Coming of the Villain Boss! - Chapter 1072

Chapter 1072: 1072

“I will forgive him on behalf of the beast god . ”


The shapeshifters below widened their eyes in shock . Their jaws dropped .

The beast god was their god .

Who the hell are you to decide for the beast god?

“I warn you all against stopping me . After all…” Ming Shu’s smile seemed extremely glaring under the sunlight . Her blue dress moved along with the wind and she looked imposing . “No one wants to become the next leopard tribe, right?”

The leopard tribe!

The boar leader asked his men to retreat the moment he heard what Ming Shu said .

As compared to the beast god which they couldn’t see, this female was more frightening .

Not everyone achieved the same enlightenment as the boar leader .

Blasphemy against the beast god was a serious offense to them .

They might be unable to gain the protection of the beast god anymore and this would bring misfortune to their tribe .

“Kill her so that we can ask the beast god for forgiveness!”

“Kill her…”

“Kill her! Kill her!”

The shapeshifters’ shouting got louder . Almost all of them moved toward the platform .

“Tsk . ”

Wen Nuan looked at the messy platform . She clutched the gun that Ming Shu gave her and shivered in fear .

She was worried for Ming Shu . There were so many shapeshifters . Would she be all right?

Wen Nuan felt someone coming toward her and turned around instantly . She was on her guard when she saw the boar leader .

The boar leader smiled at her . “Erm… do you want to leave with me first?”

“What do you want?” Wen Nuan was vigilant .

Although shapeshifters were straightforward people who showed their true emotions on their faces, some of them were conniving .

For instance, Hu Jiu .

Wen Nuan had been fooled once so she was not so foolish anymore .

“Let’s leave this place first . Don’t worry, I will not harm you,” the boar leader promised . “You will only be a burden to Yao Luo if you remain here . ”

The boar leader knew that he should help Yao Luo whenever there was a chance to .

Those shapeshifters never saw how scary Yao Luo could be .

Wen Nuan was still hesitant . She glanced at Ming Shu . She was carrying the man . If she still needed to protect her…

Wen Nuan gritted her teeth and nodded .

The boar leader asked Wen Nuan to follow her .

Little Beastie saw Wen Nuan leaving . It glanced at Ming Shu and looked at Wen Nuan . Who should it follow?

In the end, it followed Wen Nuan .


Its trash-picker didn’t need its help .

Numerous shapeshifters sprawled on the ground in their beast form . Ming Shu raised her eyebrows and looked at Hu Jiu and her partners .

Hu Jiu and Cang Xiu didn’t attack her . They were huddled together in a group with a few other shapeshifters and looked at her fearfully .

She was beautiful .

Elegant and noble like a peacock .

However, she was a devil . They didn’t dare to move .

“I will not play with you this time . ” Ming Shu hefted the person in her arms . “See you next time, little cutie . ”

Hu Jiu grabbed Cang Xiu’s arm . Her nails dug into his flesh .

Ming Shu walked over the shapeshifters . She said, “I blasphemed against the beast god . You all will hate me even more from now on . ”

“Yao Luo, you will have retribution!”

Someone screamed .

“Oh . ”


Her voice flowed over the air and landed softly .

She held the man as she disappeared into the wilderness .

The shapeshifters in the peacock tribe knew that Ming Shu brought back a human like Wen Nuan .

Wen Nuan said that she was a human, not a shapeshifter .

She only had one form, the human form .

The person that their leader brought back was also a human .

After that day, Ming Shu brought them back into the valley .

Ming Shu glanced at the person in the rattan chair . He maintained the same position all this time . His eyes seemed empty .

“Leader, water…”

“Put it down . ”

The shapeshifter glanced at the person before bending down and leaving the place .

Ming Shu took out a towel from her space . She placed the towel in the water and dried it . She walked toward the man . There was no response from him . However, when Ming Shu reached out her hand, he suddenly looked over . Strong killing intent appeared in the air .

Ming Shu blinked . The person in the chair had disappeared . He reappeared around two meters away . His body swayed .

He stared intently at Ming Shu with his black eyes .

However, the killing intent had disappeared . Ming Shu felt as though she hallucinated just now .

Ming Shu tilted her head and smiled at him . “If I wanted to do something to you, I would not have brought you back . ”

The man stepped back and fell onto the ground .

Ming Shu watched him as he fell . He tried to get up but failed .

Ming Shu slowly walked forward . “If you can’t do it, don’t force yourself . ”

There were no emotions in the man’s eyes . He was like a robot .

But, when he stared at you, you would feel a chill down your spine .

Ming Shu didn’t help him up . She grabbed his chin and wiped off the dirt on his face .

The blood and dirt stained the towel . Ming Shu’s actions were gentle . After wiping a few times, the man’s face was clean .

There was a strange pattern on his face . It started from his forehead and went down to his eyes . The pattern was dark red in color .

This pattern would have turned anyone ugly .

However, this man was handsome . The pattern was not big . It seemed meticulously drawn .


The face was important .

The man caught Ming Shu sizing him up . He suddenly covered his face with his hands and buried his face in his knees .

Ming Shu didn’t know what kind of character profile this person had .

He seemed a little stupid…

“What is your name?”

The man didn’t reply to her .

Speaking of which, Ming Shu realized that she never heard the man saying anything .

Is he a mute?

“Yun… Yun Huang . ”

Ming Shu’s guess was proven wrong in a second .

The man’s voice was hoarse . He had not spoken for a long time . His words were muffled too .

“Yun Huang . ”

Ming Shu repeated his name . Her clear voice entered Yun Huang’s ear . He shrunk his body and grabbed his clothes tightly .

“You are not a shapeshifter . Where did you come from?”

Yun Huang remained silent . Ming Shu waited patiently .

However, Yun Huang didn’t reply to her .

Ming Shu looked at the person who was hugging himself tightly . She took out her sunflower seeds and ate half of them . Then, she got up and hugged Yun Huang, disregarding his struggle .

Yun Huang was very light . It was not the weight of a normal human .

Just like how he…

Didn’t have a body temperature, didn’t have breath, and didn’t have a heartbeat .

Ming Shu placed him down and looked into his eyes . “Stay here obediently . If you dare to run away, I will break your leg . ”

Yun Huang didn’t reply to her . He turned his head and hid the pattern on his face .

Ming Shu wanted to touch him . Yun Huang shivered .

Her hand stopped in midair . She retracted her hand and left .

Yun Huang slowly shifted his gaze and watched the person leaving .