Come Here, Tyrant! - Chapter 33

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She couldn’t see his face right as he bowed his head so much. For his sincere apology, Annie did not scold him.

Carla apologized for yelling at him with regret.

Annie, who looked at the scene of reconciliation happily, slowly turned forward.

She listened to the sound of the crashing waterfall and stared at the natural scenery in the distance.

Water droplets splattered on her cheeks thanks to the constantly overflowing waterfall, and her rich brown hair fluttered in the refreshing breeze.

Natural wind was still the best, after all.

Annie turned her body towards Carla and laughed like a naughty boy.

“What do you think? Is it better to come with me?”

“You’re going to hurt your mouth if you keep asking something obvious.” Carla replied coyly, giggling while facing Annie.

Carla proffered her arm to Annie in one graceful motion like a prince.

“Come, My Lady. Could you give me the honor of walking with me?”

It’s a joke that has been around since her childhood. Carla, taller than average, always claimed to be a man.

Annie put her right hand on Carla’s hand.

People around them looked at them happily. The tall Carla and little Annie walk hand-to-hand, just as cute as a mother and daughter.

“Wow… there are so many people.”

As it was a famous tourist attraction, the area in front of the waterfall was crowded. There were countless nobles, rich-looking commoners, and many merchants selling snacks.

There were people from all over the world, so everyone in the crowd had varying appearances.

A lady wearing a cowl hat for the first time, a man with a mustache wearing wide barrel pants, and so on.

Carla said, as she was looking around and opened her mouth, “I shouldn’t have asked Uncle Bat to make food for no reason. I should buy it here.”

“Don’t worry. We can still buy some snacks and eat them.”

“That’s right.  Ah… Anyway, what should we do with your hand?”

“It’s okay. How many times do I have to say that?”

Carla glanced at Annie’s fingers. No matter how “alright” she said she was, Carla couldn’t get the image of the blood-soaked handkerchief out of her mind.

Instead of repeating her words, Annie looked around. She saw a merchant selling colorful fruits from an old kiosk.

Annie took out some silver coins and bought three large pineapple skewers.

It seemed difficult for her to put a whole pineapple in her mouth.

“Come on, Carla.”

“Thank you, My Lady.”

Annie, who first handed one to Carla, lifted her heel and looked around.

‘Where is the coachman?’

But even the coachman’s fedora was not visible.

‘Did he go sightseeing for a while?’

Annie shrugged her shoulders and put a pineapple in her mouth. The sweet flesh burst across her tongue, and her mood improved.

At that time, a girl stood out in front of the fruit stand. She probably wanted to eat so much that she drools, and she can’t remove her gaze from the yellow pineapple skewer.

Seeing the child’s old one-piece outfit and her eagerly sniffing nose, the child seemed like a low-class noble.

The child pulled her mother’s sleeve.

“Mom, buy me that too.”

“Ugh. Stop it. Do you know how much money we spent coming here?  I wouldn’t have come all the way here if not for those damn girls. Doesn’t she always boast that she saw Porcaus Falls… Whoo.”

Unlike the child, the gorgeously dressed woman frowned and shook the little hand. Then the child, with her head bowed, wept.

She couldn’t watch any more, so Annie walked up to her.  She smiled gracefully at the woman staring at her.

“Hello, madam. I am Annie Mill Dsev from Dsev County.”

“What happened?”

“If it’s not rude, can I present this fruit to the child?”

Why? Do you see me as a beggar?

The noble lady’s expression crumpled like she’d bitten into something rotten.

However, the noble lady’s displeasure melted in the wake of Annie’s next words.

“Maybe it’s because the child looks like the mother. She’s so cute and pretty that I want to give her a present. Ah. Of course the mother is more beautiful.”

“Ho Ho. Go ahead.”

With her permission, Annie bent her back and squeezed the fruit skewers in the child’s hand.

Then the child smiled brightly.

“Thank you, sister!”

“Enjoy it. If you want to eat more, tell me.”

Carla glanced at Annie, stroking the child’s blonde hair with delight.

‘How can there be such a kind-hearted lady!’

Even if you brought all the men in the world in the enormous carriage of the Imperial Palace, they could not enter Carla’s eyes.

Annie was simply that lovely, smart, and gracious.

But there was a man who looked at Annie more deeply than Carla.

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