Boss’s Death Guide - Chapter 106

Chapter 106


The helicopter Jiang Pingshi rode to Yuncheng secure base could fit about ten people . Although it was smaller than those cargo helicopters, it was still very spacious . Ping Shengchao and the others could all sit inside .  

The experience of sitting in a helicopter wasn’t fun . There was a lot of noise, the body of the vehicle was jerky, and when it occasionally descended, it would upset the heart . But this thing’s speed was truly much quicker than a car .

The controlled helicopter flew into the air . Nie Yi had a sort of extremely carefree feeling, while Zhang Zihai and the others were looking at Qi Jingchen enviously .



The seats on the helicopter were very narrow and all of them were like this . Nie Yi unexpectedly could even stuff a lot of blankets inside, then used two seats to make an area Qi Jingchen could comfortably lay on .

Being in the helicopter was extremely cold, but Qi Jingchen had blankets all around him . With so many blankets surrounding him, just looking at him made people feel very warm… 

Zhang Zihai tightened up his clothes and shifted closer to Ping Shengchao; he felt very stifled from the excessive cold . Ping Shengchao subconsciously wanted to stroke his head to comfort him, but stopped upon seeing the scabs on his head .


At the start Zhang Zihai had his head burnt by Nie Yi and his hair nearly couldn’t be grown out . This time, a layer of scalp was scraped off again; who knew whether hair would be able to break out in the future…

Thinking about how his other half might be bald for the rest of his life and even had scars on his head, so his bald head wasn’t so bright, Ping Shengchao also felt stifled and pressed a kiss on Zhang Zihai’s head .

The two of them felt very, very stifled, but no matter how stifled they felt, it couldn’t compare to Shao Zhenglan .


Ping Shengchao was tucked up tight by Nie Yi, Zhang Zihai and Ping Shengchao were hugging each other, and even Qi An and Xiaomao…

Nie Yi tied together two child safety seats in the airplane and then tied the two children together, so Qi An and Xiaomao couldn’t stick very close together like Zhang Zihai and Ping Shengchao, but they were holding hands, and Qi An was continuously comforting Xiaomao…

It was such young children, yet why did she have a feeling of PDA from watching?

It left her, someone who had no relations, feeling even sadder, alright? 

Jiang Huai: “…” I also have no relations, don’t forget me… 

“Xiaomao, we’re in the air . Don’t be scared; when we reach our destination, I’ll make you yummy food!” Qi An beamed at Xiaomao, in an extremely good mood .

The things in Xiaomao’s space had increased again!

Before they left Yuncheng secure base, Li Shu had given them a ton of things! 

Qi An previously knew that Li Shu used to be a civil servant, but unexpectedly he was also a researcher, having once been a specialist in weapons… Yuncheng secure base didn’t have much soldiers, but Li Shu had collected a lot of weapons!

They were given two of the rocket artillery Li Shu had used to shoot down the helicopter!

Naturally, the rocket artillery wasn’t what made Qi An the most expectant . Qi An still liked that helicopter the most .

Yuncheng had helicopters, so Nie Yi just asked for one from Li Shu . He now was a man with a helicopter! In the end, Qi An was a man, and even a male in his chuuni stage . Aside from food, he loved weapons and vehicles the most . Now, he had an urge to ask Xiaomao to take out the helicopter and let him have a good stroke .  

That was a helicopter ah! A helicopter!

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Shao Zhenglan couldn’t hear clearly because of the noise, but the wind ability user, Jiang Huai, could hear it very clearly . After listening he always felt really, really awkward, and also a little admiring of Qi An .  

Changing the story’s protagonist to his name, then saying in deadly earnest about ‘XX saw Prince Qi An and couldn’t help her heart skipping’, ‘XXX was very worshipful of Prince Qi An, feeling that Qi An was the most amazing person in this world’ . This was also a sort of skill, right?

Yet with such a story, Xiaomao still listened with keen interest, then kept praising it .

Flying a helicopter was very tiring, and generally one would have to take a break after piloting it for a few years . Though Nie Yi still felt fine, he was worried that Qi Jingchen would feel bored, so he stopped and then began cooking .

Seeing this, Qi An immediately carried Xiaomao to a nearby open space, then asked Xiaomao to take out the small-scale helicopter in her space and then began to admire it .  

Xiaomao felt a little tired after using a lot of her ability, but hearing Qi An say that this was their spacecraft, she instantly became excited as well, thinking of going to the moon .

