Coming of the Villain Boss! - Chapter 1068

Chapter 1068: 1068

Chapter 1068: The Superior Leader (17)

The black dog leader rested his eyes on Wen Nuan who was behind Ming Shu, and his ferocious expression softened a little . “I didn’t consider it thoroughly . This way, please . ”

The boar leader smiled at Ming Shu fawningly .

His attitude made the other shapeshifters unwilling to dare to act rashly .

This female shapeshifter had wiped out the leopard tribe, and the boar leader treated her respectfully like this…

They heard that she also had powerful weapons .

The black dog leader kept staring at Wen Nuan with his green eyes, like he was staring at his prey .

Wen Nuan was a little scared and hid behind Ming Zhe .

Ming Zhe was at least a male, so even though he was also scared, he puffed out his chest and shielded Wen Nuan behind him .

The black dog leader gave out a cold snort and ordered his shapeshifters to arrange places for them .

Naturally there would be no rooms, it would be nice to just have a shed .

Ming Shu didn’t bring many shapeshifters with her, Ming Zhe and Wen Nuan…

Why did she bring Wen Nuan whose combat power was negative?

She felt worried about leaving her in the valley . What if she was carried away by wolves?

She must carry the female cook with her .

[…You’re doing this just for food . ]

Ming Shu ignored the Harmony System .

The black dog leader was the host and would prepare food for his guests in the evening . But only the tribe leaders or their representatives could participate in the feast .

The other shapeshifters had to handle dinner by themselves .

Ming Shu heard it was an all-meat meal, so she refused it without thinking and sent Ming Zhe to attend on behalf of her .

Ming Zhe: “…”

I’m so scared that the flesh-eating shapeshifters will eat me .

“Take this!” A polished knife was thrust in front of Ming Zhe . “Whoever dares to disrespect you, cut them . ”

Ming Zhe was now familiar with the knife . Wen Nuan had a full set of them in the kitchen…

“Leader, what if I can’t win against them?” They were all meat-eating shapeshifters and very fierce .

But he was just a peacock as beautiful as a flower!

Ming Shu wasn’t worried at all . “If you can’t win, just turn to piggy piggy . ”

Ming Zhe: “…” What is piggy piggy? The boar leader?

Ming Zhe then went to attend the dinner party trembling in fear .

“A-Jiu, listen to me… I really didn’t mean it . ”

It was quiet at night, and Ming Shu was just walking around freely when she met the snacks coupon . She felt she was very lucky today .

Ming Shu bypassed a pile of sundries and saw two people arguing in the corner at a glance .

The male standing with Hu Jiu was not Cang Xiu . Ming Shu identified his features carefully, so it should be one of Hu Jiu’s harem: Nie Fan .

Nie Fan was a snake .

“Don’t stalk me, okay? I have a mate . ” Hu Jiu sounded a little angry .

“I don’t mind,” Nie Fan said affectionately, “A-Jiu, I don’t mind . I’m willing to be bound with you and be your mate . ”

“You…” Hu Jiu seemed to be frightened by his love confession . “You are the snake tribe’s leader, how can you be my mate…”

“I’m willing to do it for you . ”

“Nie Fan…”


There suddenly appeared ambiguity in the air between them .

Ming Shu watched the two say sweet words to each other for a while, then kiss each other, and Nie Fan turned the lower part of his body into a snake shape and wrapped around Hu Jiu .

Then the two began to have sex like that feverishly . At first Hu Jiu seemed a little pained, probably because of Nie Fan’s surprising size, after all it was said the snake had two…

Ming Shu: “…”

They really didn’t care what the time was and where they were .

I am impressed .

Probably for fear of being heard, Hu Jiu suppressed her voice .

But Ming Shu stood not far from them, so she could not only hear but also see them .

After finishing the last bag of dried sweet potato, Ming Shu held her throat and shouted, “A-Jiu… A-Jiu… A-Jiu… Don’t you want me? Why are you cheating on me…”

Her gloomy voice sounded ethereal and spooky .

Hu Jiu and Nie Fan stiffened at the same time . Hu Jiu clearly felt the pleasure in her body disappear, which made her very uncomfortable .

“Who is it!” Nie Fan wrapped up Hu Jiu and swept his sharp eyes around .

“A-Jiu… Have you forgotten me? How can you forget me…” Ming Shu still used a disguised voice and sounded like a poor abandoned man .

I’m a professional in acting!

Nie Fan roared, “Stop playing the ghost, come out!”

“Can’t you see me? I’m right in front of you, A-Jiu… I miss you so much . ”

A cloudy breeze swept around Nie Fan and Hu Jiu, causing Hu Jiu to have goosebumps all over .

In front of her?

She came face to face with Nie Fan, her arms and legs around his waist, and there was nothing in front of her…

“Who are you?”

“It’s me, little cutie . ”

Ming Shu jumped out of the darkness . “Nice to meet you again, are you happy to see me?”

Ming Shu returned to her normal voice, and Hu Jiu’s face suddenly changed .

“Yao Luo!”

“Yes, it’s me . ” Ming Shu smiled .

Hu Jiu had no shame on her face at all, she was just angry . She bit her lower lip and turned to Nie Fan . “A-Fan, she is Yao Luo . She almost killed me before . ”

Hu Jiu was only a fox and had no great combat power, so she relied on her harem .

Nie Fan put Hu Jiu down and sized up Ming Shu with narrowed eyes . “The peacock tribe?”

She is the female shapeshifter who has been discussed a lot recently?

Ming Shu smiled before saying anything . “Yes, what, do you want to fight?”

Nie Fan: “…”

A wisp of killing intent flashed across Nie Fan’s eyes . “Did you bully A-Jiu?”

Ming Shu nodded her head honestly . “Yes, I did . ”

How can I complete my task without bullying the little cutie? This is my life .

Nie Fan’s tail suddenly swept toward Ming Shu . Ming Shu blinked and didn’t jump up until the tail was about to hit her . She landed off to the side .

But the tail followed immediately .

“Be careful, A-Fan, she has strange weapons . ” Hu Jiu reminded Nie Fan .

Almost at the same moment Hu Jiu finished the sentence, Ming Shu took out a knife and cut at Nie Fan’s tail .

Animal intuition told Nie Fan that it was dangerous .

He drew back his tail quickly and hit the shed next to him, which collapsed along with a loud noise .

For a moment, there were only crashing sounds; the shapeshifters in the distance heard the noises and ran over one after another .

Nie Fan had now turned into his beast form thoroughly . All the sheds and logs or anything else were swept down to the ground .

In the mess, there was one human and one snake fighting against each other, switching places quickly .

“Why are they fighting?”

“Isn’t that the snake tribe’s Nie Fan? Why is he here?” Everyone else had gone to attend the feast, but Nie Fan appeared here, which was strange .

“And Yao Luo… Look at the thing in her hand, it’s really glowing . ”

Glowing was impossible, it was just knife light reflectinh the moonlight .


The tail hit the blade, making a buzzing sound .

Ming Shu turned to avoid the tail, but the knife was caught by it . Nie Fan’s snake head suddenly swooped down from above, showing sharp fangs .

Ming Shu had no place to retreat to .

Hu Jiu covered her body with a thin animal skin and curled a smile slowly at her mouth .

She didn’t believe that this woman could still live this time .

Just as Hu Jiu thought Ming Shu was to be killed, Nie Fan suddenly withdrew his tail, and then his entire snake form shrank quickly and turned back to human shape, crashing to the ground .

Hu Jiu’s expression froze .

How could it be…

She looked at Ming Shu in shock .

Ming Shu waved her knife . “You have a lot of strength . ”