Chapter 286
Zhou Mansion.


A luxury car stopped in the courtyard, the chauffeur promptly came out and opened the door of the backseat for Zhou Lizhoug.

"Lizhoug, what happened? Did the police get any clues for Lee Xuiye's accident?" Zhou Xiaoyan worriedly asked as soon as Zhou Lizhoug put a foot inside the living room.

"No! Luckily they didn't find anything yet since the driver is already dead and Lee Xuiye is still unconscious but you don't have to worry about it, as soon as there is any process, I will get informed about it first." Zhou Lizhoug replied.

"See, I told you. They won't be able to find anything!" Zhou Ziyao leisurely said while making her way down to the living room.

Zhou Ziyao was totally relaxed as if Lee Xuiye's accident had nothing to do with her. Even if it was related to her, she wasn't bothered about it as it wasn't the first time she was planning to kill someone.

Though she was upset that Lee Xuiye was able to save herself \u0026 Mo Mushan and her man, that driver had lost his life so now she had to find another man or even a more capable man who would do her work without any problem and especially the one who could deal with Lee Xuiye. From what Zhou Ziyao heard Lee Xuiye had a gun and the later seemed to be experienced to deal with this kind of accident already.

It seemed that Zhou Ziyao had underestimated Lee Xuiye. 

No worries!, Zhou Ziyao got to know about a new person named Xiu Tao. He was a big criminal and he was famous for that. It was said that there was no work which he couldn't do and the police weren't able to put him behind bars because he worked efficiently to the point that he left no traces of evidence against him.

He just wanted money and the connections, with that he would do anything which you wanted from him in exchange.

Xiu Tao was the best person for whom Zhou Ziyao was looking for at this moment.

Therefore, if Zhou Ziyao hired him, then Lee Xuiye wouldn't be a problem for her.

Zhou Ziyao also got to know that Xiu Tao had come back to City B a few days before, after so many years, so now she was sure that her work would definitely get done once Xiu Tao agreed to work with her.

She just had to wait for him to meet her.


Back to the present!

Zhou Lizhoug and Zhou Xiaoyan helplessly sighed as they heard their daughter's words. Zhou Ziyao was their only daughter and a precious gem for them. Whatever she wanted they got it for her.

Even if she wanted to kill someone, they supported her as they knew about their daughter's mental health and they couldn't do anything else except to concede with her wishes as nothing was more important than their daughter.

Even Zhou Lizhoug and Zhou Xiaoyan had never bothered about anyone who was killed or crippled by Zhou Ziyao as the victim already got killed or crippled so that he/she wouldn't be able to open his/her mouth against Zhou Ziyao even if they know she was behind their mishaps.

Dismally, this time, the victim was Lee Xuiye who was luckily able to save herself and she was Mo Lingtan's wife so now with the help of Mo Lingtan, she would be able to pursue him and try to pin a murder case against her as that dumb Mo Mushan already opened his mouth that it was not an accident but a planned murder.

No matter what, Zhou Lizhoug agreed that Mo Lingtan had a higher influence in this city than him, who could get to the bottom of this case, so Zhou Lizhoug had to be cautious as his precious gem-like daughter was involved in it.

"Xiao Ziyao, can't you be patient and let dad handle that illegitimate b*tch?" Zhou Lizhoug softly said.

"Yes! Darling. Let dad handle her. You just focus on your work!" Zhou Xiaoyan also supported her husband to pursue her daughter.

"Patient? Ha! Aren't the five years enough for me to be patient? In the end, what happened? That b*tch took away Brother Lingtan from me! Even you told me that Brother Lingtan came and begged to marry me. Where is he now? Huh? Tell me! Even his shadow couldn't be seen here, let alone him! My patience has reached its limit! Now I want Mo Lingtan and for that, I will kill that b*tch!" Zhou Ziyao was so exasperated that she kicked a vase and its life ended there!

Instantly, all the maids went to hide.

"Xiao Ziyao!"


Both husband and wife ran towards their daughter to pacify her.

"Don't be like this you will hurt yourself" Zhou Xiaoyan immediately embraced her daughter with care. Fear of her hurting herself was etched on their faces.

"Yes, Xiao Ziyao, if you hurt yourself that b*tch will only be happy! Do you want that to happen?" Zhou Lizhoug softly patted Zhou Ziyao's head in a pampered way. They knew nothing they said would make her change her mind. So they had no choice but to concede with her.

"No! I don't want that to happen! I will kill her before she gets the chance to laugh at me!" Madness could be seen in Zhou Ziyao's eyes.

Zhou Lizhoug and Zhou Xiaoyan exchanged their glances silently and didn't say a word against and in favor of her. They just shouted at the maids to clean the mess which Zhou Ziyao had created.

That night Zhou Ziyao was getting mad and losing her rationality that she was almost getting ready to go to the hospital to kill that illegitimate b*tch with her own hands, but at the moment, Xiu Tao's call came and he had agreed to meet her. The timing couldn't have come any better at this moment. She instantly calmed down her madness and wait for the day when she could meet Xiu Tao.


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