Becoming Rich Family Comparison Character - Chapter 117

This Land Rover is a global limited edition, and its appearance continues the usual handsome and domineering of Land Rover . As long as it is a man, it should be irresistible to its charm, so it can be listed in the top 3 of Mr . Fus favorite car, which is no surprise to Wen assistant . Its just that Mrs . Fu would like it . Its a bit unexpected . He remembers that Mrs . Fu usually drives sports cars, and its not just her . All the ladies and celebrities in Hong Kong like colorful sports cars . Speaking of it, Mr . Fu also has some cool open top sports cars here . Mrs . Fu actually goes over them and chooses Mr . Fus favorite . I dont know whether its intentional or unintentional . Jane Reich didnt catch the implication of assistant Wen . She only thought that the other party was praising her foresight and said with a rather reserved smile, it shows that I am more similar to Ethan in aesthetics . She also liked this Land Rover in her last life . Its a pity that its a global limited edition and cant be bought with money . Of course, she cant afford to be a third tier star . But now she met, of course, to have enough addiction, Jane Reich cant wait, took the car key to Chaowen assistant waved, Im ready to start, ah Wen, you go to help yourself . Assistant Wen stood by and watched Mrs . Fu start the car in a natural and unrestrained manner . Then she went away . The excitement in her eyes didnt seem to pretend . With a knowing smile, he told the bodyguard who had already got on the bus, follow my wife well . She hasnt driven several times in Beijing and may not be familiar with the road conditions here . Dont let her have an accident . Although people around her are afraid that her wife is not familiar with the place of her life, she is quite familiar with it . She arrived at the Department Store smoothly and started a days shopping trip . Jane Reich has a lot of money in her last life . She drives a seven figure luxury car and lives in an eight figure luxury house . She can also do shopping without looking at the hangtag and let the shopping guide swipe her card, but she cant afford to spend money like dirt; Even if Mrs . Fu spends millions a day, its drizzle . The local tyrant turns into a rich woman . Jane Richies shopping desire is completely satisfied . She buys lunch in the mall in the morning and in the afternoon . As a matter of fact, the wallet can also be loaded, which is that her physical strength has slowed her down . By 4 p . m . , Jane Reich had to find a coffee shop to sit down and recharge her food . By the way, she sent a circle of friends to commemorate Mrs . Fus first shopping trip in Beijing . After all, she wanted to make changes . Nothing was more efficient and convenient than sending a circle of friends . Mrs . Fus ladies and friends left a message at the bottom, Annie has gone to the mainland quietly . No wonder I havent seen you at the party today . Its tiring to go shopping by myself . I cant stand it . Id rather let people send all the new models of each season to my home . It saves time and doesnt need to be involved . All evil rich people . Jane Richie sighed in her heart, and then replied: shopping is a process . People are asked to send new models home . What happiness is there? Pick back a few wechat, Jane Reich put down the phone, a leisurely end of the coffee . After a while, the mobile phone rang . She thought it would be a call from lady friends . Unexpectedly, she picked up the mobile phone and saw that the caller was Mr . Fu . Jane picked her eyebrows and quickly put on a warm smile . Ethan, do you have time to call me at work? Take time off . Mr . Fus voice on the phone is still clear and warm, where are you? Department store center . Jane Reich supported her chin with one hand, chatting like, the shopping mall in Beijing is too big . Ive only been shopping for two floors, and Im too tired to stop at a coffee shop . Fu Shiyuan chuckled and chatted with Jane leisurely, do you want to continue to stroll after the break? No, no, no, Im afraid my feet are going to be useless if I go further . Why dont you go home and rest? Its OK to go home . I might as well have coffee here and have dinner later . Talking here, Fu Shiyuan just laughed and asked, why dont you come here to have a rest? The department store center is not far from the company . Ill invite you to dinner later? Jane Reich was unprepared . She was surprised and said, go to your company? Is there any difficulty? Mr . Fus tone was relaxed and pleasant . Of course not . Jane Richie laughs twice . She knows that bosss face must be given, so she says, Im afraid Ill be stopped by your receptionist . \ Im sorry, you didnt make an appointment in advance . It may be inconvenient for Mr . Fu to see you \ , isnt that the TV show? Mr . Fu didnt expect his wife to be so joking . He gave face a laugh, and then said with the same humor, now is my time to make an appointment with you, so dont worry about this problem . The date is settled . Jane Reich beckons the big brother of the bodyguard in the corner . Im going to Ethans . you can go home, but you need to help me send todays booty home first . When Jane Reich is shopping, the elder brother of the bodyguard is responsible for carrying the shopping bags in the back . When she finishes shopping, he has already sent all the shopping bags to the car, so she can enjoy the afternoon tea time easily . The elder brother of the bodyguard said dutifully, Ill accompany you to the company first . Thats fine . Jane Reich is not entangled in such trifles . She buys the bill and goes straight to the Fus building not far away . The bridge section in the idol drama is not staged . As soon as Jane Reich enters the hall, a security guard comes to guide her, Hello, the elevator is here . Just came to the elevator, and a professional customer service lady came forward to greet, Hello, Mrs . Fu, this is Mr . Fus special elevator, direct to Mr . Fus office . Ms . customer service sent Jane Reich to the top floor of Mr . Fus office, and then the receptionist changed to a beautiful secretary, Mrs . Fu, please come with me . Jane Reich went all the way to Mr . Fu . Mr . Fu was busy criticizing the documents . When she came in, she stopped writing and joked, how about not being stopped? Why? Every employee in your company is more professional than the welcome lady . What is feel at home? Thats it . Jane Reich was just as stunned as granny Liu when she went to Grand View Garden . Now she didnt hide her exclamation in front of President Fu . Its said that art comes from life, and TV plays dont dare to perform like this . I can only see the world today . Jane dares to say that it is because she knows that Mrs . Fu is also the first time to come to Mr . Fus company . She wants to come to the real Mrs . Fu to sigh when she sees this battle . Fu Shiyuan didnt think so . He just felt that he didnt know his wife well enough . She was much more interesting than he thought . Mr . Fu was amused by her witticism . Jane Reich sighed and then asked curiously, but how did they recognize me? Did you tell me? I said hello to the Secretariat that you would come later . Please pay attention . Jane Reich wanted to say that even so, they wouldnt know it was Mrs . Fu when they saw her . She didnt write on her face . But on second thought, Mrs . Fu is a well-known rich lady . There are a lot of rumors and photos taken by the media . Therefore, even if Mrs . Fu has never been to the company, the employees of the company should have done the bosss homework in private . Its no surprise that they can recognize her at a glance today . Jane Reich nodded thoughtfully, a little stuck for a moment . Mr . Fu, a gentleman, took the initiative to open up the topic, looked at her and praised her . This is todays booty , its very nice . Yes, Jane Reich has put on her new clothes . The reason is that she likes Tibis new short boots this year, white pointed thin heeled bare boots with black laces . She is elegant and handsome, and her feet are comfortable . She cant bear to change them . Low heeled boots are easier to walk in the Street than Mrs . Fus high-heeled shoes . Just put on these bare boots, and her original clothes dont match, Jane Reich put on the new Helmut Langs irregular dress, with a black gold chain belt around her waist, the whole person looks graceful, Jane Reich likes it very much . www . mylovenovel . com , the fastest update of the novelkiss!