Boss’s Death Guide - Chapter 108

Edited by Ruru

Nie Yi wanted to sneakily get some information from Yu Xuguang, but was worried about his and Qi Jingchen’s identity being exposed, so in the end he still did not do much and merely told Yu Xuguang about what he said to Zhao Chengqi .  

He spoke very detailedly, even speaking a bit about those shadow guards’ strangeness, wanting to see Yu Xuguang’s reaction . However, Yu Xuguang seemed completely unaware of this matter .

This was also good . Since Yu Xuguang didn’t know about this at all, then he probably did not come in contact with that reborn person in his last life… Moreover, hearing his words, it could be assumed that Yu Xuguang would also be guarded against that person .



“Shadow guard?” Hearing Nie Yi’s words, Yu Xuguang’s face was filled with confusion . He had never heard of such things in his last life .

Although that dark lord once killed everywhere at the beginning and killed many people, he later did not really appear, and also did not kill people much .  

Of course, this was possibly also because there were fewer and fewer people living during the middle and latter stage of the apocalypse— Altogether there were just that few people . After dying, they would only end up being companions with zombies, which was also quite meaningless…


“Right, shadow guards . At first we caught one alive, but the other did a suicidal attack to kill that person, so now we only brought back a corpse,” Nie Yi said .

“I’ll go look,” Yu Xuguang said, and suddenly thought of something . “Where are your subordinates? There are people outside saying that all your subordinates died…”

“Do you think that’s possible?” Nie Yi retorted . “I came by helicopter; I can’t possibly take in all two thousand people . ”


“I did say that it was most likely Yu Shuo spreading rumours again,” Yu Xuguang said . Recalling that Nie Yi unexpectedly knew how to fly a helicopter too, he couldn’t help admiring him again .

Fortunately, this person was now on the secure base’s side . Otherwise, they might have another great enemy .

After Yu Xuguang asked what he wanted to, he left . Only then did Nie Yi bring Qi Jingchen and the rest to Nie Boyuan’s villa .

Now, even the outer city of B City secure base was full of people living there, but Nie Boyuan still had a detached villa to live in… power truly was useful .  

“Nie Yi, you’re back! I just knew you’d definitely be fine!” When Liu Sao saw Nie Yi, she was clearly a little emotional, and her greyish face also became a little flushed . “I prepared a table of food for you . Quickly come in and eat . ”

When Nie Yi saw Liu Sao’s appearance, his footsteps faltered slightly, but he ended up saying nothing . There were too many people who died during the apocalypse . Even he didn’t know how long he could live in this life, naturally he couldn’t care too much about too many people .

“Previously that Yu Shuo came to live here; I was unbearably angry and refused to serve them anymore, so your dad made him leave . Now, this place is very clean, so all of you can live here,” Liu Sao said .

“You don’t have to have conflict with him too,” Nie Yi said . In the end, Liu Sao was an ordinary person . Having conflict with Yu Shuo wasn’t anything good .  

“I’m also not having much conflict; even if I did, he wouldn’t dare do anything to me . ” Liu Sao smiled . She knew Nie Yi was being concerned about her, but she had worked in the Nie home for so long and had learnt many things . She wasn’t as bad as to not be able to handle even a youth like Yu Shuo .

Liu Sao had already prepared a table of dishes and immediately called Nie Yi over to eat . And right at this time, Nie Boyuan returned .

Because he felt a little guilty about misunderstanding Nie Yi previously, Nie Boyuan did something rare and did not put on a face at Nie Yi and did not target Qi Jingchen . Although Nie Yi did not like Nie Boyuan, he wouldn’t go so far as to take the initiative to provoke him, so this meal was conversely very peaceful .

Of course, although the food was eaten very peacefully, Nie Boyuan’s mood wasn’t very good—anyone would find it hard to take when seeing their own son constantly serving another man during a meal .  

