Come Here, Tyrant! - Chapter 32

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Meanwhile, a purple carriage of the Dsev family rolled to a stop in front of the mansion.

When she found the old-fashioned carriage, Carla snapped at Annie again.

“My God! You make money while traveling, and I get to play with you.”

Thanks to that, Annie’s mood also improved. Not only was the weather lovely, but somehow she had a good feeling.

Just before getting on the carriage, Annie raised her head and said hello to the coachman. Then, a young man, not a familiar coachman, came into her eyes.

This young man with an unfamiliar face wore an old fedora.

‘Huh? When did the coachman change?’

As Annie tilted her head, the coachman squeezed his fedora.

She was going to take a look again, but Carla pushed her from behind.

“My Lady, let’s go.”

“Ah… yes.”

‘Is he a newcomer?’

With little thought, Annie leaned against the back of the carriage.

Carla pulled something out of her pre-prepared picnic bag.

“Uncle Bat took care of the food.”

Freshly baked croissants and glass bottles full of fresh milk.

Annie opened her mouth to admire the delicious fragrance that was constantly wafting out of the small picnic bag.

It’s delicious, but the amount was quite substantial.

“Carla. Are you going to eat all this?”

“We’ll eat as we come and go. Uncle Bat’s servings are always generous.”

“Okay. I’ll have to loosen the strap of my dress when I come back.”

The two smiled playfully. They grabbed the loaves one by one and mumbled. Like children, they also sucked on the sweet butter that clung to their fingers.

As soon as their stomach was full, Carla began to doze off. Annie looked at her face and pulled a blanket out of her bag.

Annie, who carefully covered Carla with the blanket, shifted her gaze. A bitter smile graced her face as the scenery moved past the window of the carriage.

For the past six years, her heart trembled on this fine morning because she can see the clear sky under which she used to spend time with him and take a walk under while breathing the fresh air.

Annie, recalling her past, gently leaned her forehead against the door of the carriage. Her love, which she believed to be eternal, changed as easily as a simple flipping of the palm.

There would always be someone who will be as consistent as the first one, but now she had no expectations.

‘I can live well by myself.’

Unlike her words of conviction, warm tears flowed down her cheeks. Annie pulled out her hand mirror.

When Carla sees her, she will be upset. She had to wipe her face before she woke up.

But at that moment, the carriage rattled and stopped.


The mirror slipped from her hand, fell to the floor, shattered, and the debris bounced back and forth.

“What happened?”

“Sorry. I’ll pick it up… ah.”

A long piece of glass stuck in Annie’s finger sparkled.

As she took it out urgently, the blood began to flow out steadily like an unattended tap.

“My Lady, are you okay?!”

“Hmm. It’s fine.”

Annie, who calmly assured Carla, tied her fingers tightly with a handkerchief.

The white handkerchief quickly turned red. Furiously, Carla shouted at the coachman.

“Ah really. What are you doing!”

“I have committed a sin worthy of death. Forgive me! Please forgive me!”

The loud noise from the coach seat made the two women tremble.

If they apologize, do they need to beg for their life?

Annie patted Carla on the back with her uninjured hand.

“Carla. I’m fine.”

“Ugh. What should I do if My Lady’s fine hands get hurt.”

The top of her handkerchief was completely red as the little glass had stuck viciously.

Annie spoke lightly, “It doesn’t hurt very much, and it’s stuck on the top of the finger, so there won’t be any problems when writing. Plus it’s my left hand.”

“My Lady is so…”

To still think about work at this time… No matter how much she took her hands out of the family affairs, Annie was still Annie.

Looking at Carla as if she was fed up, Annie said in a clipped tone.

“We must have arrived. Let’s go out.”

“You must have been surprised… Wouldn’t it be better to rest?”

“What’s this? Being overprotective is not good.”

As Annie went out first, the coachman standing at the door was surprised and shook his head.

“So sorry! I’m so sorry, My Lady!”

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