“Don’t worry . If you obediently follow me, I’ll take you to the moon in the future . ” Qi An stroked Xiaomao’s head .

Xiaomao nodded and noted down this matter .

Nie Yi raised his brows slightly when he saw this scene . He also quite liked that small-scale helicopter . In fact, it was because of these things given by Li Shu that made him not that reluctant to go to B City secure base .  

Nie Yi soon finished preparing food for two people . His culinary skills had greatly improved . Although it couldn’t be compared to those big kitchens, it was already far enough for home cooking, and it allowed Qi Jingchen to eat to his satisfaction .

“Do you have anywhere you feel uncomfortable?” Nie Yi ate together with Qi Jingchen, but had always waited until Qi Jingchen ate his fill before he began eating without any scruples . He spoke while eating .

During New Year’s Eve, he was injured . Piloting a helicopter like this naturally wasn’t good for his health, so before they set off, Qi Jingchen fed him some of his blood .

His injuries were already fully healed, so now he was just worried whether Qi Jingchen would start feeling unwell again .  

“No,” Qi Jingchen said, then stood up to walk to Nie Yi’s side and pulled him over to kiss his face .

Nie Yi ate his meal even quicker . After eating, he made some water for himself to rinse his mouth, then used an ice wall to block other people from seeing him and Qi Jingchen before fiercely kissing Qi Jingchen on the mouth .

Trying to hide it makes it even more obvious! Shao Zhenglan couldn’t help grinding her teeth, suddenly missing back when Qi Jingchen ignored Nie Yi…

Jiang Huai silently went to clean the dishes .  

When the helicopter arrived at B City secure base, it was noon the next day .

Nie Yi knew where B City secure base’s helipad was and just parked straight there . And just as he got out of the helicopter, the staff here rushed over .


“Plane No . 67, Jiang Pingshi… who are you guys?” The airport staff member came over while holding a record book, taken aback upon seeing Nie Yi and the others .

He basically knew all the pilots here, and was even quite familiar with Jiang Pingshi . But why was there a stranger coming down from the helicopter Jiang Pingshi frequently used? No, it didn’t seem to be a stranger; he felt like this pilot was a little familiar-looking .  

This staff member was a little dazed, and when he saw the few others who came down from the helicopter, and how the pilot even carried down a beautiful youth from the helicopter, he suddenly recalled something .

Wasn’t this… precisely Nie Yi?!

That Nie Yi who had been very popular in B City secure base for a time!

At that time, he had seen Nie Yi’s photos before, but had long forgotten Nie Yi’s appearance . Instead, the sight of Nie Yi carrying Qi Jingchen was deeply imprinted in his memories .  

Although some people felt that Nie Yi loving beauties and not his country was bad form, and some felt that Qi Jingchen was shameless, in hindsight, everyone was honestly a little envious of them .

During the apocalypse, spouses who were birds of the same flock and parted ways when faced with disaster could be found everywhere . Nie Yi and Qi Jingchen were both men but could always be together, and Nie Yi even was steadfastly loyal to Qi Jingchen; how could it not be enviable?

However, after Nie Yi left B City secure base, gradually no one mentioned them anymore…

“Nie Yi?” the staff member looked at Nie Yi in astonishment . “Where’s Jiang Pingshi?” 

“Jiang Pingshi is dead . ” Nie Yi said, “Something very important happened in Yuncheng secure base . Quickly take me to see General Zhao . ”

Once this staff member heard that Jiang Pingshi unexpectedly was dead, he couldn’t quite react . No accident ever occurred to people who went out of B City secure base!

“I’ll take you to see General Zhao,” this staff member immediately said .

The airport was built outside the secure base . Nie Yi followed this staff member and walked towards the secure base main entrance .  

B City secure base was worthy of being the biggest secure base of this time . It had been several months since the apocalypse began, yet there were still several people at the gates who looked to be survivors arriving here for the first time . Of course, even more were people leaving in search of supplies .

Nie Yi had an entry pass, and that staff member was carrying a work license, so they all could take the special channel . However, before they could enter, they ran into an acquaintance .

“Nie Yi!” When Yu Shuo saw Nie Yi, his pupils shrank and anger appeared in his eyes, but he soon suppressed these feelings . “It’s been a long time . Where did you go?”

Nie Yi had left B City secure base for so long; why wasn’t he dead yet? 

Nie Yi gave Yu Shuo an indifferent glance . “Where I went has nothing to do with you . As for you… You left in the morning and came back by noon . Were you going to take a look at the secure base’s perimeter walls?”