But he had seen various separations and unions these days, as well as all sorts of weird situations, so Nie Boyuan’s acceptance of this situation was better .

Recently, there was a man in the secure base who was womanising outside, and ended up being castrated by his wife . Castration was bad enough, but his wife even snapped the tendons of his hands and legs .


When recalling this matter, Nie Boyuan conversely wasn’t as disapproving of Qi Jingchen—At least this person couldn’t beat Nie Yi .

That night, Nie Yi lived in Nie Boyuan’s villa . After learning this, Yu Shuo angrily threw about many things in his room . “Nie Yi! Why did you come back?!” 

“Yu shao…” Yu Shuo’s subordinate wanted to advise him when seeing his indignant appearance, but also did not dare to . Honestly, they felt that some of what Yu Shuo did was quite odd . Although Nie Yi and Yu Shuo were half-brothers, there weren’t any grudges or connections between them . According to reason, they could have interacted peacefully, but Yu Shuo, for some reason, targeted Nie Yi from the beginning .

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His life in B City secure base truly was extremely easy and comfortable, but as long as he thought of Nie Yi, he felt as if a fish bone was stuck in his throat .  

Yu Shuo’s subordinate quickly left . Right at this time, Yu Shuo’s window suddenly had a tapping noise .

The rhythmic ‘knock knock’s sounded extremely strange when heard at night, so much that one couldn’t help their hearts from shivering .

There was nothing outside the window at all . Under this situation, it was probably someone who had knocked on his window with a wind ability . Yu Shuo snorted and walked over to open the window . “Who is it? Come out now!”

“It’s me . ” A woman’s voice rang out by Yu Shuo’s ear . At the same time, a figure with a head of long, untied hair was floating over waveringly from afar .  

It truly was floating . That figure could be said to not have moved her feet at all . She floated to the outside of Yu Shuo’s window, then smiled at him, revealing a deathly pale face .

Yu Shuo did not believe in ghosts, but was still stunned by this scene . However, he soon returned to his senses and then looked at the person before him . “Wind ability user?”

Wind ability users could control the wind, so transmitting sounds to his ear probably wasn’t anything difficult .

“Yes ah…” the woman said, then lifted her hair to reveal a delicate face .  

Her face had very heavy makeup and seemed especially white while her lips were very, very red . It was all a little strange, but when smiling, her expression turned lovely, and this face became lively .

Yu Shuo had seen all sorts of beauties and did not care about this slight bit of charm at all, asking, “Who are you? Why are you looking for me?”

“I came here to ask whether you want to kill Nie Yi,” the woman said .

“Kill Nie Yi?” Yu Shuo sneered . Of course he wanted to kill Nie Yi, but he couldn’t possibly wilfully make a move in B City secure base . As for outside… even if he found Nie Yi, it wasn’t likely that he could kill Nie Yi either .  

“I know a secret of his that can make him undoubtedly die,” the woman suddenly said .

Yu Shuo’s eyes suddenly widened, and his pupils shrank from excitement .


Yu Shuo lived in a villa, whereas Yu Xuguang lived in an extremely common two-room house in a residential building .

Although this residential building was very ordinary, the ones living there were all slightly skilled in the secure base, so the security was very good, and there was even electricity at night . Of course, everyone’s electricity consumption was limited; if they were to exceed the regulated electricity consumption, they would not be given any for the next month .  

Yu Xuguang had always economised these resources very, very much— The him who lived without anything at all during the end of the apocalypse absolutely wouldn’t care about those sort of pleasures; he didn’t even like turning on the lights when using the toilet at night .

But today, their living room was fully lit, and he was talking to his sister about the shadow guards .

Although he intended to contribute to humanity, he also did not dare whimsically announce his rebirth . As such, he could only use the excuse of prophetic abilities to announce what he knew .

As for what he could and could not say, he would discuss with his sister first . After all, when some matters were said, it might offend people! 

“Jie, what do you think is going on with this shadow guard?” Yu Xuguang asked in confusion .

