Becoming Rich Family Comparison Character - Chapter 118

This is a seven figure budget for Jane Reich . She wants to flatter Mrs . Fu . However, Mrs . Fu has been married to a rich family for many years, but she still cant control her mother-in-laws preference .
Its a little embarrassing . Of course, if you want to please others, even if Mrs . Fus vision, not valuable gifts may not enter, but the heart is still the premise, only choose the expensive, not the right one .
However, she has been getting along well with President Fu recently . She has been making hot pot and watching plays together . She is a bit of a confidant and friend . If you want to know about Mrs . Fu, who has ever been president Fus son? Jane Reich took Mr . Fu as a military adviser and asked for advice .
But Mr . Fu was more considerate than she thought . He handed her a jewelry box directly . It was sold at the last auction . It was originally a birthday present . Take it back .
Jane Reich wanted to be polite . When she opened it, she saw the fineness of the bracelet and immediately shut up . People in the circle also play with jadeite, and she has done her homework . Even if she is not proficient in it, she can see that it is the best .
Mr . Fu said that she got it at the auction . She estimated that it would cost at least 80 million yuan . In fact, she wanted to value it at 100 million yuan, but her imagination was limited by poverty . She thought it was exaggerating, so she should be conservative .
There is really no more decent gift .
At that time, Jane Reich was excited, but she was not good . She was so good when she got a bargain, so she said, then Ill borrow flowers and give them to Buddha . Ill give them back to you next time .
When are you so outspoken? Mr . Fu said with a smile, you are my wife, and these things are yours .
President Fus words seem to mean mine is yours, but Jane Reich cant understand it like this . The more rich people are, the less they will lose money . Even though the Fu family is known as stupid people and more money, it is no exception .
Mrs . Fu has been married to the Fu family for only a few years, and she has hundreds of millions of real estate under her name . These fixed assets are still increasing in value every year, not to mention the shares worth hundreds of millions . Mrs . Fus monthly pocket money is also very rich . In addition, her rich father-in-law has occasionally given her sky high red envelopes, and her rich mother-in-law has even given her pigeon eggs worth hundreds of millions - as long as she doesnt compete with her grandson, Mrs . Fu will be happy Im quite generous to my daughter-in-law . In a word, the Fu family is definitely the most generous among the rich families . The gifts Mrs . Fu received from her mother-in-laws family cant even compare with those of the female owners . After all, the Xi family is full of descendants, and Xi Mucheng is the eldest son of the eldest house, who is most favored, but still cant compare with the biographies of the three generations of President Fu .
But what Mrs . Fu owned was just a drop in the bucket compared with Mr . Fus personal property . Jane Reich believes that if one day she cant think of divorce, with the generosity of the Fu family and the generosity of President Fu, she may be able to give her billions of alimony to leave the Fu family . However, it is absolutely wishful thinking to divide the common property with President Fu .
Once you enter a rich family, its as deep as the sea is not empty talk . How much she can get depends on Mr . Fus mood . This is also the reason why Jane Reich will hold her husbands thigh when she comes .
However, President Fu spoke so beautifully that even if she was given enough face in private, Jane Reich was very helpful . She nodded deeply, yes, yours is mine, mine is mine .
If Mr . Fu often surfs the Internet, he will know that these are all famous sayings that netizens have talked about . Unfortunately, he is not . He was stunned when he heard his wifes amazing words . After a moment, he shook his head and sighed, you ah . . .
Jane resie didnt expect her skin to shine, so she could make her laugh at Sus skills, which made her want to die .
It was the first time that Jane Reich took the lead in women . Of course, it was not a good resource . The male leading role in the play was just a little fresh meat . Its just a love drama with idols . The configuration of handsome men and beautiful women is very good, and the director didnt pick their acting skills, so he opened the machine so easily and happily .
At that time, she had a rival play with the man . When the screenwriter explained, she mainly asked the actors expression . When she had no choice but to smile at her, she had to include tenderness and indulgence, so as to express her heart beating feeling .
When Jane Reich was listening in, she thought that it was unscientific, helpless and tender . Did she want to make the fresh meat twitch or someone else share it?
Later, when the shooting started, xiaoxianrou didnt meet the standard of screenwriter . He only remembered to play Shuai and smile at her, but he did laugh very well, and the director just passed it .
It can be seen that the screenwriter is just talking about it .
Jane Reich once thought that it was impossible for anyone to show such complicated and hierarchical emotions with a smile - until she knew president Fu . Alive and kicking,
smiled . Jane reisse knew what to say was Su and salt, and she seemed to be the heroine .