Yu Shuo’s clothes and shoes were clean and spotless, and didn’t seem like he spent the night outside . That meant only one thing— he just took a short stroll outside and returned .


Nie Yi’s words carried ridicule and Yu Shuo’s face couldn’t help darkening . He truly did not go far . Previously after Yu Xuguang defeated him, he wanted to look for zombies to train his skills, so he fought with the zombies near the secure base for a few hours, and returned after using up his ability .

He was still thinking of having to train more so that he could easily take his revenge against Yu Xuguang when he unexpectedly ran into Nie Yi just as he returned .  

“What about you? You’ve been outside this long? And killed off all your subordinates?” Yu Shuo looked at Nie Yi mockingly . When Nie Yi left, he brought so many people, yet now he just had measly few with him… On the contrary, he had about twenty nine level-three ability users behind him!

“Don’t set what you would do on me . I’m not like you who only knows to hide behind your subordinates,” Nie Yi said .

After Yu Shuo’s anger at the start, he had calmed now, and unexpectedly still held a smile on his face when hearing Nie Yi’s words .

He looked at Nie Yi, then looked at Qi Jingchen beside him, suddenly saying, “So your little lover finally has legs to walk on his own? Nie Yi, it’s better if you always carry him lest he ends up snatched by someone . There are many people who like this sort of smooth-skinned and tender fleshed person . If there were lines of binding bruises on him, it must be extremely beautiful…” 

An ice blade appeared in Nie Yi’s hand and cut straight towards Yu Shuo .

Yu Shuo had long guessed that Nie Yi would make a move . Seeing this, he immediately backed up . At the same time, the people behind them also attacked Nie Yi and the others with their abilities . First among them was Qi Jingchen .

Yu Shuo raised a hand and a few bolts of lightning shot towards Qi Jingchen . He did not reveal anything on the surface, but he was a little proud of himself in his heart— He just knew that Qi Jingchen was Nie Yi’s weak point . As long as Qi Jingchen was involved, Nie Yi would definitely make a move .

Nie Yi was truly very amazing, but today he had over twenty people by his side whereas Nie Yi only had about seven or eight . Among them, there were even two who were children… 

He did not believe that Nie Yi could still beat him in such a situation!

“Nie Yi! You attacked me for no reason at all! What is the meaning of this?” Seeing the people around them looking over, Yu Shuo shouted this in question .

Nie Yi, however, simply ignored whatever he said . An ice wall rose behind him, blocking off several attacks aimed at Qi Jingchen and the others, while his hands were forming the hybrid water and fire ability .

This explosive unique skill of his needed some time to be formed back when he had two ability nuclei, but now the speed was very, very quick .  

The water and fire energy were extremely harmonious when in Nie Yi’s body, but after leaving his body, it would become a terrifying bomb . As it happened, Yu Shuo’s ability users even thought it was just normal water…

The sound of an explosion rang out . Yu Shuo and his subordinates were caught off guard and slammed to the ground from the explosion .

They were all ability users and had a certain resistance against ability users, and thus there was no deadly danger . However, one could not avoid being badly mangled from the explosion, so for a time, they did not dare resist .

Honestly, the few ability users at the back weren’t injured, but seeing the miserable states of the people in front, they shrunk back .  

“This is B City secure base! Fighting is forbidden!” At this time, patrolmen of the secure base ran over . “All of you, come with me!”

Nie Yi and Yu Shuo were taken to the secure base inquest division . In B City secure base, there was a particularly high number of influential people . In the end, to avoid people from committing outrages by relying on their influence, the law was set rather severely . Even if the secure base chief committed an offence, they also had to be taken to the inquest division to have a trial .


Of course, even if it was like this, there would still be discrimination in treatment . For example, now, several people were surrounding Yu Shuo, and the inquest division even invited a doctor for them, yet their side was glared at heavily by the inquest division as if they were some evil and vicious people .

“Why did you guys injure people at the secure base entrance?” asked one of the people glaring at Nie Yi .  

“It was him who came to provoke, bullying by numbers,” Nie Yi said .

“Don’t be an annoying troublemaker! Many people have seen that it was you guys who attacked first! Even if there was an argument, you still can’t attack at will!”

Nie Yi simply did not speak anymore as he began to relax with his eyes closed .

After beating Yu Shuo again, he passed the date related to the shadow guard that Li Shu had sorted out to the staff member, telling him to send it to Zhao Chengqi .  

That staff member did not participate in the fight, so the inquest division staff did not apprehend him . Now, he probably had seen Zhao Chengqi…