“You don’t even know, so how could I?” Yu Yuehui gave her little brother a speechless look .

“In my last life there wasn’t anything like this at all . ” Yu Xuguang frowned, a little at a loss .

“Didn’t many things change in this life?” Yu Yuehui said . “Disregarding everything else, even W County secure base’s panacea is gone . ” 

When thinking of W County secure base’s panacea Yu Xuguang couldn’t help feeling a little gloomy . That sort of panacea was truly very useful . All the people who took the panacea weren’t afraid of zombies; yet for some reason, there wasn’t such a thing in this life at all .

“Xiao Xu, you shouldn’t get so tangled up . We can only do our best and leave the rest to fate,” Yu Yuehui said .

“Yes ah . Moreover, there are also some things that are heading in a better direction,” Yu Xuguang said . His words barely fell when their door was suddenly knocked on .

It was already very late now, so why was there someone knocking on their door? Yu Xuguang was a little perplexed, but still went over to open the door .  

A woman stood outside the door, a very beautiful woman, but her makeup was a little strange . Seeing the other, Yu Xuguang’s face was filled with shock and delight . “Yao Mengzhi?”

After his surprise, Yu Xuguang suddenly realised something . “Why are you here?”

Yao Mengzhi and him were once interdependent, but during this time, they shouldn’t have known each other .

“Because I was also reborn,” Yao Mengzhi said .  

The pleased surprise in Yu Xuguang’s face grew . He even itched to rush over to hug Yao Mengzhi . It should be known that he once liked Yao Mengzhi, and was deeply in love .

Originally, after his rebirth, he thought of going to look for Yao Mengzhi . Unfortunately, he had too many things he had to do, and now Yao Mengzhi liked someone else… In the end, he still did nothing at all .


If Yao Mengzhi was also reborn, then was it possible that the two of them could get together?

“You’re also reborn?” Yu Yuehui, however, looked at Yao Mengzhi a little vigilantly . “When were you reborn? Why didn’t you contact us earlier?” 

The apocalypse had been going on for half a year already . If this person was reborn, why did she never come to look for them before? Yu Xuguang’s behaviour was so obvious, and while those who weren’t reborn would never have guessed, those that were couldn’t possibly have not .

“Yes ah, Mengzhi, when were you reborn?” Yu Xuguang also asked .

“A month after the apocalypse began,” Yao Mengzhi said . The time she was reborn probably wasn’t too different from Yu Xuguang’s .

“Then you…” Yu Xuguang wanted to ask why Yao Mengzhi never looked for him, but when speaking halfway, he couldn’t go on . Yao Mengzhi had a man she loved very much who had died in the dark lord’s hands like his sister . That person was probably alive now, so Yao Mengzhi naturally wouldn’t want to come find him .  

“Who is like you, desperate for the whole world to know that you were reborn?” Yao Mengzhi looked at Yu Xuguang, a mocking smile appearing at the corner of her lips . ”The person reborn isn’t just you . According to what I know, there’s at least three more . ”

“How could that be?!” Yu Xuguang was stunned . Him and Yao Mengzhi being reborn was already very shocking to him, yet there were still three others in the world . How could that be?

“How do you think Nie Yi’s strength was able to become so powerful?” Yao Mengzhi smiled at Yu Xuguang .

“He’s also reborn?!” Yu Xuguang had a puzzled expression . “That’s not right . If he was reborn, why would he treat the lover who betrayed him in his last life so well?” 

Nie Yi was extremely strong, and he once was doubtful over this . But this doubt vanished after he witnessed Nie Yi being totally submissive to Qi Jingchen .

If he was betrayed in his last life, he wouldn’t treat that person so well in this life! Nie Yi had always been a vengeful person . He even killed his lover in his last life, so how could he pamper that lover like this now .