Then janrich greased the soles of her feet and ran away .
She, who thinks shes done a thousand sails, has been teased twice by the same man, but she cant return it twice . Thats a bit of a wimp . However, she still cant deny her advice . After all, its easy for her to retaliate with a tooth for a tooth, but then what?
Jane Reich knows her temper very well . She can accept to be a superficial husband and wife with President Fu, even if she needs to have a fight occasionally . But she cant accept the man she likes to give her a green hat . I believe Fu Shiyuan is no less proud than her . Now shes fooling around . Im afraid shell have to break her legs if she wants to find a coyote . Why do people hurt each other?Whats more, her dangerous period has not passed . She cant sleep much!
Quickly return to reality, Jane Reich ran away with her jewelry box in her arms, pretending to pack up . Fortunately, Mr . Fu didnt follow .
They had been in peace until janrich boarded the return flight .
The flight was very smooth, and finally took off . She landed early in the afternoon . Lisa came to the airport early in the morning and was eager to wait . Since she realized that she was not so irreplaceable in the bosss side, she regained her enthusiasm for work . If her wife hadnt let go, and she didnt dare to disturb the world of her wife and President Fu, Lisa would have flown to Beijing long ago .
Today, she was finally looking forward to her wifes return to Hong Kong . Lisa was excited and a little nervous . When Jane Reich walked out of the hall, she immediately gave her a hug and expressed her missing . My wife has finally come back . I feel that the past few days when you are away seem as long as a few months .
Janrich patted her on the back and said, Im not used to Lisa being around . I just think that you have been with me for many years and havent had a good holiday . I also want to take the opportunity to ask you to relax for a few days .
Lisa felt relieved when she heard that . It seems that her wife has no intention of changing . She then separated from Jane Reich, calling for her bodyguard to pick up her luggage, and herding Jane Reich out of the airport, is my wife used to living in Beijing? But its not bad to be able to live for so many days . I see my wifes circle of friends every day, and Im happy for you and Mr . Fu! Seven years of marriage can be so sweet . People in the circle dont know how envious they are .
In order to pave the way for change, Jane Reich has been spending every detail of her life in the circle of friends these days, taking pictures at meals, watching plays, shopping, and chatting with her son about videos .
But looking at Lisas reaction, her efforts still worked . Jane Richie also said with a modest smile, Ethan and I are really good . We not only find a suitable way to get along with each other, but also reach a consensus on childrens education .
Really? Lisa is really surprised . She and janrich have the same goal . They both want to have a job and retire .
As a life assistant, Lisa thinks she is really lucky . Its 24-hour service, but its not hard, because her wife also has to rest, so she wont do it all by herself . And she doesnt have much trouble to help her wife deal with . She spends most of her time hanging out, eating and drinking, and attending all kinds of upper class parties and dinners .
There is no technical content, but the salary is not low . From the initial salary of 1 million to now, Lisa has been a high paid person with an annual salary of 2 million, which has doubled in seven years . In the future, she can get a pay rise based on her length of service . There is no more relaxed and decent job .
Lisa wants to be Mrs . Fus personal assistant for a long time . Of course, she also hopes that the bosss position will last forever and Mrs . Fus position will not be shaken . At the beginning, Lisa will also persuade her wife to get closer to the young master . After all, Mr . Fu is not a maverick man on the Internet . It seems that Mr . Fu was brought up by her grandmother when she was a child . It seems that the tradition of the Fu family is not the same Its not likely that Mr . Fu would let Mrs . Fu dictate to his marriage life because of his separation of relatives and his feelings and reasoning . In this case, what does Mrs . Fu care if she disobeys her mother-in-law a little? If you get Fu and the young master in place, you will be invincible .
Its a pity that Lisa can see clearly, but her wife doesnt like to hear such words . Lisa, who doesnt want to make her employer unhappy, can only shut up . Over time, her enterprising spirit has been worn away by years of comfortable life, and she has become muddle along and self satisfied .
Now, seeing her wife wake up, Lisa seems to have recovered her ambition when she was young . When she carefully helped her to the car, she was still inquiring about the details .
Jane Reich is also patient . She thinks Lisa is very considerate . She hasnt made a big mistake with Mrs . Fu for many years, and its hard for her to change her assistant suddenly . So we have to rely on Lisa to let the other party know about her changes . So we talked to Lisa from the conversation about the second child that day to the video with the children .
