finished applying water emulsion on her face, she doesnt even want to paint her makeup . She finds a rubber band to tie her hair and goes downstairs in slippers .
Aunt Wang, is breakfast ready? Whats for today? Jane Reich began to shout before she went downstairs . Unexpectedly, after she finished, Aunt Wang, who was usually so enthusiastic, did not move .
As soon as Jane Reich had doubts, she saw Mr . Fu sitting in the living room .
In the morning, Mr . Fu didnt go to the company . Instead, he sat at home drinking tea and reading newspapers . The picture had an impact . Jane Reich was so scared that her slippers almost flew away . She calmed down and said with a smile: good morning, Ethan .
The sun came out in the west, and you didnt go to work today?
Good morning . Fu Shiyuan looked up from the newspaper and said slowly, this weekend, no overtime .
Jane Reich
Yesterday, he also Dayi lingran said that no matter how late he was going to go home, she almost believed his evil .
In fact, in his heart, Fu Shiyuan is a little sad . Although he has been busy all day, he really doesnt have this idea, but her appearance is still deeply imprinted in his mind . Its probably a kind of I can refuse you, but if you refuse me, Im not happy . To put it bluntly, its self-esteem . People dont like to be despised, even more so Whats more, he is such a prince who is praised wherever he goes .
Its just that Fu Shiyuan is now 30, not 18 years old . The frivolous edges and corners of his youth have long been polished smooth, like a pearl that converges all the light, and then put on a gentle mask . It seems that the whole person has become a five good youth . His wifes degree is not even offensive . He doesnt need to pay attention to them .
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