“Who told you that Nie Yi was dating the lover in his last life?” Yao Mengzhi not only had very heavy makeup, she also painted crimson red nail polish on her nails . Her hands curled into fists on the table, her fingernails embedding deep into her flesh .

“Then who’s that Qi Jingchen?” Yu Xuguang’s face was filled with confusion .  

“In our last life, who was it that Nie Yi listens to and obeys, and was even willing to dedicate his everything to?” Yao Mengzhi suddenly asked .

“Dark lord…” Yu Xuguang’s face paled . “This can’t be possible . How could the dark lord be a youth? And a…” Such a clean youth?

Yu Xuguang had a very good impression of Qi Jingchen . Although Qi Jingchen was unruly and rash, as long as he saw this person, he would feel very comfortable .

This youth was lazy, a picky eater, and loved cleanliness… he had various faults, but the feeling he gave off couldn’t connect with darkness at all . He always was being himself, pure and clean .  

“Why is it impossible?” Yao Mengzhi asked, “Maybe it’s because you’re stupid . You didn’t notice so many strange things about Nie Yi at all . And that Qi Jingchen; do you think his interactions with Nie Yi is like a couple?”

Wasn’t their interaction like a couple? Yu Xuguang was a little hesitant . He carefully thought about it, and suddenly realised that these two truly did not interact like lovers .


Every time Qi Jingchen ordered Nie Yi to do stuff, he was always that just and forceful . It wasn’t like he was treating Nie Yi as a boyfriend, but a subordinate .

Previously he did not think too much, so Yu Xuguang did not notice any doubtful points, but now that he carefully thought about it, there were more and more doubts he could recall .  

“Who’s the other reborn person?” Yu Xuguang asked .

“Doesn’t Nie Yi have a boy by his side named Qi?”

“Qi An…” Yu Xuguang was a little unable to react, and also had a feeling of being attacked .

Qi An had killed many people during the apocalypse . He always felt that he must be an extremely sinister and terrifying man, and later when he went to assassinate the dark lord, he unhesitantly killed Qi An who was already starving half-dead… 

He previously never felt that what he did was any wrong, but now someone actually told him that Qi An was just a child?!

How could that be?!

However, when speaking of it, the first time he saw Qi An, the other truly leaked a killing aura towards him . Moreover, Qi An in their last life would often act a little chuuni…

He originally was already a chuuni youth . Not acting chuuni would be weird .  

Yu Xuguang didn’t want to trust Yao Mengzhi’s words, but everything she said also couldn’t allow him to not .

Yao Mengzhi knew Yu Xuguang believed it when seeing his expression . She turned her head and looked outside the window .

After she was reborn, she was extremely excited, thinking that she could avoid the tragedy in her last life . But unexpectedly, she was not the only person reborn .

The information from B City secure base allowed her to learn that Yu Xuguang was reborn . She dispatched people to W County secure base, wanting to contact Su Haisheng, and in passing, take the fire elemental plant near W County secure base . But the situation she encountered allowed her to find out that Nie Yi and Qi Jingchen might also be reborn .  

Yu Xuguang did not know what was actually the W County secure base panacea, but she did . At first, she even did several exchanges with Su Haisheng… however, in her last life, to make those secure base people hate Qi Jingchen even more, she never said this, and even deliberately erased some data .

After learning that Nie Yi and Qi Jingchen were unexpectedly reborn, she set her plan to kill Nie Yi, but Nie Yi’s whereabouts weren’t easy to find, and she could only willfully lay some traps—It was best if these two were killed, but if not she would just lose some explosives .

At first, she wanted to kill them both, but later she came across some problems in her research and wanted to capture Qi Jingchen to be researched, and even concealed her identity and personally brought people to the Yuncheng secure base .

Qi Jingchen had not awakened yet, and Nie Yi did not have many people around him . She thought that that capture event should be a cinch, but unexpectedly they ended up failing, and her experiment products were even controlled… .  

Since they could not capture Qi Jingchen, they could only kill them!