Lisa nodded repeatedly, but her wife said it was the young master, but she focused on Mr . Fu . Combined with her wifes recent circle of friends, Mr . Fu appeared every so often . Mr . Fu seemed to be a person who didnt eat fireworks, so she would accompany her to tea and go to the theater, and they also ate hot pot together - before she saw the photos, she suspected that Mr . Fu had been crossed .
It can be seen that these days, the relationship between my wife and general manager Fu has really improved by leaps and bounds .
With that in mind, Lisa looked back at her wife and exclaimed, has she changed the product recently? Its a beautiful complexion . Its white and red, and its eyebrows and eyes are flying . Its not only very young and energetic, but also more dazzling and charming than usual .
Really? Jane Reich felt her face happily . She didnt pay much attention to it, but it didnt prevent her from absorbing other peoples opinions .
Lisa nodded, thinking that it might be the moistening of love . Husband and wife live in harmony . With Mr . Fus beloved wife, she is no longer sensitive and self abased . There are more dazzling lights that people cant move their eyes . Even Mr . Fu cant resist such charm, can she?
Jane Reich narcissized for a moment, but also did not forget the business, by the way, Lisa, how is the nutritionist looking? Although Im more and more beautiful, I cant forget the figure management . Lisa said with a smile that she had already found someone . She was a famous person in the industry who had worked with so and so movie queen . Then he said with a small compliment, my wife is in perfect shape . Do you want to lose weight?
After all, its a womans career all her life
In fact, she did not need to go on the camera to eat and drink after crossing . She could not see it in her clothes, and her lower abdomen began to relax . When she found out this fact yesterday, Jane Reich was hit hard . She just ate a little more than her last life . Compared with ordinary people, she was still very restrained . How did she have the trend of getting fat?
However, she soon realized that ordinary people have to go to work and work for life . Eating more is called energy saving . If she only eats but doesnt work, who will get fat if she doesnt get fat?
So lose weight what is really a day can not relax it!
Assistant Wen handed the key to the car in time, half surprised and half joking, my wife has a good eye . Its also one of Mr . Fus favorites . If I dont go to work, Mr . Fu basically drives it when I go out .
This Land Rover is a limited edition in the world . Its appearance continues the usual handsome and domineering style of Land Rover . As long as a man cant resist its charm, so it can be listed in the top 3 of Mr . Fus car . Its no surprise for Wen assistant . Its just that Mrs . Fu would like it . Its a bit unexpected . He remembers that Mrs . Fu usually drives sports cars, and its not just her . All the ladies and celebrities in Hong Kong like colorful sports cars . Speaking of it, Mr . Fu also has some cool open top sports cars here . Mrs . Fu actually goes over them and chooses Mr . Fus favorite . I dont know whether its intentional or unintentional .
Jane Reich didnt catch the implication of assistant Wen . She only thought that the other party was praising her foresight and said with a rather reserved smile, it shows that I am more similar to Ethan in aesthetics .
She also liked this Land Rover in her last life . Its a pity that its a global limited edition and cant be bought with money . Of course, she cant afford to be a third tier star . But now she met, of course, to have enough addiction, Jane Reich cant wait, took the car key to Chaowen assistant waved, Im ready to start, ah Wen, you go to help yourself .
Assistant Wen stood by and watched Mrs . Fu start the car in a natural and unrestrained manner . Then she went away . The excitement in her eyes didnt seem to pretend . With a knowing smile, he told the bodyguard who had already got on the bus, follow my wife well . She hasnt driven several times in Beijing and may not be familiar with the road conditions here . Dont let her have an accident .
Although people around her are afraid that her wife is not familiar with the place of her life, she is quite familiar with it . She arrived at the Department Store smoothly and started a days shopping trip .
Jane Reich has a lot of money in her last life . She drives a seven figure luxury car and lives in an eight figure luxury house . She can also do shopping without looking at the hangtag and let the shopping guide swipe her card, but she cant afford to spend money like dirt; Even if Mrs . Fu spends millions a day, its drizzle . The local tyrant turns into a rich woman . Jane Richies shopping desire is completely satisfied . She buys lunch in the mall in the morning and in the afternoon .
As a matter of fact, the wallet can also be loaded, which is that her physical strength has slowed her down . By 4 p . m . , Jane Reich had to find a coffee shop to sit down and recharge her food . By the way, she sent a circle of friends to commemorate Mrs . Fus first shopping trip in Beijing . After all, she wanted to make changes . Nothing was more efficient and convenient than sending a circle of friends .
Mrs . Fus ladies and friends left a message at the bottom, Annie has gone to the mainland quietly . No wonder I havent seen you at the party today .
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