Birth of the Demonic Sword - Chapter 1996

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Noah and King Elbas were forcing the seed to grow until it reached the ninth rank. They treated it as a normal magical plant that required nutrients to improve, but they controlled every aspect of its improvements and structure.

Initially, the dark matter that made the seed didn't carry any meaning, but the constant absorption of fuel containing Sepunia's core made it transform into something that suited her existence perfectly.

King Elbas also modified the fuel as soon as the seed's growth failed to meet his expectations. He had to find a perfect balance between its imitation of Sepunia's existence and its potential, which required many adjustments during the process.

Moreover, the jar containing fuel set the amount of power that could fall into the case. It even affected those nutrients, making them denser or thinner depending on what the seed required.

Sepunia had to face an endless cycle of injuries and healing when it came to her world. The process was far from pleasant, and the heavy pressure that fell on her every time the two experts had to take more of her core eventually left her weakened for longer periods.

Sepunia was slowly starting to fall apart, but she never complained about her situation.. She had understood how hard that procedure was, so she did her best not to bother Noah and King Elbas. She remained silent as they cut her world open to gather more materials time after time.

The seed grew steadily, but it maintained its oval form. Its branches extended to add a new layer to its surface before moving slightly upward and repeating the process. The item wanted to expand instead of developing like a proper magical plant.

The item went from the bottom of the seventh rank to its peak before facing a breakthrough. The process required a higher amount of energy and led to a transformation of its fabric that made it abandon every connection to the dark matter.

The seed had gained a fist-sized oval form, but the breakthrough changed that. Its color brightened and abandoned the dark shades to become pink. Moreover, its shape flattened and softened, but it failed to reveal proper details even after stepping into the eighth rank.

Noah and King Elbas could only resume the process at that point. The item's requirements had skyrocketed due to the breakthrough, but the two experts could easily meet them. The problems started when it approached the peak of the eighth rank since it began to need the same number of nutrients that would lead an ordinary cultivator to the ninth rank.

The two experts didn't want to waste time hunting magical beasts or amassing storms. They would use that energy for themselves if they could get their hands on the amount they required so easily. Still, they couldn't interrupt the nurturing of the seed either.

Truth be told, Noah and King Elbas had already decided what to use in the process. Sepunia was a liquid stage cultivator, and her world contained enough energy to make an expert overcome the breakthrough to the ninth rank. The two experts only needed to cut away more of her to obtain what they needed.

The process worsened for Sepunia, but she was a rank 9 cultivator who had lived for countless years. The pain wasn't an issue, especially with her resolve. She agreed to go through that new process as soon as the experts suggested it, so the item slowly approached the ninth rank.

The time before the breakthrough was crucial since Noah and King Elbas wouldn't be able to change anything afterward. They would have to start everything all over again if the item failed to advance or didn't end up featuring the properties that they needed.

King Elbas paid even more attention to the concoction of the nutrients and threw away entire batches that appeared perfect only because he didn't do his best during their creation. His zealous approach almost made Sepunia joke, but she couldn't say anything when she saw that Noah shared a similar serious expression.

The time for the breakthrough to the ninth rank eventually arrived, but Noah decided to use the power inside his ethereal blackness to check that they had everything was fine. King Elbas' powerful pills prevented him from falling into a mental coma, so he could resume working on the seed right after completing the inspection.

Everything had turned out to be perfect. Noah only needed to improve the seed's environment to remove even the minor flaw that the breakthrough might have to face before starting the actual advancement.

The item transformed again. Its almost flat structure divided itself into multiple parts that slowly started to resemble petals. Noah and King Elbas found it funny that their approach had actually led to a flower-shaped form, but those thoughts didn't make their concentration flicker. They continued to inspect the process until their creation stabilized into the ninth rank.

"It's quite pure," Noah commented when he inspected the flower.

The flower's petals were large and soft. Their pinkish shades filled the case with a soft and cozy radiance, and the yellow pistil at their center added a scent that attracted those who smelled it.

The flower had reached a stable and powerful state, but Noah didn't think that Sepunia's energy could lead to something so pure. Cultivators with captivating effects usually involved far different meanings, but the restrained expert appeared to be an exception.

"Is she a kid?" King Elbas asked when looking at the flower.

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"Maybe this is only an expression of her deepest desire," Noah guessed. "The illusions in her current power probably are an attempt to change reality into something happier."

"You do realize that I'm here, right?" Sepunia pouted. "You are literally looking at the product of my core. It's embarrassing."

Sepunia had shyly lowered her gaze and had spoken with a cute voice, but Noah and King Elbas didn't even look at her. They continued to voice comments about the flower to gain an idea of the woman's existence before she became their companion.

"She might not be so dangerous in the end," Noah concluded.

"Can she even fight with this world?" King Elbas asked.

"Let's focus on salvaging as many memories as we can," Noah changed the topic. "We can't ruin our guide."

The following process involved a simple copy of the memories hidden inside Sepunia's world. Noah and King Elbas couldn't gain access to all of them, but they made sure to take everything they could and send it inside the flower in the form of nutrients.

The moment to change worlds arrived at that point. Sepunia started to get anxious when she understood that she was about to leave Heaven and Earth's system, but Noah and King Elbas began the process without warning her.

Night suddenly cut Sepunia into countless pieces, and the two experts proceeded to destroy the world as soon as its entire shape came out in the open.

The dark matter took the pieces of Sepunia's body and threw them into the flower. They touched it as soon as her previous world crumbled into a mass of primary energy that joined Noah's higher energy in the flight toward the case. Everything fused, and a blinding pink light eventually illuminated the dark structure.

When the light dimmed, Noah and King Elbas could see a slightly different Sepunia lying naked on the floor. Her cultivation level had fallen at the bottom of the ninth rank, but she was alive, and a quick inspection also confirmed that she wasn't a mere newborn. The transfer had been a success.

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