Coming of the Villain Boss! - Chapter 1071

Chapter 1071: 1071

Wen Nuan glanced at the shapeshifters who suddenly turned hostile . She felt that as compared to them, Ming Shu was much cuter .

Wen Nuan was not worried at all . She knew that someone would protect her .

Why was she so confident?

… Maybe it was because she knew how to cook .

Although it was not something very amazing .

“There were rumors that she got possessed by a witcher spirit . This might have something to do with her?” Cang Xiu said . “Don’t you all know what a witcher spirit is?”

Ming Shu smiled and replied, “Tell me, what is a witcher spirit?”

“Witcher spirit…” Cang Xiu frowned .

Nie Fan saw this and glared at Cang Xiu angrily . He stood out and said, “Witcher spirits have no real form . However, they can control the actions of a shapeshifter . They are evil . ”

Ming Shu smiled gently . “How do you know if a shapeshifter has been possessed by a witcher spirit?”

Nie Fan replied, “They will be different from their old self . Their actions are strange and they will harm their own clansmen . ”

Ming Shu nodded . “What if the person just went crazy?”

Nie Fan: “…”

Weren’t they talking about the female beside her just now?

Why were they talking about witcher spirits?

The black dog leader looked at Wen Nuan intently . He raised his hand and tried to be the mediator . “Let’s not talk about the witcher spirit now . Let’s find the murderer first and appease the beast god . If not, we will have to wait until tomorrow . ”

“Her…” A shapeshifter pointed at Wen Nuan .

The black dog leader smiled . “We shouldn’t jump to conclusions just because they look similar . We have never been to distant places…”

No one knew what the distant places contained .

The black dog leader slowly explained, “At the start, there were very few tribes in the surroundings . They slowly moved in so everyone got to know of the different tribes one by one . ”

The black dog leader was not a large or muscular person . He even seemed small as compared to the other manly shapeshifters .

However, when he spoke, there was an aura around him . No one dared to interrupt him .

The black dog leader continued, “However, we personally caught this male shapeshifter at the crime scene . We saw everything personally and know that he is the murderer . Hence, the most important thing now is to punish the murderer and seek forgiveness from the beast god . ”

The shapeshifters who wanted to say more swallowed their words back .

Hu Jiu held onto Nie Fan and Cang Xiu . She stood at the back and kept glancing toward Ming Shu .

Ming Shu was smiling while she looked at the platform . She seemed to have seen something interesting .

The black dog leader asked someone to bring the prey up and placed them around the person who was tied up, in four piles for the cardinal directions .

After they were done, Ming Shu saw a little shapeshifter being carried up and placed on a round stone on the platform .

The black dog leader slit the finger of the little shapeshifter . The little shapeshifter cried .

“Oh no…” Wen Nuan bit her lip in fear . “He is just a child…”

The shapeshifters around them were used to this scene . This must be the normal procedure of a sacrifice .

Ming Shu watched as the blood dripped into a dent on the stone . Once there was enough blood, it flowed out of the dent and toward the four corners where the prey were placed .

The boar leader had come to Ming Shu’s side . He heard what Wen Nuan said so he whispered, “Newborns have an easier time communicating with the beast god . ”

Ming Shu replied, “Superstition . ”

Wen Nuan looked at Ming Shu .

Ming Shu kept a straight face . “We are science fiction . ”

Wen Nuan: “…” Both are unexplainable and hard to believe . What is the difference?

The black dog leader got up . He allowed the little shapeshifter to continue bleeding .

The black dog leader started chanting .

All the shapeshifters held their breath and waited .

Ming Shu saw no changes in the surroundings . However, all the shapeshifters started looking more serious .

The boar leader finished chanting and kneeled down . He kowtowed three times .

Then he walked in front of the person in the gray cloak and grabbed his elbow . He aimed the sharp rock at the arm…


The black dog leader fell down from the platform and landed heavily on the ground .

All the shapeshifters got a shock when they saw this sudden change .

What’s happening?

Ming Shu slowly walked out of the crowd and jumped on the platform .

“Yao Luo, what are you doing? Come down!” the shapeshifters shouted at her angrily .

“Are you crazy? Why are you offending the beast god?”

The black dog leader climbed up from the ground . The shouts from the crowd caused him to focus his attention on Ming Shu .

Ming Shu was standing on the platform with a gentle smile . “Didn’t you all say that I am a witcher spirit? Why can’t I offend the beast god?”

She took the blame again .

“She is indeed possessed by the witcher spirit . ”

“Bring her down . The witcher spirit is trying to ruin our sacrifice . ”

“Yao Luo, what are you doing?” The black dog leader’s face was dark . “Get down!”

Ming Shu smiled . “I want to have an intimate interaction with the beast god . ”


How could she say such offensive things!

Ming Shu turned around and looked at the person who was tied up . He had raised his head . His face was dirty and he was looking at her with his black eyes .

Ming Shu smiled and waved her hand . The vines on his body broke and fell to the ground .

Ming Shu caught him in her arms .

He continued looking at her . His body was unbelievably soft . Ming Shu felt that she was carrying a ball of cotton .

She couldn’t sense his body temperature, his breath, or even his pulse .

He was like a dead person .

“Yao Luo—”

The people below shouted at her .

“I can hear you . You don’t have to be so loud . ” Ming Shu turned and looked at the people below .

“Yao Luo, what do you want?” The black dog leader brought his men and rushed up the platform . They blocked her path of retreat . “This male shapeshifter blasphemed against the beast god and killed shapeshifters . Why are you saving him?”

“You sound as though you never killed shapeshifters before . ” Ming Shu’s voice was gentle . “Aren’t you eating shapeshifters every day?”

The black dog leader: “…”

How can that be the same?

“He blasphemes against the beast god!”

“Oh, so?” Ming Shu smiled arrogantly .

The black dog leader felt anger exploding in his heart . His face turned hideous . “If he blasphemes against the beast god, he needs to be sacrificed to the beast god to ask for forgiveness . ”